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  1. Try use DDU to remove and then reinstall your graphic driver.
  2. Reshade Depth Buffer won't work if the game use MSAA. Reshade Depth Buffer access will intermittently turned off if it detect high network activity. You need an unofficial build with network detection disabled.
  3. It's over 10 years and she still singing. Feels good man.
  4. Nothing out of the ordinary imo, but probably disable most of those.
  5. 1. Remove iCue and see if anything changes after that. 2. Run Msconfig and take screenshot of everything in Services tab AFTER you tick Hide all Microsoft services. 3. Open Task Scheduler, click Task Scheduler Library and take screenshot.
  6. They just ported some of these to PC in recent years, prior to that you can only play it on PS. FF13 pc port is pretty bad though at launch, i suggest you install FF13fix from Github for better performance if you want to play this game.
  7. Kryonaut work fine for my old i7 laptop. IMO even a cheap Cooler Master Mastergel will work fine, probably better since it's not as thick since laptop heatsink pressure is weaker compare to desktop cooler.
  8. earlier AMD: our graphic IP got stolen. now Huawei: we want to enter mainstream GPU market. soon WCCF: Huawei stole AMD's graphic IP and entering the GPU business.
  9. lmao. i shared this video to my FB sim racing group and get instant hate by some for doing it. some even said that's actually how it work in real life, i was like do you even watch the video? smh
  10. AFAIK, it won't shutdown if you don't have any RAM module in it. Try clean your RAM contact with rubber eraser or A4 paper. Try touch your mainboard chipset, if it super fking hot, most probably your mainboard is dead.
  11. Android emulator? I used Nox and it's not CPU intensive even for my old 3770.
  12. In addition to that you can try disable Turboboost and see if it affect your gaming experience. To disable boost you need to set Min and Max Processor State to under 100 in power option.
  13. Can't seem to load imgur today, can you use forum attachment?
  14. mobile processor don't have heat spreader. make sure you cover the whole die with thermal paste.
  15. Used to be Doom: Eternal, Automobilista 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077, now only CP2077 left. Doom: Eternal and AMS2 met my expection though still on rough edges for AMS2 because of early access. FF7R totally exceed my expectation.
  16. Sleeping Dogs. Mafia 2/3. Just Cause series. Saint Rows series. Red Dead?
  17. Not sure, i think your GPU is the oldest components in your PC. Did you try use only 1 memory stick? make sure you test both RAM slots as well. Also visual check your mainboard for any swollen caps.
  18. Man, if it gave BSOD even in Safemode or failed to install Linux my only suspect is RAM or IO errors.
  19. Do you have extra GPU to test?
  20. How bad is the frame drops? Few frame drops is kinda normal imo, unless it drop when nothing is happening.
  21. lol. Other than try to disable hardware acceleration in Discord, Steam and your browsers i got nothing else. Maybe others can help you.