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  1. Just tried this with my 980 Ti and it works. My card did stuck at GPGPU clock state even when there is no audio coming thru which mean extra 30watts-40watts for me. Sometime it drop to idle clock but then go back up again. Also performance drop is there Off On Overall the feature is nice, i can finally listen to Louis ranting while riding his Bafang on the street of Manhattan. Most importantly it is very easy to use/setup unlike using EqualizerAPO or VoiceMeeter+VST and shits. I don't really mind that almost 10% performance drop but that increase in idle power is what turn me off. If Nvidia can fix/improve that then i'm sold but for now i'll stick to noise suppression that come with my audio device software.
  2. Use Resource Monitor to check what causing the spikes.
  3. Valorant seems meh for me, and their kernel level anti-cheat definitely put me off. I did enjoyed Overwatch/Paladin for awhile.
  4. In Monitoring Settings
  5. Can you turn on MSI Afterburner OSD frametime graph?
  6. If all temp is good then you're good. (Junction, VRM, VRAM)
  7. Don't put Grass on Ultra. Lower it to medium/high. Maybe drop tessellation a click or 2 as well. Also turn off Vsync if you want it to go over 60fps.
  8. How about Advanced Graphic?
  9. Techpowerup did a review with audio samples if you guys want to check. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-rtx-voice-real-life-test-performance-benchmark/3.html Also performance and power consumption test. They said their GPU consumed 30watts more with RTX Voice on because it stop the card to enter low power idle state.
  10. Depend on which cooler but one thing you need to remember is that Nvidia card don't show Junction Temperature, use Edge Temperature value for AMD Navi GPU if you want to compare temperature.
  11. That just on the surface level, you need to deep dive into Maxwell micro architecture. Bigger L2 cache, tiled rendering, much better memory/color compression, higher ROP:MC ratio, etc.
  12. Try disable Shadow Cache or something, i read that option eat VRAM like snacks.
  13. Graphic API doesn't work that way. I don't think HD4600 support this but iirc if you have Skylake Intel HD and newer you can set which programs to use which GPUs in windows 10.
  14. Oh, i didn't know you can download the shader for free.
  15. Basically UserBench target audience.
  16. Still fresh from the oven, you decide if that extra $100 worth the jump. (feat. 2070, 2060s)
  17. SEUS PTGI is $10 and you can use it with your 1050 Ti. Garbage performance though, maybe 15-20 fps.
  18. Hmmm.. lol From official website. http://benchmark.finalfantasyxv.com/result/