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  1. A little help here?

    You won't even need all the power in that desktop(especially for 1440p 144hz, going off the monitor) But given they're the same price, definitely the desktop.
  2. RTX 2070 vs. RX 680???

    There's been no speculation of a 680 yet. And seeing as the rx580 was only comparable to a 1060(both in price and performance) I wouldn't hope on the "680" even being close to a 2070.
  3. Which graphics card for Micro Build?

    You'll be lucky to get 16gb of even DDR3 for under $60. The 960 will be alright in there, but it'll probably be bottlenecked by the apu. Also running VM's off of that cpu will not be fun, and very slow.
  4. Intel systems are generally good for memory support, plus the list given by board manufacturers is only for sticks they themselves have tested, not a strict list of what will and won't work.
  5. Triple channel memory hasn't been a feature on cpu's for a long time, don't think DDR4 has ever had triple channel.
  6. What ram module do I need?

    Best option is to just take one of the sticks out, look at the serial number, then google it and see if anywhere is still selling the same kit. That way it'll match for sure.
  7. Server Case z77 board

    You want the case AND a z77 board for $50-100? Goodluck. Or am I misreading cause I don't see why else Z77 would be relevant really.
  8. Should be fine up to 3000mhz, after that may not be stable.
  9. Drivers up to date? Even the previous ~90FPS is kinda low for your setup.
  10. First Liquid Cooled RTX2080 spotted

    It literally says in the 2nd line of the article
  11. something werid that happenst to me

    Most likely overheating then, given the age of the card replacing the thermal paste should help.
  12. something werid that happenst to me

    Specs? Overclocked? Temps when this happens?
  13. need extra audio ports

    Or just get a splitter for the motherboard audio port? That way you can still plug both in.
  14. Powersupplies

    Disadvantages are that they cost more and you'll be further down the efficiency graph so spend slightly more on electricity. There is no advantages other than future proofing, but even then unless you plan to run an overclocked 7980xe and multiple titans there's really no need to bother.
  15. ICTable Scam - 248 days after order

    With how slow they're going they won't be winning any races, there comes a point when you go to slow. and 8 months for a single desk is definitely too slow.