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  1. When it start lagging, check your RAM usage. I suspect memory leaked.
  2. Geekbench? Bruh.. I need real world window media player test result, that's what really matters.
  3. Just trying to isolate potential culprit, basic troubleshooting. -100mhz or -150mhz is enough. If lowering those didn't make your PC freeze then your card is unstable on stock setting. RMA it.
  4. Boot into Live Linux and if there is no audio there i guess your audio chip is fucked. USB DAC is pretty cheap.
  5. Not pCars 2 and not on the windshield but close enough. He mentioned it felt weird driving with the door opened, that how immersive the whole thing was i guess.
  6. I don't mind this, unless they shove ads up in your ass while you playing game like Epic Store did.
  7. Did you just live with the problem for almost a year? *slow clap*
  8. Not possible. Try disable Intel Turbo Boost and see if that help or undervolt your CPU if Intel XTU support it. Best solution is to reapply thermal paste imo.
  9. I had an SSD from my SandyBridge laptop with Win8, moved to B75 mainboard with Xeon-1230V2, upgraded to Win 10, moved to Z77 with i7-3770 and then back into that same laptop 4-5 years later with zero problem related to performance or drivers. It had graphic drivers for Intel HD3000, Intel HD4000, HD6770m, HD7950, R9-290x, GTX 970, GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 750 Ti, GTX 630, GTX 640. I just formatted that laptop and install Manjaro recently though.
  10. Not necessary to remove previous driver but maybe some software that running as service if exist. Driver won't automatically run if the hardware is not present. Yeah he need to install latest chipset driver from AMD.
  11. Some laptop don't let you to boot from SD-card, like my HP DV6.
  12. You need to check whether everything is running at proper speed/spec while playing game. Your GPU clock speed, CPU speed, RAM speed and channel. Also check if your PC is idling properly, check if there is some background softwares that eat your precious CPU cycles. Some softwares that use GPU hardware acceleration(usually enabled by default) can affect gaming performance as well, like internet browser, Discord. Do all of the above after you DDU and reinstall your graphic driver.
  13. No. What game? What graphic settings? What resolutions? What is the rest of your spec?
  14. Try lower your GPU Core and Memory clock.
  15. Nvidia GPUs excel in geometry throughput compare to AMD, it is one of Radeon GPU weakness prior to Navi. Navi bring the gap closer but still not on par with Turing/Pascal. Real games depends on a lot of things, not just geometry throughput. Userbench Parallax, MRender, Gravity & Splatting test is only a small fractions of techniques game developer use to make games.
  16. Dafuq is this thread turning into, calm your tiddies. Everything you guys said is true. I use both and i love both, i love MacOS too. They all have their ups and downs.
  17. Maybe it's one mining BIOS, try find proper BIOS at TechPowerUp Bios collections and flash it.
  18. If you want to maximize performance per watt, you can use MSI Afterburner Frequency Curve to further tweak the card. You might get lower temp and power usage with minimal performance drop depending on your chip quality. You can open Frequency Curve by pressing CTRL+F.
  19. 1) Install GE if you need stuff like Shadowplay and Ansel otherwise don't bother with that bloatware. 2) Yeah, NVCP is lacking many stuffs unlike Radeon Settings but fanboys said it works so it just works. 3) Keep it. 4) Not sure about this one, my 980 Ti got 3 fans but it only show 1 fan in MSI AB. I know some cards like the old MSI Lightning or Sapphire Vapor-X the middle or smaller fan got it's own controller. 5) "Power" show how much power your card is consuming in percentage relative to BIOS power limit. If you want to check the exact wattage it currently using you need to use HWiNFO alongside MSI AB. 6) Afterburner show "effective memory clock" for Nvidia cards. For GDDR6/GDDR5X like 2080 you need to multiply the base clock speed with 8 while GDDR5 you need to multiply it by 4. A GDDR5 RX 580 with 2000mhz memory clock is effectively run at 8000mhz. HBM clock speed is slower but it got HUGE memory bus width. 256bit in 2080 vs 4096bit in Radeon VII.
  20. GTX 750 is fine and much stronger but i don't know if your mobo support it. You might want to spend some money on better PSU though since yours is over 10 years old and it's not a great PSU to begin with.
  21. Can you download this synthetic bench and run the 1080p Extreme preset? https://benchmark.unigine.com/superposition Share the result here.
  22. Seems about right. I installed several games that i thought i want to play but never play them.
  23. That exactly what i did when i play Euro Truck Simulator 2 last night, in Linux. My DS4 controller and G27 wheel work out of the box too.