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  1. Funny
    KenjiUmino reacted to ♠FlamieMeister♠ in Motherboard battery question   
    Please don't use Electoral Tape.  You might accidentally get Trump. Use Electrical Tape!
  2. Agree
    KenjiUmino reacted to JoeyDM in When are you part of PC master race?   
    When you're a self-righteous toxic dick towards other people because you take something that was started in satire seriously. 
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    KenjiUmino reacted to Zodiark1593 in When are you part of PC master race?   
    You're part of the master race when you enjoy playing on PC. Hating on others for playing on console brings you back down to peasant status again. 
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    KenjiUmino got a reaction from Monte_Carlo in Why do people still play on consoles?   
    I play both ways
    I like consoles because its easier to build a collection of games that will still work in a decade or two when most PC games bought the same time might barely be playable (if playable at all) on newer systems and OS versions - I have a shelf full of PC games from the win 9x days that are pretty much useless now while I can still fire up my old PS1 games any second and load the savegame I created years ago.
    try doing that on PC where most savegames not stored in some cloud will not survive a drive or OS upgrade
    yes there are tools to back these up but I don't have any data on how good they really work - I have tried backing up resident evil 5 saves (before it went steam with cloudsave) and it was a nightmare !

    only things that probably won't age well are ingame DLC and other stuff that does not come on a physical media (nintendo already shuts down the online stores for old consoles one after another and i fear the day sony and microsoft will follow this model)
    online-only games will also be rendered useless once all the servers shut down so I don't buy those on consoles at all - specially if it requires a paid subscription to play online (looking at you, xbox live!!1!11)
    speaking of multiplayer: local multiplayer (split screen) is where console games shine - PC games are catching up quickly but the PCMR is not quite there yet
  5. Agree
    KenjiUmino got a reaction from TheCamba in which PS VITA should i get original or slim?   
    the proprietary memory cards are expensive because of all the hardware DRM and other protection bullcrap sony built into it - not that this would have kept it from getting hacked anyway.
    I recommend getting some controller grips with whatever model you decide on

    it makes the thing more bulky but is totally worth it IMO - better grip and less strain when playing longer
  6. Funny
    KenjiUmino reacted to Mao_Zedong in LGBT community   
    Does this turn you on?
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    KenjiUmino reacted to corrado33 in Needs personal help with a friend situation.   
    Work on yourself first.

    No, he is not your friend.
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    KenjiUmino reacted to demonix00 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I ended up getting another logitech M185 wireless mouse to replace the now dying (with a now buggy middle button) M185 I've had for a while, even though the laptop it's being used on is going into semi retirement in a few months time (it just means that I'll have a spare wireless mouse that actually works completely).
  9. Informative
    KenjiUmino reacted to shibbs in Corsair Hydro H55 vs H90 - worth the higher price?   
    I used a H90 for years on my PC. Now it's on the wife's gaming box. Still going strong. It's a great cooler. I changed the fan to something better, but that's not completely necessary at all.
  10. Agree
    KenjiUmino reacted to System Error Message in Help with router in dorm room!   
    Some phones use ethernet such as for VOIP. Getting a router will help but if they block NAT than you will need to turn off the DHCP server and plug everything into the LAN side. If it plugs into your desktop it is ethernet rj45 and you can run ethernet over rj11 too at 100Mb/s if the cable has 4 pairs.
    When staying at student accommodation the ISP was a student one (not part of university) and they used mac for authentication, blocked NAT and limited the number of devices. Good security measure considering how many ill configured routers there are. I used my mikrotik router and managed to get over all their restrictions which is something that no tp link router is capable off.
    Finding out what restrictions you have first is important. Its preferable to connect the WAN bit even if there will be double NAT otherwise disable DHCP and connect to LAN. If you dont disable DHCP your ethernet port is likely to be blocked.
  11. Funny
    KenjiUmino reacted to Napalm360 in Beginning to see a trend with MSI motherboards...   
    yes i meant 4.6 to 4.8ghz, some people
  12. Agree
    KenjiUmino reacted to Streetguru in Can my computer make 4k videos   
    You'd need more RAM, and you might have to encode the footage to a different format to work with it
    as for the monitor, just get more 1080p IPS displays rather than an ultra wide

    Also you'll need a 4k monitor of course for the live playback
  13. Agree
    KenjiUmino reacted to MilkJugg24 in Wait for ps4 pro or just get slim ?   
    I'd just get the slim, or a used PS4 and a few games with the extra money saved.
    The PS4 Neo doesn't seem very promising. I'm gonna call it here and say it'll easily be the worst modern console release to date.
    I'd honestly recommend a Xbox One that way he can use his Xbox Live profile still, and doesn't have to deal with the migration of consoles.
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    KenjiUmino got a reaction from Technous285 in Starting Youtube On A Budget.   
    in my understanding, a b-roll is a second camera put up at a different angle than the main camera (a-roll?) - that term might come from back when cameras used reel-to-reel film rolls for storage - the b-roll could be usefull in editing to add in a few snippets in different angles here and there and maybe for providing some outtakes or "behind the scenes" content after the actual video
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    KenjiUmino reacted to YamiYukiSenpai in Cyanogen's new CEO and new strategy   
    Cyanogen Inc. shifts C-suite, idea for OS following downsizing | Pocketnow Cyanogen outlines exciting new “modular” strategy | TechnoBuffalo
    Official announcement by Cyanogen

    Since competing head-on against Google didn't work for them, chopping it up and provide the software in parts might just work.  At least, that's how I understood it.
    I'm glad they decided to try something a bit different.  If they kept on going in that direction with McMaster, Cyanogen would've been vaporized.
    I hope they'll survive.
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    KenjiUmino reacted to dtaflorida in Re-Boxing My Exploding Galaxy Note 7 In Samsung's Fireproof Box   
    This would funny if ppl made Boxing videos instead of UnBoxing videos.
  17. Agree
    KenjiUmino got a reaction from kirashi in Beginning to see a trend with MSI motherboards...   
    had a lot of MSI boards for years and years and I can't complain - but I also have not built any new MSI based PCs for some years now so either you got bad luck or msi has started to get sloppy with their quality control