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  1. oh, joy... I have another anal teacher that's up their ass about fucking APA format.... this isn't psychology & also, whom thy fucketh cares?



    Another long session with bloody java.


    On the bright side, I learned a bit about GLFW & C++ :)

  2. Some people just don't like programming. I'd say stick with 3D modelling & animation if you're good at it. You can make quite a bit of money doing it. Just research how many movies are made with CGI haha. To really test if you don't understand programming, try Codecademy.com as it helps teach the languages. Then, the rest is basically logic which, if that is difficult for you, you can try learning math with Khan Academy, but if you're not up to it, I don't blame you. Do what you enjoy. There's tons of jobs out there. Even working for the government is not a bad idea. Then you can relax to do whatever hobbies you'd like.
  3. I fekin hate Java sooo much.... At least it's not Python haha.

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    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @Techstorm970 Last time I checked, classes and functions are completely different things...

      Classes - Used in object oriented programming, basically the definition of an object

      Function - Basically a bit of code/a method to do something. Can be a built-in function for the language or user defined. 

    3. Techstorm970


      @Mr.Meerkat  Oh, there's a better comparison then!  Methods, perhaps?  Even then, it's still easier. xD

    4. fpo


      @Mr.Meerkat, yeah they are. I'm guessing matlab is similar to Lua. In Lua, all associated properties of a "table" (basically a variable on steroids) are accessed the exact same way.

  4. fpo

    C++ or C#

    I don’t know. However, I see c++ in nearly every game development job posting for programming.
  5. fpo

    C++ or C#

    Video game industry standard
  6. When you have to take a data structures course in python:




    1. greenmax


      Looks too comlicated for me.

      DOS days prompt days are long gone for me.

  7. Sounds like you're requesting a game to be made?
  8. I’d laugh if I took a girls shirt off to get Linused. It'd be like getting gnomed haha
  9. You mean liftoff on steam for $20 that’s been out like a year or 2?
  10. Apprenticeships start at 14 in the EU right? (Plz hold the brexit jokes.)
  11. Linux in a picture:

  12. I currently have the: linksys wusb6100m Linksys company says it's not compatible with Linux. I want to use the newest version of Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu & Debian based) or higher. Any recommendations on a new device? Can I get my current device to work on Mint? I didn't find any official lists from Linux nor Mint of compatible adapters. USB or PCIE X1. (My GPU covers all the X16 slots.)
  13. fpo

    C++ or C#

    I was mostly considering working in C++ just cuz it's the standard. I posed the C# vs c++ because I wasn't sure if the headache would be worth it or not. Thanks! This will help me find some API. I thought REST was a language or something built into JQuery or something so I never looked into it as I don't want to make websites. (Even though web development is IMO the best way to make applications nowadays.) I can see why you stayed away from the industry but I'm curious what kind of programming you did for games. I studied a little bit of Game Development finding it lackluster & CS to be way more beneficial. As C# is so easy I posed the question of doing the entire project in C#. I've heard of OGRE before. It's a whole technology suite for Game Development. I am aiming for a 3D game though it could probably work in 2D. I want to work in AAA so I may be obligated to work in 3D. I don't want to remain my own collective. If I was fine with it, I'd do whatever. (Which would still probably be 3D haha) I've considered this but Unity & Unreal are so bloated that it's like... I have no idea what to modify & anything I modify won't be worth modifying anyway. Most other Engines are annoyingly confusing, basic and/or closed source. I'd have used Leadwerks but I had a vote for 1 of 3 game ideas & the one picked needs to be developed this way. Thanks to both of you for the input! If anyone else has any useful information, please let me know.
    1. VegetableStu
    2. DildorTheDecent


      Angry reacc birb for sure.


      Actually has a weapon.

  14. Most 3D modelling software is GPU optimized in modelling mode. I think that's mostly in certain rendering technologies.
  15. fpo

    C++ or C#

    TL;DR I need to write a server & clients. They will talk over the internet. What networking APIs do you recommend for C++? I will send maps as txt files, & be running a real time video game over the network at the same time. Or should I just use C#? I know C# quite well. Long: I'm making a video game. I started a demo a while back using C# for the server with sockets & Unity with C# for the client. I want to get away from Unity & I want to develop the game for Linux. My map creation tool is written in SFML with C++ (I made a thread about it a while back (1-2 years ago) as I had a bug) I'm going for a more traditional game development route where I kinda make everything. Engine, tools so fourth. Pros C# I can stick with C# and just sorta continue where I left off. I can write a 3D engine using a tool called OpenTK using the deprecated Open GL api which is still functional but easy to use. I know C# extraordinarily well. Cons C# The AAA industry uses C++ still & I want to work in AAA development. I'm making a AAA game to target AAA HR. Pros C++ My map tool is already written in C++. The AAA industry uses C++. I'm about to take C++ again in college class. I'll learn a lot about C++ as I don't really know it that well. Cons C++ I haven't used C++ since I made the map tool & it's been a lot longer before that. C++ works differently to C# and I have to get to grips with it again. I don't know how for the life of me to program Open GL in C++. I'm going to have to figure out how to get it to run in SFML or SDL & I can't figure SDL out like at all. Most of development may be figuring out how to use C++ and the APIs in C++. I would be interested to know which language you think I should go with. If you have any advice on C++ development, that'd be very helpful. I have good documentation for everything C#. I need API recommendations for C++. C++ has standard headers but from porting my map tool to Linux, I learned not all standard headers are standard & most solutions on stack overflow are windows specific. Naysayers:
  16. That’s a movie coming out called fantasy island. Not a game.
  17. I have this old iPhone SE from like 2015. The rear camera lens protector is missing & now the lens on the camera is scratched. I can live with it. Taking pictures with the selfie camera is a hassle but not that bad.


    Maybe I'll get a new phone. iPhone 6 is 80 USD, iPhone 6 SE is $100. Decent, maybe I'll upgrade. OH WAIT!


    I remember iFixIt from ads in LTT. Maybe they have just the camera. THEY DO!
    Tutorial shows it's not too difficult to do.


    Part is $40... Why would I pay $40 when it's half the price of a new phone? Let's see if I can haggle this online store through e-mail cuz at most I'd do like 20 shipped.

    1. VenomZ_


      Go on ebay

    2. fpo


      @VenomZ_ I’ll check it out. 


      I have some seller fees I have to pay off first. I contacted i fix it anyway, see if they’ll do a good price. If not, meh. 

  18. If you’ve seen my past status update, you can see my new theme song:



    I passed! 

  19. Trash. Smells bad & makes me feel blah. I just smoke cigarettes if I smoke.