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    Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz, 1.27V
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    Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming
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    16GB Corsair Vengance RGB(3000Mhz)
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    XFX GTR RX480 8GB
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    White NZXT S340
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    525Gb MX300, 120Gb Kingston SSD
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    2x Acer 24" GF246 Freesync Monitor
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    Stock Wraith
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    eBay Generic £10 PoS
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    HyperX Cloud Stinger Headphones
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  1. So you want a monitor to be attached to the keyboard and trackpad? I don't think i've ever seen one of those. You can get rackmount monitors which are kinda what you're asking for. If they do exist I can't imagine they'll be cheap, either.
  2. Upgrading Prebuilt

    Yeah, best you could put in would be a 1050 or a 560.
  3. Upgrading Prebuilt

    It only has a 210 watt power supply so highly doubt it'll have a 6/8 pin on there. A 560/1050 would probably be your best(and only) option.
  4. 4GB RAM?

    You won't find an 8gb stick for the same price, or even plus $10 lol. Maybe used you could if you're lucky. And yes there is cheaper, though not by much. https://pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#sort=price&Z=4096001&s=402133,402400,402666,402800,402933&t=14
  5. Cpu x299 msi

    X299 is the chipset? Assuming you meant to ask which CPU to use on that board.. well what're you gonna be using the pc for? I personally wouldn't recommend an x299 system, Ryzen or an 8700K would be better.
  6. LFG CS:GO Wingman or Competitive


    Your problem is that you chose to stay with FX.. bad move. Also what are you meaning by tap out? are you wrestling it?
  8. Just add another 2133mhz stick, both sticks will only be able to run at whatever the lowest's speed is, so if you put in a 2400 and keep the current 2133, they'll both run at 2133. Yes you'd need to upgrade the motherboard for a Coffeelake CPU. Only Z370 boards are available which support Coffeelake at the moment. The motherboard looks to be a standard mATX form factor.
  9. Adding molex card to tx650m

    One of these is what you'd need. http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/type-3-flat-black-peripheral-cable-with-4-connectors
  10. Who cares for the stock score, show me some OC'd scores I wouldn't get too excited though, my 1600 at 3.7ghz(on all cores) scored 4201 single core score. I'll bump it to 3.8 so it's matching the 2600's turbo and see what it scores. https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/7106623
  11. Running a PSU diagonally, any concerns?

    If you look for reviews on the particular PSU they'll normally list the type of fan, particularly Johnny guru as he goes quite in depth.
  12. My tattoo's now at the peeling stage, forgot how itchy it can get as my last one was 4 years ago. So tempted to pick at it though haha 

    1. RollinLower


      oh yeah that's a pain :P what did you get? i just got finished doing my upper left arm, but i'm already planning the next one :D

    2. RKRiley


      This is half of what I'm getting done :P 6 hours so far, booked another 6 hours to do the top half which is an Indian woman with a headdress, holding the wolf(that's the reason for the arm and the hand haha) 




      What'd you just get done? 

    3. RollinLower


      holy crap that's awesome! I've been wanting to get a fox done on my lower arm.

      the thing I'm worried about is how to merge the style with the 80's style I have on my upper arm right now. (terrible pic but yeah all I have atm)1518974783250691122578.thumb.jpg.51a74a547f4ebd1c469482a26d6f1e32.jpg


  13. Oh I was thinking only 1(the 1200) of the R3's was a 4c/4t. In that case I did mean a 1400
  14. Is 550W enough?

    The wattage is fine. Should you use a VS unit to power a 1070 though? hell no.
  15. For your use case(photo editing, light video editing) spend the extra £10 or whatever it is on a 1300 so you've got 4 cores & 8 threads, it'll make a difference.