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    A simple 'techie' with many interests and goals and a passion for tech!!!


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  1. What technology would you create to solve a modern world problem?

    I have good news for you my friend... I also have good news for you...Interesting, it goes quite inline with the above suggestion.
  2. I have just seen this question (don't ask where) and was wondering what answer everyone here would give. So feel free to give it a shot. I have my own solution, but for fun i would like to see what others suggest What technology would you create to solve a modern world problem? What features would the technology have? How would this technology solve the problem you have identified? You can be creative in your answer, but it must be a realistic technological solution.
  3. Oh, haha. Yeah the logo's are really similar + I thought it was Zotac as the 'o' is usually a different color from the rest.
  4. I was watching a new Drama show on the BBC and noticed that the Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (UK police force) have 'Zotac' headsets. The thing is, the CTSFO is real and their outfit shown in the show matches the IRL uniform. But i haven't previously noticed the Zotac headsets.
  5. Work at Linus media group

    1. UK 2. I'm hate writing 3. I'm 24, yay! 4. Will give blowjobs. I ain't gay, but i will do what i gotta. 5. Hopefully i won't have to wait as long as the GTA V loading screens. 6. What's a resume? So, I've got 2/6 (3 & 4). Only four more to go before i'm an LMG employee Jealous?
  6. I have free electricity... What to mine?

    Lol, i live alone and have for 6+ years Profit > Being a dick tbh.
  7. I have free electricity... What to mine?

    Ah yes, but that's the thing, i have no variable costs because the electric is free! If I bought 6x 1070s OR 6x 2070s, then mined with them for a year and then sold them, potentially a nice profit. - Especially if the Cryptocurrencies go back to normal.
  8. If my friend has an issue with their PC, i can normally use teamviewer to fix the issue, but if there was an issue in the UEFI or something i wanted to change, is there a way i could do it remotely?
  9. I have free electricity... What to mine?

    It would be nice, but since i would have to buy the graphics cards just to do the mining, my motivation would primarily be financial in order to get an ROI. If i already had the equipment, then i would certainly consider it.
  10. I have free electricity... What to mine?

    So what exactly is folding? Medical research?
  11. I have just realized that i have access to unlimited 'free' electricity...but only at night for approx 8 hours. - So i would have to regularly switch the miner on and off before i went to bed. Bearing this in mind: 1.) What would be the best cypto to mine? I have previously mined Ethereum before, but i also know that the whole cryptocurreny market is going down at the moment. 2.) What would be the best GPUs for the job? I'm looking for the cheapest GPUs i can get that will give me a high hash rate. NOTE: You can completley ignore power consumption since this won't be a factor, however no more than 250w per GPU. (No ASIC miners due to the noise they make compared to GPUs.) (Also, when i say 'free' just assume i mean free. Do not question it.)
  12. DX11 or DX12 for GTX 1060?

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Battlefield etc
  13. Is it okay to release 2080 Ti & 2080 benchmarks here?

    Yep. Only by 2-3 days though D:
  14. Is it okay to release 2080 Ti & 2080 benchmarks here?

    I've spoken to my supplier and i'll also be getting mine earlier then 20th hopefully ;P