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  1. fpo

    Touch Typing - How long did it take you to adjust?

    I’ve been eased into it since I played world of Warcraft before I touch typed. Wgen i took a class on it in middle school, we used Mavis beacon & I learned in about a month. Starting with F and J we expanded to other keys with the software learning program.
  2. Facebook won’t have any bias to ads shown
  3. fpo

    FREE Game + Quality Games for $0.25

    I know. I just like complaining
  4. fpo

    Solving 'real life' problems

    Lustig what needs to be done long term & then breakdown short term with dates you think they should be completed is great when people are difficult, remain professional. Never outlast emotion. If you would like some help with people skills, Human Resources might be a good place for advice if you ask politely. “I don’t have any issues but in the case I ever end up in a situation, what are some good ways to prevent social issues?” Human Resources is the department in charge of “if they’re a problem, we get rid of them, or change them.” More or less.
  5. fpo

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    The Chinese users might have some good recommendations. There’s plenty for sale in that country. I should’ve gotten the name for them.
  6. fpo

    FREE Game + Quality Games for $0.25

    Nothing. I can’t use my steam credit I got from trading cards XD
  7. fpo

    FREE Game + Quality Games for $0.25

    I was so excited... “25 cents and the games are good! I’ve got 50 cents from trading cards on steam! Oh wait... it’s on fanatical... “ xD
  8. fpo

    World of Warcraft - what laptop do you use?

    Those are overkill. You’ll be fine with any. Ive got a 2014 i7 U dual core. Vram is 2GB
  9. fpo

    How to add ASCII files to XCode?

    Right click solution & see if it can detect files?
  10. BB7CBE99-5A28-4C21-A78E-40E6FC9B7EE7.gif.cc63104676bd849df1c59b26e72d13e1.gif

    1. VegetableStu


      what's Wade Wilson doing in cowboy getup in this game o_o

  11. fpo

    Mine-craft keeps crashing, do to low memory.

    You can adjust the ram max.
  12. Regret. Checking refund laws. Requesting exchanges
  13. fpo

    Oh wait, I am old enough!

    What is... Europe?
  14. fpo

    Distance Studying

    Sooo... online college? Real open college would be the American university in Paris France.
  15. fpo

    Facebook just doesn't care about anybody

    You should be able to “forgot password” and like say who your friends are. That or get google back & log into those accounts.
  16. fpo


    You mean THIS fan fiction? @LinusTech whoops typo. Didn't mean to post that. @Slick @TaranLMG @BRollTheIntern dang, it's like everyone that's in the fan fiction is accidentally getting tagged... Better report this weird bug...
  17. fpo

    All these Israel references lately

    Idk why but a lot of people have been saying shekles for money recently.
  18. They also are required by law to go through all the Canadian employees first to make sure none are qualified enough before they can hire an alien.
  19. Smash halo 1, 2, 3 do you really need more games? Gears of war 1, 2, 3 castle crashers counter strike DayZ/rust/survival game fortnite No more room in hell (now has steam workshop) Left 4 dead
  20. fpo

    General Tech/Programming Questions

    Programming directly with a graphics API is the highest customization you can get aside from creating your own. You can use Blender but it’s a bit trickier than opening a text editor & typing. It may. Depends on the quality of headphones & the quality of your existing sound card. I have studio headphones so those are leagues better with a music external sound card compared to a built in onboard sound card.
  21. The one I tried was flawless let’s hope I got the 2/3.
  22. I was just in Best Buy & they were selling gold colour Power A "Wired" controllers (Comes with usb cable) 20 bucks online: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/powera-enhanced-wired-controller-for-xbox-one-gold/6253206.p?skuId=6253206
  23. Good thing I'm not using them for myself. They're demo controllers-At 10 bucks a piece, I can't complain if one breaks after a while.
  24. fpo

    The Future of Gaming

    By academic ruling, youre required to cite all sources whether they request credit or not. As long as you follow the guidelines, most teachers don’t care what you say. You need to present understanding of structured argument, not what ideology to follow.
  25. fpo

    What games should I play?

    Metro last light. (Then exodus)