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  1. Other than Syaoran running out with their current 8GB config, a GPU upgrade would be the better upgrade. RAM speed doesn't make a huge difference after a certain point in real games, and for a Ryzen chip, Syaoran is already at that point. A GPU, on the other hand, WILL churn out more frames if not bottlenecked, or higher quality frames for a prettier experience. The 4770 was never the most expensive/top of the line model within Haswell. It has both a clockspeed and IPC disadvantage. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4790K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-9-3900X/2384vs4044 Moving to a more powerful chip in 4th gen Core i, and that ~25% difference in single core (totally arbitrary number, by the way) literally halves itself when both chips are left at stock.
  2. You can also easily double or triple the effective range by throwing some fuel tanks in the bed.
  3. Whilst most people won't, many a custom fabricator won't hesitate to cut out half the bed. But that's also assuming that this thing actually proves to be a reliable vehicle that actually manages to do what they claim. Otherwise, they're just going to keep upfitting whatever Cummins and Powerstrokes they get their hands on.
  4. Again, not practical, so most people that have them treat them like they're permanent. Actually, you can if you reinforce it, assuming that it really is a structural design and not an aesthetic one.
  5. Jalopnik only lists air suspension, and given the clout Tesla strives for, I doubt they'd settle for spring setups on other trucks. Many half tons roll off the lot with factory lifts, and that's how most cars are sold, as they roll off the lot. Body on frame only makes a difference if you make trucks with longer frames to have longer cabs and beds. That's something only Ford and Toyota do, and they're not selling as many long bed half tons as they are short bed half tons (and in Ford's case, long bed 3/4 tons+)
  6. Yes, my dad's 3500 is shoulder height. My 2500 is slightly below that. It would also reduce bed capacity. And there's a huge spec that we're ignoring here: adaptive air suspension. It can raise and lower the back half be design. RAM and Toyota offer this in some form on their trucks as well. The truck can be lowered for loading/unloading.
  7. It gives a large corporation supporting a Unix distro that is similar to BSD. Some organizations prefer that.
  8. Again, it doesn't really sacrifice function. IMO, that's the only thing it actually has going for it. You complain about its towing, but it's in line with the Ranger, Dakota, and the base 1/2 ton offerings from RAM, Ford, and Chevy. You complain about not being able to reach over the side of the bed, but the high point on the bed is roughly shoulder level. Many half tons and 3/4 tons roll off the lot in configurations where that is also true. But, with this, it tapers down towards the back. Bed length is also fairly typical at 6.5ft. If you want a longer bed with a quad cab, your only other choice in the half ton segment is the Toyota Tundra. Ford, you can still get an extended cab, but GMC, Chevy, and Nissan, you need to get a single cab. With RAM, your only option for a half ton with an 8ft bed is the base trim of their old model. Personally, I think the thing won't become mainstream because of the entry price, the design, and Telsa's history of overpromising and underdelivering, QA issues, and mixed reliability. The only thing Tesla managed to do right is the function, the drive train is good AND reliable, and the body can actually hold up to what Elon claims.
  9. Both Mac Minis and Trashcan Pros are commonly used as servers. So much so, companies like Sonnet made a viable market of rack mount enclosures for them.
  10. I can. But I don't have need to. The 1080 is still going strong.
  11. They failed using keys, a phone, and a boot. But an actual window breaking hammer worked just fine. A Spring loaded center punch can also work.
  12. Yes, it is. The pressure differential is going to stop you from opening the door, until the cabin fills with water and pressure equalizes.
  13. No, it isn't. For a long time, side windows are tempered safety glass, specifically so that specialized tools can easily break them in emergencies but so that they can survive minor impacts and everyday driving.
  14. It also shows it being removed to load an ATV. Size wise, it really is along the lines of a lifted Dakota or Ranger. It's also is comparable in towing to the base versions of the F150 (7700lbs towing), RAM 1500 (7700lbs towing), or Chevy 1500 (7600lbs towing), while having better payload. It also only comes in quad cab short bed, which is very a very common option now and the big 3 don't offer longer beds unless you get smaller cabs.
  15. I've already addressed both of these things. It's a prototype. They're not going to worry about what is (very likely) a piece of optional equipment that's trivial to add.
  16. I use a (big) truck daily, and fail to see where this thing falls short. There's literally nothing about it that makes it any less of a usable truck than the Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma, or Dakota.
  17. The first gen was AWD only. New one offers FWD and AWD. Looking at the truck next to the 6'2" egomaniac, it is close to those truck sized, just a combination of ground clearance and overall shape playing tricks on us. Rebadge and (IMO ugly) face lift. Though, its last production year sales are impressive: 3. The last year of the Dakota convertible got 8.
  18. Ridgeline didn't (and doesn't) sell well largely because of the styling and that it Honda's badge (ricer stigma and Honda's other trucks being entirely unknown to the US because they were A) Commercial mini trucks and B) Not widely available in the US). Otherwise, the first generation of the Honda Ridgeline is very similar to the second generation Dodge Dakota quad cabs. They both had 5' beds (the Dakota was longer at 5'3"), both have similar payload capacities (In the 1500 range for both of them, though the Dakota starts at 1200lbs and the Ridgeline at 1475lbs), though the Dakota wins towing with 6100lbs vs 5000lbs on the Ridgeline. And guess what spunky mid size's return has a high demand.