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    xAcid9 got a reaction from genexis_x in Pimp my pc, Ah Beng level.   
    Yeah, artifacting and POST-ing problem. Cleaning this gonna be a nightmare with so many DIY wire joint connectors. 
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    xAcid9 reacted to VegetableStu in The only time green PCB make sense? No?   
    Green: Geforce/Quadro Cards
    Blue: Radeon Pro Cards
    Red-- hang on.
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    xAcid9 reacted to Radium_Angel in Spent almost 30 mins troubleshooting why my GPU score is so low in Firestrike, turns   
    It's not a mistake, it's a valuable learning experience...
    Unless you do it again, then you're it's a boneheaded mistake and you're a bonehead 🤪
    ya bonehead
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    xAcid9 reacted to TechyBen in EA and Dice went full retard, never go full retard.   
    Bullets to the face: Shrug edition, 2018 (GAME OF THE YEAR!)
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    xAcid9 reacted to WereCat in Can I sue MSI for false advertising?   
    Most powerful graphics card from the group of least powerful ones