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  1. So many variables to consider but overall i'm willing to pay extra for hardware accelerated ray tracing but i must be able to use it on older games as well.
  2. Can you share screenshot of both result?
  3. For same price definitely 2060, but not the gimp mini version which is worst than reference.
  4. That only show your CPU power consumption which is exactly rated at 45w. ?
  5. Good job! Undervolting GPU is a must in my book, especially AMD cards.
  6. Check here. https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix
  7. Try reboot, sometime happened to me after PC sleep.
  8. Photo-realistic VR sim racing with at least 120hz@1440p.
  9. Found the culprit, you forgot the power cable. Also please install the CPU cooler, you forgot about that too.
  10. LTT did a video about this, but they ran Win10 + MacOs on 2 monitors. You can use the same method to run Win+Linux imo.
  11. I'm not familiar with Geforce Now, i thought client need to login their own Steam account to use Geforce Now? Which mean they already purchased the game right?
  12. Seems like you're actually looking for some game cheats. You can try FlingTrainer or MegaGames for older titles.
  13. xAcid9

    Is 96ms ok

    Depend on games but for Apex <100ms is acceptable but not optimal.
  14. a 3400G with fast RAM is comparable to 750 Ti, how about get that instead? you can always add a powerful GPU later.
  15. Yes, 99.99%. Sometime your CPU will bottleneck your GPU and another time your GPU will bottleneck your CPU.
  16. DOS2? That game gave me mixed/bad 1st impression as well until i gave it another try.
  17. Heaven is just tessellation simulator, use Superposition in game mode at 4K max.
  18. Ironically this setting actually caused stutters for non-vr games as well. i though Nvidia fixed it for good, i guess not.
  19. I really enjoyed Kingmaker, hopefully Divinity Original Sin 2 will get on sale later this year.
  20. Always use driver directly from AMD/Nvidia unless you're using some old mobile GPU that need specific OEM configuration, mostly AMD mobile chips but that was like 5-8 years ago iirc.
  21. Check your setting, some games reset graphic settings on hardware changed.