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  1. I guess i forgot to mention that the little lenovo i have has 16GB of ram and seems to not able to function on anything less . So the idea of purchasing a computer with less than 16GB and no way to upgrade it would seem backwards and damning in the end. So after some more diging the only other 2 laptops i can find are the Dell Precision 5000 line and its Quadro GPU (painfully underpowered for the price) and the Aorus x3 which has the same issues as the GS43VR and Aero14.
  2. Now this gets my attention. This could possibly fix the problem I'm seeing from most of the posted points about the capable computers being dangerously hot on partial to full load. I still feel like the most capable machines here in this line would be the MSI machine and the Aero 14. Sure they have trade offs with each other like the GPU and screen resolution and have almost the same design flaws in build quality and thermals. And while were on the topic of not good enough computers, who thought soldered 8GB of RAM was good enough?
  3. 1st my fault on the wrong number for the Alien ware computer it is actually the 13 i was interested in. 2nd) the XPS 13 was one of the machines i was going to add to the list of possible purchases, but the fact that the XPS 15, its bigger brother, still is on the previous line of Nvidia GPUs is non ideal. They all come with a soldered in 8GB of memory with no upgrade tray making this machine useless to my workload. I agree its one of the sexiest and best constructed laptops currently available but realistically the programs i run will destroy this machine which for me throws out the XPS15 and (honestly) Blade 14 as well. Also not to mention that this is for the 14in form factor, XPS 15 is a 15.6in display. This is a tough spot in the market. if you wanted portable, thermal efficiency the easiest device to reach for would be that of an Asus ROG G-line or an MSI flame thrower.
  4. Hay LTT forum! From the first laptop I've ever owned being a 14" Lenovo R61, I've loved the 14" form factor. I now need a replacement for my newer (but still quite old) Lenovo T430s. I edit video and looking to get better performance in the 3D ray-tracing and smoke rendering. One of these bad boys is eventually going to be traded for my hard earned money. i just want to make sure that I'm getting the best computer in this form factor. What do you guys think? I'm personally in the MSI camp simply because of the build quality and upgrade-ability. Just so the forum knows, i already have a tower for the heavier work loads, but sometimes i feel like going to a coffee shop and get some work done.
  5. The blade stealth is definitely a sexy computer... but the power of the blade 14 is nothing to mess around with. Blade 14 wins this match.
  6. i honestly don't remember when i first started watching your channel but all i remember was how bad the audio levels were and how professional the reviews felt. Keep on growing and having fun .
  7. Awesome, thanks! Even though not quite as importante as the first question. if i were to want to play a few games in my steam library once in a while will i have to switch monitor ports or will all GPU computing/FPS be pushed through the quadro card? (would be quite annoying to have to switch cables whenever i want to play a game)
  8. Hello forum, I've been saving and preparing for an upgrade to my editing computer. Since the new haswell-e and x99 architectures are coming out it think i will be going with that, but the problem i have is what should i do with my graphics cards for the least amount of money. I am aware that editing rigs are expensive bit seeing as i don't have a lot of money to throw into a K4200 (on top of the rest of the system) i was contemplating a configuration that i think can drive a 10 bit monitor for color grading but enough CUDA cores to leverage AfterEffects ray-tracing, cinema 4d and 3ds max at the lowest cost to performance. So forum, i ask you. Is it possible to purchase a bottom of the line workstation GPU that can drive 10bit and pair it with a 770(4gb)/780 for its compute cores and memory bandwidth? AMD Fire Pro V3900 and ASUS 770 (4gb) $470 vs. Nvidia Quadro K4200 $900 (newegg prices as of 9/4/14) Can this work? Thank you in advance.
  9. Was never as really big fan of Sony products in the past due to their closed nature, but this phone makes me want to try them again, especially with their front facing speakers and the awesome camera. And D-Brand... seeing MKBHD's video on D-Brand a while ago i was a fan from the beginning.