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  1. Nah only thing i did recently was took the auto overclock the ASUS ROG program does core voltage varries from 0.850 - 1.100 Tis fooked i tell ya hahhaa Just wanted to let you guys know my pump is indeed dead. (didnt last a year) I unplugged the power going to it with no change in temps. when plugged back in no pump noise can be heard. RIP
  2. No weird nosies man sounds exactly same as the whole year i had it... Fans working fine ran a couple of fan tests on them no kink in hoses.
  3. Yeah i can hear it. unless there is a better way of checking? also feeling the pipes i can feel the hot one vs cold one
  4. Whoops forgot to mention already reapplied new thermal paste same issue. Also tried blowing out all dust from radiator/comp
  5. Hey guys, So I have had my h100i and 6700k for a year in 2 weeks but i have noticed that on low load (2-3 firefox windows open) My CPU temp sits at 60-68 degress. Also whilst I am playing CS:GO I get temps 85-90 degress.. Surely the liquad in my h110i hasnt degraded that much... Any ideas? Thanks!