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  1. Yeah, neither of these things are overly reliable.
  2. Because regular vinyl wraps are for poor people.
  3. I would get the Cyberpower. Cyberpower is using the same components that someone would use for DIY. Whereas Alienware 'makes' their own, and aren't necessarily as high quality.
  4. The Cyberpower is the better machine, only for the fact that it has more total storage and 16 threads. Otherwise, they're pretty much interchangeable. It's not "Some unknown AMD machine." Cyberpower is a large boutique builder, with all their parts coming from OEMs like ASUS, MSI, ASROCK, Gigabyte, etc. There is with Ryzen. How much varies.
  5. Having played around with eGPU over TB3 in both Windows and Mac, I will never use it for a laptop. It's hot garbage. Only reason I can stand using it on my Mac Mini is because I treat it as a permanent GPU, and it is a worthwhile improvement over Intel UHD.
  6. Sort of. For DIMM and SODIMM RAM sticks, you need a CPU and mainboard that support ECC memory in order to use it as ECC memory. But for GPUs, they use ECC for functions ran on the GPU. Things like rendering or large scale number crunching.
  7. And yet, it's the only type of razer I haven't hurt myself with.
  8. Nvidia had a list of requirements for G-sync monitors, Freesync had none. The end result: significantly higher quality on the lower end G-sync monitors than on low end Freesync monitors, where most manufacturers tacked on (bad implementations of) freesync. AMD fixed that with the second edition of Freesync, by introducing similar requirements manufacturers had to follow in order to market their monitors as Freesync 2.
  9. In the context of computing, manufacturers seem to use passive to mean that the component lacks a dedicated fan/array of fans. DAMN RIGHT YEH LITTEL SHET.
  10. And strict technicality, they’re correct. Canonical used to use TiB. But it’s interesting that Apple actually uses the correct nomenclature for their measurements.
  11. That’s an interesting one, because it would be a non-issue if Microsoft, Apple, and Google used the proper denotations (for what they’re actually measuring); TiB, GiB, MiB, and KiB.
  12. Pretty sure the original question was switching cars entirely, and after getting that answer, he’s asking about new automatics that have manual modes.
  13. Many current automatics have a manual mode where you manually cycle through gears (they typically mimic either a short throw sequential or a paddle shift). And “Manual mode” is the correct nomenclature.
  14. Or water, in the case of loops so big that there doesn’t need to be fans.
  15. Now you stop that. You stop pointing out that irony.
  16. Dealerships look to up sell expensive items customers don’t need, and do the minimum work. Some will also shirk ‘free’ work like recalls and ‘We Owe.’ And engines are still pretty easy to work on. You might spend some more time pulling parts out, but OBD2 readers offset that by telling you what is actually having issues. And the “specialist tools” is a nonargument. There have been designs that required specialized tools for decades.
  17. Nvidia's so evil! They're doing something that doesn't fit into my worldview of Nvidia being evil! Happy now?
  18. If you're a quitter, sure. No. Dealerships are the second worst option, beaten out only by the scumlord mechanics that setup in rundown areas and keep everything looking rundown (including themselves).
  19. Meh. Any electrical addons have a bigger consequence on this truck. Whereas most fossil fuel trucks can be upfitted with high end winches, power inverters, power steps, etc. and act as high capacity generators for quite a long time. It's not even that hard to upgrade the electrical system if you're looking at higher draw items. But it's not something you can do with an EV without either sacrificing range or hauling and running a generator.
  20. Drak3

    Cybertruck Lego

    Lego designed a better vehicle with 7 basic pieces than Elon Musk could with an entire design team.
  21. I also never actually said this. I said that EVs will have a harder time getting out. So, if you can't stop putting words in my mouth, don't quote me.
  22. For some people, it's not a question about range with the truck ran stock, either. The use of winches and power inverters isn't super uncommon. And you can very quickly eat up a power budget if your use case requires frequent use of either.