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  1. Depends on how you want to interpret it. Many countries have constitutions that list freedom of speech. Most of them also have (and uphold) laws that infringe upon that right. So, it's a do they really have it, or do they have a piece of paper that says they do.
  2. The only issue I can find with this is that the owner ripped out a GPS module that he wasn't notified was installed, so as far as the owner is concerned, the GPS was trespassing on his property. If he didn't know about the warrant, he'd think he's being illegally tracked and would be in his right to remove it.
  3. Most software calculates storage differently than drive manufacturers. Drive manufacturers calculate and advertise storage in multiples of 1000. Software usually does multiples of 1024, but too often they incorrectly use KB, MB, GB, and TB, when they should be using KiB, MiB, GiB, and TiB.
  4. It's usually something about how the LGB/T community is oppressed in places like the US and Canada.
  5. The "mis"identifying transgendered people thing seems to be limited to a few shit hole cities, and with the current SCOTUS, I don't think it'll stand to scrutiny.
  6. $500 is a quarter of the price. That's pretty damn good for a high end laptop.
  7. Damn. I got a similarly spec'd GS75 Stealth from Best Buy for $2K.
  8. That depends, is the forum ran by the US government?
  9. IIRC, Pentium and Celeron processors have been feature stripped processors for a long time. But again, I don't think the market that really goes for these knows or cares about that.
  10. No, he shouldn't. He is not responsible for someone else taking a joke seriously, nor does a joke call people to action.
  11. I don't see why not, if they can't expand 14nm, or get 10/7nm running, but they can run 22nm. It's not like Broadwell and the various Skylake derivatives are that much better than Haswell, clock for clock and core for core. And for the bulk of the market going for low end processors like Pentium or Celeron isn't going to really care (or know) about things like lithography.
  12. The way some people argue, Nazi Germany had freedom of speech, it was just restricted. Them fascists couldn’t stand the hate speech about them.
  13. IIRC, a celebrity said something along the lines of she wanted to blow up the White House when Trump became president at a rally.
  14. The words themselves are not illegal. Making valid threats is illegal. Everything else is legal.
  15. Nobody tell him that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people threatened Trump and they’re not imprisoned for breaking any laws.
  16. Whichever has less crapware. If both run stock Windows, they’ll be virtually the same.
  17. Then having the fan pull from the front and fire out the back, with intake fans on the front and an exhuast on the back, would be the better option, Also, be sure to quote people so they see you've replied.
  18. Not if you have a studio apartment though.