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  1. Hey guys thanks for your questions and sucks we got spammed into infinity but enjoyed it. Sorry for the crappy webcam setup! We can definitely take more questions on Twitter - @CoolerMasterUSA
  2. I can say we've made major improvements to our PSU line (especially with the V series and upcoming VSM) to really return the confidence into the product line with enthusiasts. There are still the lower end lineups that are intended for non-OC, basic use but we're primarily focused on keeping people happy when they buy a Cooler Master product.
  3. You guys also forget that you can isolate your radiators, PSU, or hard drives for better airflow and/or cable management. Aside from the HAF design (which I can understand you either like it or you don't), it's a case designed for ultimate flexibility.
  4. We were focused on really making the HAF Stacker the best it could be and now taking end user feedback to fine-tune the areas we may have missed. As for new product release.. we have a lot that launched in the past few months including the Cosmos SE, CM 690 III, N600, and the HAF XB Evo.
  5. The 935 is 169.99 an additional 915R/F would be 69.99 so it's actually way less than the range you mentioned
  6. We have some updates to the HAF Stacker coming and we'll share in the near future. For those that want to see what full system builds can look like, I recommend you check out the micro-site http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/microsite/hafstacker/ The HAF Stacker has had some really impressive things done with it and since the biggest complaint is the front bezel, I want to ask: would it be something to consider if you could change the front panel to something different?
  7. V700! Check out a review since Linus hasn't done one yet. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=360
  8. The switches are the same based on your selection and they will feel and sound very similar. The crazy numpad is the appeal of this case - it provides a small footprint while maintaining the need for a numpad when you need (excel spreadsheets, etc.). There is no software for this keyboard, everything is fully ready to go out of the box. It does have NKRO over USB and a more simple finish... but again I think you will really like this keyboard once you get used to it.
  9. Not to be a company shill, but you guys would be missing out if I didn't tell you about our V700. It's an 80plus gold and hits platinum rating.. http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/category.php?category_by=1&category_id=1757&category_name=V If you guys have any questions about it, feel free to ask away
  10. I am all seeing, and all knowing...get used to it!!! But really.. you'd be amazed how many people refused to buy our QuickFire Rapid because they weren't backlit. At the end of the day, most of the growth for mechanical keyboards is in the gaming segment (who also demand backlighting), so we need to provide and cover all bases. It's for the fans, man!
  11. They are manufacturing it for us. We just partnered with them for the technology so they can be available in the US.
  12. You can always turn off the backlights on the TK 3 reasons for the TK: -NKRO over USB -Unique hybrid design -CM Support (msg me if you ever have issues)
  13. We (Cooler Master) created a detailed educational page for mechanical switches - here: http://cmuniversity.net/switches.php?lang=en