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    Phenom II X6 1090T BE (4GHz #yolo)
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    Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
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    16GB Corsair XMS DDR3-1333
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    Powercolor RX 470 Red Devil 4gb
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    Overstuffed, hacked up Rosewill Abomination
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    2x500gb Seagate Barracude, 1x3TB Seagate Barracude
  • PSU
    Rosewill Quark 550
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    2x120 chinarad, 1x140 chinarad, unknown copper CPU block, ebay acetal GPU block, Danger Den CPX-Pro, Custom Reservoir.
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  1. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    It's like the Phenom II era in that way, although at least this time they locked you out of unlocking the CPU's. They were making the full chips (quad cores deneb's and late 6 core thuban's) and disabling "nonfunctional" portions of the CPU to sell them as lower end. I had a 1090T six core, so I didn't get to play around with unlocking cores until last year when I scooped a 960T black for the machine I put together for a friend, and we ended up with a 3GHz 6 core with overclocking headroom for under $50 shipped. feelsgoodman.jpg Make the "big" 2 CCX die, and really good ones become 1800X's, fully functional cores that don't like high clockspeeds as much become 1700's. 1 or 2 dead cores become 1600's and 1600X's depending on how well they clock. Etc etc etc. This is why the odd 8 core Ryzen 5 and 8 core non-SMT Ryzen 3 showing up doesn't surprise me at all. Arguably the lower-end processors actually cost a bit more than the 1700/1800, since they have to disable portions of the chip after testing, rather than just sending them to packaging. It's not a lot more, but it is extra production time. I'm pretty happy with my 1600X right now. I'm still interested in what changes we'll see in the refreshed CPU's, in particular where the new clockspeed ceiling will be.
  2. They're not using it to fight Vega mobile, they're using it to develop their EMIB tech.
  3. 3rd motherboard dead

    We were renting, and got to learn all sorts of fun things about the electrical in that house. Old post and tube wiring, shared metering (with neighbors that liked to leave all 500 watts of lighting switched on in the attic), a third set of circuit breakers nobody knew about, etc.
  4. 3rd motherboard dead

    Yup, bad power can play all kinds of havoc with your system. Had a bear of a time troubleshooting my old roommate's FX9590/R9 290 machine (inb4 space heater comments), everything would work perfectly until the system would suddenly lock up requiring a hard reboot. Couldn't find anything wrong with any component, software installation, etc and the problem persisted after swapping motherboards. Moved it to my room for troubleshooting and it was rock solid. A while later, after he moved out and my other roommate took his room, a UPS was plugged into that outlet, and we started noticing it clicking over to the backup frequently. Could have saved a ton of headache, along with buying a cooler and motherboard for no reason.
  5. Good drone for 150 bucks?

    The UAVfutures youtube channel has a couple of build guides for some really cheap but decent racing setups in the sub-$200 range. Once I fix my other RC stuff I'll probably pick up one of the Eachine quads he recommends. If you're considering the FPV goggles/monitor to be a separate cost from the quadcopter itself, your options open up a lot.
  6. PUBG is a lot of fun, but the obvious cash-grab on a game that is clearly nowhere near sorted out really turns me off. This doesn't help things. I just found out about A Hat in Time. Was just looking for games that I could use to get our 4 year old to play actual games (so like Scribblenauts and Overcooked and stuff). Holy fuck this game is goddamn wonderful, I ended up playing it for like 3 hours or so today. It feels like an adorable and not-infuriating reincarnation of Super Mario 64.
  7. Netflix tweets about user data.

    It's not like they're even looking at specific user's viewing histories to get to this data. Anything with a "recommended for you" field is obviously going to be tracking your usage data. They probably have some sort of histogram of the number of times something was viewed vs users, then saw a weird spike, then noticed that it was one user watching something over and over again.
  8. If you're gonna just be gaming at 1080p, especially if you aren't going high-refresh, you'll be good for a LONG time on a GTX 1070.
  9. Ryzen on 12nm might get a 50% core increase

    Probably uses about as much as my Phenom II 6 core at 4.1GHz. Which is a lot.
  10. BitCoin Hits $13,000

    Oh absolutely, it's such an absurdly large amount that you definitely want lawyers and accountants involved. Like we're well beyond amounts of money that are an abstraction. I'd just hope it doesn't drop before you get out, but it's so much that you totally could afford to just keep 1-2K BTC in there, if you want to continue gambling with millions of dollars, lol.
  11. BitCoin Hits $13,000

    Honestly? If I were you I'd start thinking about dumping some portion of them. Assuming you're not making things up. Not that this is especially hard to believe, I think we all know a handful of people that were given piles of BTC back in 2010-2011 when it was basically worthless, proceeded to forget about it, and then cashed out for stupid amounts of money when they heard that it hit $100/200/500/1000/etc. If you're really still sitting on 8K BTC, unloading a quarter of them (so 2000 BTC) will drop like 30 million dollars in your lap. Which by itself is hilarious, life-changing, never-work-again money. Cash out 4000BTC, suddenly have 60 million dollars, then you can watch the value and decide what you would like to do with the remainder from the deck of your goddamn yacht.
  12. I would certainly mess around with this on my 950. The snapdragon 808 is still snappy, it has enough ram (3 gigs), and I've been completely spoiled by both the screen and camera to the point that I'm not especially impressed by most new phones. If somebody puts together an Android ROM with a W10M or W8.1 style launcher, app list, and most importantly DARK THEME, I'd rock the hell out of it. My 1020 was an absolute tank, just like any of the polycarbonate Lumia's. My 950 has also taken a beating, although I like the look and feel of the polycarbonate unibody phones (920/1020/1520/etc). Cases were not necessary on either one. The 520 was a cheap sub-$75 phone (I saw them go as low as $30 on ATT GoPhone). It was low spec and cheap, but managed to still feel snappy in general use. The thing that actually got me to switch away from was the fact that in the Galaxy S4 era there really weren't many sub-$200 android phones that were actually worth using. I bought my old Lumia 521 (T-Mobile version of the 520) for $60, and liked the low-spec Windows Phone experience enough to buy a used Lumia 1020. Like I don't know if I can properly articulate just how trash budget android phones were in late 2013 early 2014.
  13. On first boot, 100% stock with a fresh Windows 10 install, my 1600X did either 1246 or 1249. So it sounds like your chip isn't actually running at 4.1GHz full time at all, because you were barely out-scoring what it would do at 3.7GHz. Now it's not a 100% even comparison between systems, but mid-1200's is the ballpark a stock 1600X should be running at on most systems. If there is something else that is dragging your system down a bit, that would obviously effect the scores, which is why it is so important to run all the benchmarks bone stock on your system, that way you can get a better idea of what kind of improvements you are actually making.
  14. Liquid cooling 600 watts of LED'S

    That would do the trick just fine. What is the operating temp range on these LED's? I would imagine normal operating temp is much higher than what you'd want for a CPU, so your cooling will be much more effective since you're working with a higher delta-T.
  15. Going from a 4GHz 1090T to a stock 3.7/4.1 R5 1600X is pretty much twice as fast overall.