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    xAcid9 got a reaction from LogicalDrm in PC   
    i7 3370? 
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Tan3l6 in What song are you listening to right now.   
    I bought Hades few days ago and got hooked immediately. Little that i realized that the game was made by Supergiant Games and as usual their music is made by one man, Darren Korb. 
    Some start slow until metal kick in halfway through especially on boss fights. I absolutely love it.
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    xAcid9 reacted to TempestCatto in (Edit: announce Feb11th) Phone wars : the rise of Samsung Galaxy - New Flagship Leaks   
    No headphone jack?
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    xAcid9 reacted to Levent in 3770K in 2019/2020?   
    What motherboard do you have? if you dont have an overclocker board, there is no point of getting a K series cpu. If thats the case, get whatever i7 or Xeon you can find the cheapest and works on your motherboard.
    I am still using a 3570K (albeit at 4.5ghz) and I still dont need to upgrade it for games I play and apps that I use.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from RainingTacco in Why are Nvidia cards SO much cooler than AMD cards?   
    200w vs 130w 
    If your old 480 make your case warmer then your case ventilation is not good enough to dump that extra 70w. 
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Zando Bob in Why are Nvidia cards SO much cooler than AMD cards?   
    200w vs 130w 
    If your old 480 make your case warmer then your case ventilation is not good enough to dump that extra 70w. 
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Flashing 5700 card to 5700XT   
    ☝️ what he suggested. 
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    xAcid9 reacted to Caroline in Chinese hacker group bypass 2FA   
    And they still can't crack RDR2 and Detroit: Become human
    what a fucking joke
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    xAcid9 reacted to Morgan MLGman in iPhone XR STILL the best selling phone of 2019   
    I'll only respond to this part because it's clearly pointless to say anything else:

    It's not that the display it's bad. It's that you could've gotten a better one for less money. Just because you don't seem to care or see the difference, doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way. I brought up the 7T Pro because of it's stunning display for a lower price, at least in my area.
    And yeah, aspect ratios have gotten weirder and weirder these days but not only more content is being made for them as I've noticed, even on services like YouTube or Netflix but you're also not cutting an irregular part of your screen due to the notch on the iPhone.

    I've played with both the XR and the non-T OnePlus 7 Pro and there's really no comparison in terms of display, cameras, perceived smoothness of usage and the super-quick in-screen fingerprint reader compared to the FaceID.

    You can't really argue in favor of XR's display when compared to the 7T Pro's, that's why you didn't actually do that and it's kind of obvious why
    Fluid AMOLED vs IPS
    QHD+ vs whatever weird resolution Apple used
    90Hz vs 60Hz
    Notchless vs a big-ass notch
    HDR 10+ vs dithering used to imitate HDR (aka not true HDR)

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    xAcid9 got a reaction from BTGbullseye in RX 5700 XT Strix/Nitro+ or RTX 2070 Super   
    Seem like you'll save quite a lot if you get 5700 Nitro+, for basically similar performance among other cards you've listed. 
    What is your PSU model and how old?
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    xAcid9 reacted to Captain_Draco in How to get rid of green FPS counter with beeping sound?   
    THANK YOU! This has been driving me nuts since I built this computer a few days ago. It was so hard to find the exact issue I had. Like "How do I describe my issue in a way that will be easily searched in Google, but not so generic that every "keyboard beep" issue pops up. Ended up describing as "Every time I open a game the CTRL, ATL and SHIFT keys play toggle tones. First press makes an ascending 4 chirp tone then a second press makes 2 flat tones." in another forum. Time to go relay the fix.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from cesh me inside b0z in Gaming screenshots   
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from DrunkTechSupport in Beeping after getting into a game   
    I read the sound come from Radeon Anti-Lag feature, either disable it or mute Radeon Setting in Volume Mixer.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Polemical in Gaming screenshots   
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    xAcid9 reacted to LogicalDrm in Trying To Find Games At Discounted Prices Here In The U.S.A. Looking For Recommendations/Suggestions!   
    Pretty much every store has their Holiday Sales going on right now. Steam, Origin, Blizzard, Epic, HumbleBundle. I would say GOG, but they aren't US, they are Polish. And still beat almost every other site on the list.
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    xAcid9 reacted to minibois in What gpu for sim racing?   
    Keep in mind some people say certain games are more arcade (unrealistic) than others and it depends what kind of games you're looking for.
    Personally I am quite fond of the Dirt series, (Like Dirt Rally 2.0 looks really good), but these are - as the name suggests - rally games, rather than just racing games. Although I have not played that one myself, I have played Dirt 3 quite a lot.
    There is also the new Grid, which looks pretty nice.
    F1, Dirt and Grid are all made by Codemasters, but they all three have a bit of a different niche to them.
    By the way, this website has a benchmark for F1 2018:
    Which shows at full Ultra settings 1080p you'll want a 2070S at the very least for highest settings 144fps, but I am sure turning down some settings to High will achieve you much more fps, so a 2060S/2070 (for a good price) are both good options.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from minibois in What gpu for sim racing?   
    Which sim racing and what resolution? 
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from showard40k in What is more accurate, MSI Afterburner or Xbox Game Bar Performance Monitor?   
    Msi Afterburner.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from leadeater in Chinese Zhaoxin has plans to threaten Intel and AMD duopoly by 2021.   

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    xAcid9 reacted to Whiro in 1660ti being wonky or just bottlenecked?   
    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $189.99 @ Best Buy Motherboard MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard $114.99 @ B&H Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $64.99 @ Newegg   Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts     Total $369.97   Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-12-15 21:47 EST-0500  
    Not sure about your psu if you need one or not but I left some budget for it just in case
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Androxios in Bought a 5700XT and am experiencing stuttering.   
    That is Radeon Anti-Lag activation sound, disable that feature or mute Radeon Setting if you don't want to hear it.
    Also disable Enhanced Sync, AMD confirmed it currently broken and could cause freezes in games. Enhanced Sync is automatically enabled when you use gaming profile.
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Polyvalent in What song are you listening to right now.   
    One of a kind. part 3 and 5 is my personal favorites. 
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    xAcid9 reacted to Flying Sausages in PS5 release date, specs, news, and rumors for Sony’s PlayStation 5   
    Dev kit

    Ya are making fun of Microsoft new Xbox trashcan gaming console or pc. Us Sony will making you excite  with our new vacuum lookalike gaming console. Introduce the Playstation 5 with all of its glorious that will make you feel like a big boy! It is powered with the latest AMD technology and hardware. Better performance than the previous Playstation console. 


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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Levent in 5700xt nitro+ stucks at 99% usage   
    1. Check which program is using it in Task Manager? 
    2. Are you on multi-monitor setup? 
    3. Are you using high refresh rate monitor? 144hz, 240hz 
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    xAcid9 got a reaction from Husky in PC Freezing after few hours of usage?   
    Memory leaked? Try keep an eye on memory usage in task manager.