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  1. Well I have been burgled before so I kinda do Albeit, i'm not materialistic so not attached to any of my items. When I kid though, I remember having certain toys I would cry once lost.
  2. It wouldn't be classed as Murder under law and they wouldn't be charged with Murder per se. It wouldn't meet the threshold test for have both the Actus Reus & Mens Rea. The official defintion of Murder in German is: "...whoever kills a human being out of murderous intent, to satisfy sexual desires, out of greed or otherwise base motives, insidiously or cruelly, or with means dangerous to the public, or in order to commit or cover up another crime..." Sure that definition may have parts which satisfy the definition like greed, however it would most probably get downgraded to Manslaughter and a combination of other offences like Fraud, Blackmail, Computer Misuse etc. The only way they would be charged with Murder is whether the prosecutors could prove that the guilty party targetted the hospital with 'muderous intent'. I highly doubt the blackhat has that intention. When commiting crime for financial gain (including non-cyber crimes), one of the first tricks in the book is to avoid collateral damage where possible to avoid further Police resources being put on to it investigate the crime. E.g. 1.) A thief walks into a shop and steals £50,000 for the back safe. 2.) A robber walks into a shop and assaults the staff but robs only the til containing £300. The police would generally put more resources on number 2. Not because it involves a victim necessarily (but that is often the case), but because more crimes have been committed and the aggravating circumstances of the crime.
  3. Yeah definitely. I currently owe £25,000+ and pay some off every year. However, with the 6% interest on it, it literally is going down by less than £20 per year. Well in the UK, they increased the cost of going to University from £6,000 to £9,000 per year in the last 10 years. Most degrees are 3 years so that's £27,000 and not including materials, student accommodation etc.
  4. Oh you are right. It's just that a lot of noobs you play on games even with aim assist instantly think they are doing bad because they are playing against someone else who is using a controller; when in reality i'm just really good with a controller because I have been using it for years. If I had invested the time I put into controller onto KB/M I would probably be really good at KB/M which I would have preferred because the skill ceiling for KB/M is higher in my opinion.
  5. Well i'm a controller player myself for Call of Duty and all campaign games Just because I have been a console player for many years and only switched to PCMR in 2018. I am drastically better on Call of Duty with a controller and have 3.00+ K/D however with a KB/M I only get around 1.40 K/D. I use controller for campaign games like Darksouls etc just because it's more comfortable. I then use KB/M though for all other compettive PC games like Overwatch, anything BR related etc. So yeah, I don't mind if people use controller though. I understand people's annoyance at aim assist, but the reality of it after years of experience (I have also made numerous threads on this forum about this actually) an expert professional KB/M player will be better than an expert controller player. So when you get all these peeps hating on controllers players, in reality most of the time they are just lacklustre.
  6. Couldn't agree more. If I had kids, I would certainly do all I can for them and love them with all my heart. However, i'm in no rush to do it and would rather live my own life. I wish my friends and parents would stop putting pressure on me to 'settle down'.
  7. -Star Wars Episodes 1 & 3 were actually really good and I enjoyed them more than 4-6. (Not including Clone Wars though.) -People who work should keep their own money and taxes should be considerably reduced. (Not stating why/alternatives though as don't want to get political.) -Nandos is rubbish. -Skyrim sucks and is boring asf. (Stupid unengaging combat and everything feels super synthetic.) -Consoles will always be better for competitive multiplayer gaming due cheaters. (I'm PCMR, but true unfortunately.) -Upgrading your Samsung/iPhone every 1-3 years is a waste of money. (They are too similar these days. Better camera? Oooo.) -Anime isn't just for weebs. Also, #LightDidNothingWrong. -Buying a nice car, getting married, buying a big house, having loads of kids, having grandkids and retiring seems like a boring/depressing life to me. -98% of all modern hip-hop/rap is autotuned rappers with face tattoos, coloured hair and exorbitant diamond jewellery and every single song sounds the same. -All musical fims suck. -Fast & Furious: Toyko Drift was the best F&F film. -Cider is better than larger. -A university degree is much easier to obtain and means nothing these days.
  8. Does anyone live in Las Vegas? I would love to see how it has been impacted due to Covid-19. (Not in a spiteful way, just curious). In the UK, they have closed a lot of Casino and clubs and that's all what pretty much Vegas is. I bet they've been hit pretty hard.
  9. I work in insurance and i'm qualified too. Albeit, I do work in the UK but I work for an American company. I also deal with about 50+ property claims every month. Domestic insurance policies are annual policies so you get a chance to revise your buildings sums insured every year. People think a 'renewal' is just extending an existing policy, but it's actually classed a brand new insurance contract. You can also get index linked policies as well where your sums insured will increase inline with inflation if you are too lazy to manually change it yourself. Domestic buildings and contents insurance is incredibly cheap (in terms of value for money). Maybe about 20% cheaper to insure a £100K property than the $800 you stated but depends on various factors. Still, generally you can pay for your insurance monthly too. Your credit rating doesn't affect your premium price or ability to get home insurance in the UK, only your ability to pay monthly. Car insurance is a whole seperate can of worms and is much much more in the UK. In the area I live, to insure a new young driver for just third-party only cover on a £300 rusty car would be common for the price of the insurance to be £2,000+. Just because you have X amount of insurance doesn't mean you will receive that. The purpose of insurance is to indemnify you and put you in the position prior to the loss, however you need to make sure the policy you are taking out adequately covers the property you are insuring. - And yes, generally domestic policies will only cover the rebuild cost and not the market cost. This is very important in the UK because price of the property differs depending on the area. E.g. a 3 bedroom house in a shitty city like Blackpool might cost £125,000 to rebuild but be on the market for £100,000, so you would need to insure yourself for the £125,000. - On the flip side, an exact same quality 3 bedroom house in London would in theory have the same rebuild cost but market for over £500,000+ (depending which part of London) however you would only need to insure yourself for the rebuild cost of £125,000. There is also no determental effect to over insure yourself as well other than the fact you pay more unncessary premium. I'm not too familiar with other insurances in the US besides property insurance. I know you have health insurance to pay for bills and stuff.
  10. Na I doubt it. Hurricanes cost hundreds of billions when they arrive and the insurance companies survive. Mainly due to accurrate claims reserving and sharing the risk. (I work in Insurance.) Actually though, a bit off-topic but a lot of businesses have closed down due to Covid-19. Commercial polices have a product called Business Interruption insurance and there is currently a worldwide lawsuit vs the representative of the top 8 insurers to decide whether the policies will activate and have to pay out due to Covid-19. - if the ruling decides they have to pay, it will be the cause of the biggest ever insurance payouts in history. Although, a lot of insurance companies are preparing for it and will survive.
  11. They will only pay X amount if you incorrectly insure yourself. When you take out an insurance policy, you state your sums insured. E.g. house at $100K x the risk details you've outlined = yearly premium of $250. house at $95k x the risk details you've outlined = yearly premium of $240. etc etc. Sometimes people lie when taking out insurance to get a lower premium, however the problem is you are technically under insuring yourself but lots of non-financial savvy people do this without realising a total loss can happen. Furthermore, if you under insure too much, your insurance company could actually decline the claim. To take it further, if they can prove you have intentionally underinsured to gain a lower premium, it is known as underwriting fraud. Very unlikely to get a conviction from it, but if you get your claim declined because of it, will be very hard to get insurance in the future too.
  12. Insurance = all good. Glad to hear you are ok, but if you buy home insurance which is usually pretty cheap for the value, you will be fine. People always cry or are drastically upset when their house burns down but as long as no one was injured then everything can be replaced pretty much. Sentimental value is a temporary thing and with the insurance payout you could buy new things and create new memories. A lot of people hate on insurance companies and use the expressions like 'they never pay out' or 'its a scam'. The reality of it though, most insurance will pay out and especially for an obvious peril like fire. It is more the grey area of smaller claims where the insurance companies usually dispute. Furthermore, they don't make their money from the premium or declining claims, but through their investment portfoilo (but that's another topic.) Anyway, if you don't have insurance for builings and contents, buy it and you'll be all good.
  13. Does it have to be an original socket cover or any third-party chinese one too?
  14. Following; I also have a Z370 motherboard by Asus that I need to RMA but don't have the CPU plastic cover plate thing.