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  1. Kinda useless, depending on your workload. For gaming better let the boost do it's job so you will get higher single core performance.
  2. Drop 710, it just too weak. 730, 750, 1030 Depend on pricing, all 3 should be good enough for your need but your CPU will be the biggest bottleneck imo.
  3. Your current GT710 not enough? How many fps did you get?
  4. I think you can check your BIOS clock speed in GPU-Z Advanced tab. If it show 1130mhz then you probably on mining BIOS, if it show the same as box spec, probably not BIOS related.
  5. Try reflash it anyway? You can't say it's the same bios unless the MD5/SHA1 hash is the same. You can export your BIOS and use BIOS editor to check the stock clock.
  6. Happened to me when i installed AMD driver 1st.
  7. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15687/intel-details-10th-gen-comet-lake-h-for-45-w-notebooks-up-to-53-ghz
  8. Does Vulkan works for other Vulkan games?
  9. I kept remembering old J-Pop queen Utada while listening to Aimer new album. Dafuq.
  10. There is a beta driver with Vulkan 1.2 support, i'm currently using that to use with DXVK. Works great for like over a month now. If you want to give it a try you can download it here. https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver
  11. Open CMD, type vulkaninfo. 1st few lines should've show your vulkan version.
  12. For under $150 you can get SHP9500s + V-Moda BoomPro Mic. $75 if you don't need the mic. Definitely sound better than the Logi G Pro, Asus ROG Centurion, Acer Predator 500 which i've tested.. soo much better.
  13. No Nords? Is there an official thread/place to give feedback to the developer? FFB feels a little bit weak for me, i wanna see if i can use Jackspade FFB settings from pCars2 later. You can but you shouldn't. Graphic look worst compare to pCars2, probably just early access thing. The sound is amazing.
  14. Yeah you ran out of RAM and probably VRAM as well and it start using HDD swap files. Add more RAM.
  15. Can you show how many GB MW actually use while gaming?
  16. No, i don't have BD3. I did post ProtonDB link yesterday, most of them mentioned you need install Media Foundation DLL for the game to work and latest Proton. You can try the workaround they suggested. https://www.protondb.com/app/397540
  17. Monster hunting Finally got my last mount.
  18. Since you want to play at high fps, try upgrade your CPU to 3600/3600x since single core performance increase is pretty significant.
  19. Did you check or tested some tweaks from ProtonDB? https://www.protondb.com/app/397540
  20. No, windows driver is for windows, it stay in windows. I doesn't "attached to the card". You linux GPU driver is probably borked, either remove it via cli and then install opensource driver or reinstall Linux.