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  1. I think it'd be fine if it's in a fridge.
  2. Depends, do I get a stocked mini fridge, tablet, and charger?
  3. That depends on what case you're running, but in most situations, there isn't a huge difference between orientation if it has its own fan.
  4. My current builds: Project Enza: Kahza (or EmuBox)
  5. Watch, it's going to have a smart connector on the back and they'll sell dongles to add back the lightning connector. And then Belkin will launch a better version that has the lightning port AND still allows wireless charging.
  6. He's not getting it. He's not separating the what's being said from the intent/context of what's being done.
  7. Only if you've incited immediate lawlessness. Otherwise, it's completely legal.
  8. Yes. That's something one needs to argue when it comes to law. You're doing the same exact thing. Yelling "Fire" in a theater is not illegal in the US. Inciting imminent lawless action through a Call to Action is. And yelling "fire" is always legal if there is an actual fire.
  9. In the US, speech itself isn't restricted. Because Call to Action =/= Speech. You can initiate a Call to Action through speech, but the content of ANY speech itself does not constitute Call to Action. And before you give me the "Fire in a movie theater" false equivalence, the issue is not what is being said. The issue is with the demeanor of who is saying it, because they are actively looking to indirectly hurt someone if they're being earnest. Without that, you've got nothing. just someone having a laugh at most.
  10. You can do both: Establish a legal difference between speech and call to action: Speech is what you say. Calls to action are you actively trying to provoke harm to someone. It's also context sensitive. And then have a civil law system that allows for cases to settle defamation on a case to case basis, that looks into the context surrounding what was said and how the person(s) saying it choose to proceed with what they said, as well as the result to the (supposedly) defamed subject. If it's a comedy club, context dictates that it is a joke, and thus not really defamation. If it's a publication, and it redacts/corrects the statement, then they likely had bad information and just reported on it, and thus not a strong case of defamation. If the claim has no effect on the person (such as a user on a forum making a statement), then it has no effect, and thus, is irrelevant to the person.
  11. + Alternatively, you can go to an office furniture store and make sure what you get is going to be what you want.
  12. Looking at whose in charge in Moose Land, why would you think that?
  13. The models used for the 3DS are significantly higher quality than the 3DS could leverage. So, if they did, I still don’t see an issue.
  14. Lets say it is, unless you worked on the modeling for the game, how are you sure that they didn’t remake the models because the old ones didn’t work correctly with the updated game engine?
  15. Not really. One of the unreliable statements was that they were making all the models from scratch, as that relies on one possible (and iffy) translation, and there are updated and new models, like Galar variants, with the “reused animations!!!1!1!1!!” being a nothing burger as, maybe, a handful of Hop’s animations were reused Hau animations when he wasn’t the center of attention.
  16. Probably because every primary source was way unreliable.
  17. Why? SLI is a crapshoot and I like having GPUs from both venders in my system.
  18. Goodbye crappy controller designed by Crabpeople.
  19. Why? Pokemon is still a rather unique JRPG, with most clones being mobile game fodder or inhibited by their IP (World of Final Fantasy).