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About fpo

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  • CPU
    i5 3450
  • Motherboard
    Asus unknown.
  • RAM
    3x 4gb - 12 gb total.
  • GPU
    R9 390
  • Case
    Original antec lanboy from LTT original gaming PC
  • Storage
    1x 120 gb San disk ssd; 1x 1tb caviar blue hdd, 1x 4tb WD home hdd
  • PSU
    Seasonic 750 Watt Bronze certified
  • Display(s)
    Hp 27es (27 inch 1920x1080 ips hdmi flatscreen)
  • Cooling
    Taking the side panel off.
  • Keyboard
    Logitech home keyboard with Römer G switches
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 proteus spectrum
  • Sound
    UR 22 Steinberg Yamaha usb Sound Card. Senheisser hd 280 Ohm Studio headphones.
  • Operating System
    Windows tenlemetey

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  1. fpo

    Forum Downtime?

    The forum has been down a few times but I haven’t noticed anything catastrophic happen. It’s fine to me if they have to do whatever and turn it off.
  2. fpo

    Music files question

    Likely no. You’ll probscly have to rename Them all manually and find the names old fashioned way. Or play them with Siri listening so she can identify the songs. However if you plug the memory card into a windows computer & browse the files, it may have some data in windows explorer.
  3. fpo

    Cant change name on R6S

    Uplay.com also of a clan makes you change your name... are they even a good clan? The best ones I’ve been in don’t care.
  4. fpo

    How much do you love your automobile?

    The only reason I “love” my computer over others is that it has all my files & stuff setup how I like it. I can’t just install windows on any computer & be content now anymore. (Now I feel like I should make back ups... :/) as for the car I drive, it gets me there, it’s pretty responsive (goes when I push gas, stops when I push break) I don’t like large vehicles because the extra momentum & whatnot. My car also is pretty good on gas & only costs like 20~$ to fill up.
  5. fpo

    Do LMG do fan visits

    Kinda wanna see bloopers of a fan streaking across a sponsored video wearing a Dennis mask now...
  6. I don’t understand rant threads... what’re you going to accomplish by saying “Ubisoft games are unoptimized” or “EA sux.” 


    The developers aren’t going to read your generic statements and drastically change everything overnight. 


    Why do people make them? It’s not like they’re expressing anything new. 

  7. fpo

    Do LMG do fan visits

    I believe they did 2 non LTX fan meetups but they were planned months in advance. One was when they got their current office & the other was some anniversary. If you email an employee asking if you can take a picture of the front of the building without bothering anyone maybe they’ll let you do that but that’s like asking if you could hangout with your bank teller and take a picture of their bank.
  8. fpo

    Project Stream

    I don’t understand.. are you 1. offering free code 2. Asking whom would like to write this code for you 3. Asking who would like a free (or paid) program that streams?
  9. fpo

    Looking for games.

    Arma 3. Squad. If you didnt say new we could say things like swat 4.
  10. fpo

    Why Ubisoft Games Are Badly Optimized?

    Yeah no... rainbow six is very well optimized. Are your readings old & outdated? My pc specs: i5 3450, R9 390 i even ran a gtx1050 TI And has zero issues. No one I’ve seen playing far cry 5 had any issues including noticeable glitches. So either the new assassins creed has tons of drm or you’re reading 2013 articles.
  11. fpo

    Advice needed for a starting computer "business"

    If you build less than 10 PCs a month is say don’t worry about it and just stay a hobbyist. You can claim the revenue. It’s not illegal to sell stuff on eBay so it shouldn’t be illegal to build a few PCs. Unless you get so many customers that you can live comfortably by only building pcs, don’t worry about it & just claim the revenue on tax forms without hiring business dudes. If you need to hire people, talk to a lawyer for small businesses. (Get a mean one that has horrible people skills. It means he’s good.)
  12. fpo

    Need Ideas for a school project!!!

    A restaurant tip calculator that also finds local restaurants.
  13. Yeah basically. I think everyone not knowledgeable goes through this unless someone tells them.
  14. fpo

    I want to try something hard

    If say 1 try looking into emulation. 2 maybe try reverse engineering the xbone. The guy that cracked Dreamcast figured out what code on the hardware runs where & went that route. He has a long YouTube video talking about it. Not much detail though.
  15. fpo

    Best looking 4k games

    Metro redux games dying light Fallout 4 if you can tolerate the gameplay arma 3 Ghost of a tale (really good fun.) mad max Splinter cell blacklist Planetside 2 natural selection 2 Doom wolfenstein mirrors edge escape from tarkov Dark souls 3 Maybe spec ops the line shadow of mordor i have a few other games that look good but I think this list is pretty complete. I’d say definitely try ghost of a tale though. It’s a great game & looks really good. I can’t believe it’s unity & made by 1 developer