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  1. Jordyrock

    MacBook Pro 2012 i5 or i7

    I’m going to go for the i5, thank you for the response and yeah I don’t mind getting my hands dirty in that instance as long as it’s no too hard to do
  2. Jordyrock

    MacBook Pro 2012 i5 or i7

    I’ll go for the i5 then, thank you
  3. Jordyrock

    MacBook Pro 2012 i5 or i7

    Yeah it’s nust the 13inch one so they are both dual core and I’m going to be using it for school (nothing too major, probably light photoshop every so often). Would you say the i7 and then 8gb less of ram is not worth the £100 difference :))
  4. Jordyrock

    MacBook Pro 2012 i5 or i7

    No it’s not the retina one. So would you still go for the i5?
  5. So I can get a MacBook Pro 2012 with an i5, 16gb ram, 500gb sad for £400 (also includes MS office and adobe cs6) or should I get the i7 version with 8gb ram and 500gb ssd for £500
  6. Jordyrock

    MacBook Pro 13 inch 2015 faulty

    The laptop will be used and I can get it for £370 (sorry it’s in pounds) which is really cheap in the UK. Then I was looking at the replacement cable is £9. Then if it isn’t the cable, a new keyabord and trackpad is £50 alltogether. I normally go for windows on most of my products but because I’ve always wanted to try a MacBook out and this is the cheapest I will probably ever get one, I thought about getting it.
  7. So I maybe able to get a MacBook Pro 2015 for really cheap and the guy says the only problem with it is that the keyboard and trackpad have stopped working. He said that it just needs a new trackpad cable (which I know this can fix the problem). Is there anything else which could cause this problem? (Wanting to know before I buy it and I don’t get stuck with dead hardware)
  8. Jordyrock

    Ryzen gaming PC (School project)

    What air cooler would you recommend and I may still get cheaper RAM but I would like 3200mhz. Plus DDR4 Ram is expensive at the moment
  9. Jordyrock

    Ryzen gaming PC (School project)

    Yes I have as it was prettt cheap and the speeds aren’t bad. It may only be 600mbs write but it is 1500mbs read
  10. Jordyrock

    Ryzen gaming PC (School project)

    I will have a look at the prime x370 and I have bought an Intel 600p nvme drive but I couldn’t find it on the website so I didn’t add it in . Thank you guys
  11. Jordyrock

    Ryzen gaming PC (School project)

    It is for both. I’m building the Pc for my personal use and then I am also using it as a school project. Recording a time lapse of building, comparing speeds, how cost efficient it is etc
  12. I’m in need of a new pc and I have decided to go for a ryzen build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Jordyrock15/saved/yFFhMp If you do think that I should change something please can you say why, since I am doing this for a school project as well so I need to use this for my research. Thank you, J.E.B
  13. Jordyrock

    Good cheap wireless keyboard?

    I'm looking for a good cheap white wireless keyboard, any recommendations?
  14. Jordyrock

    Gunnar Glasses

    Okay, thank you guys. I'll take this all into account