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    Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz, 1.27V
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    Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming
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    16GB Corsair Vengance RGB(3000Mhz)
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    White NZXT S340
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  1. Got the most recent BIOS? Early versions had bad memory support but the newer bios's should fix that. It probably won't run at 3000 though, my 3000mhz kit runs at either 2966 or 3066 depending on the settings I put.
  2. CPU stuck at same clock speed.

    But did you lower the minimum state.
  3. CPU stuck at same clock speed.

    Try switching from balanced to high performance and see if it'll let you change it then(it will) and it should drop your clock speed.
  4. Corsair ml120 fan installation

    Assuming they're the RGB ones, that second cable is what you plug into the RGB hub(if you had it)
  5. CPU stuck at same clock speed.

    What does task manager show as utilizing 100% of your cpu? Also on your power mode, whats your processor minimum state set to? Power options > edit plan settings > change advanced power settings > processor power management > minimum processor state. I'd imagine its set to 100 or close to? thats the default setting for it, which if you've done a fresh install it'll be set to. That's why the clock speed is always so high. https://gyazo.com/160e623f6c67b7c9f8274217003ca264
  6. HWinfo says my 1050ti is SLI capable?

    I mean technically, you can software SLI them. But its not a native feature to them, the software used for it is third party and nothing to do with Nvidia. That looks to be Aida 64? whatever it is, it's showing incorrectly.
  7. What is the pink badge?

    Guess i was half right with people who helped build the office they paid for it instead lol
  8. What is the pink badge?

    Who has the badge? I'd assume its people who helped to build the new offices? idk.
  9. Which RAM is Better?

    Depends which speeds/timings of each you're looking at. But based on looks i prefer the RGB.
  10. I've always mounted PSU's fan side down, so nope.
  11. Yes they're compatible out of the box, but a BIOS update(if it isn't on the most recent to start with) will still help, as it'll have better memory support(higher speeds, tighter timings etc) As suggested above though, dropping to a 1700 and spending a bit more on the GPU would be a better idea than a 1800x.
  12. Oh i skipped right over that picture thinking it was an advert lol. Seems i am mistaken on the PCIe 2.0 though, i was thinking of 370 not 310.
  13. 1060 max q vs 1070 max q

    It'll most likely have a beefier heatsink on the 1070 model to make up for the extra heat, so i'd suspect the fan will run at the same RPM's and be just as loud on both models.
  14. 1060 max q vs 1070 max q

    Obviously the 1070 variant, the only way it isn't better than the 1060 is that it costs more lol.
  15. That doesn't mention anything about PCIe 2.0 or losing cores though?