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  1. Thank god that can be turned off. It's one of the more annoying things in OS X.
  2. Multiple display smartphone from ZTE

    So what's you're saying...is ROAD TRIP TO JAPAN?!?! I'm in!
  3. VAC Ban question

    Back when games required disks, the activation code only served to prevent multiple instances of the same singular sale from occurring online. Games could be sold with activation codes and still work back then.
  4. Facebook (and Google) use cookies on devices when available, track through ANY apps they create, and any site that uses either Facebook or Google's advertising service will let the ad service track your activity on that site. You can have those damned uncomfortable things.
  5. What are YOU made out of?

    Let's play a lil game. I'm thinking of a number. (It's how many Canadian Pesos I'd pay for the bulk of LTT members' souls.)
  6. What are YOU made out of?

    But what is equal to a human soul? Finger lickin' good.
  7. What are YOU made out of?

    Smaller, cuter squirrels.
  8. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Now Available

    OS X if you can find a good deal on older hardware is well optimized. Systems built with running Linux in mind should also do better as far as optimization goes. But from my experience, some machines see worse results with Linux for battery life.
  9. Ubuntu 17.10 Is Now Available

    God that desktop is fucking ugly.
  10. Optimus is used in conjuction with hot swap GPU.
  11. So instead of putting in a decent CPU, HP decided to suppliment a dGPU worse than the integrated graphics on the 7700HQ. As per Technical city, the M620 is marginally better than the M1000m, which is a fair bit worse than HD 630. And the MBP's size goes a significant way towards battery.
  12. Feasible to have a 4770HQ in the Viao Z Canvas and the 7700HQ in the MacBook Pro. That very likely stays close to its base clock due to power draw limitations of the U skus.
  13. Who's better ?

  14. EA Shuts down Visceral Games

    Honestly, not sad to see them go. Their games weren't anything special, outside of Dead Space, but even then, I'd call that franchise a lucky break that wouldn't last. Too many people in charge want instant gratification. Idiots that do one, maybe two things well but are so short sighted, they can't decide what to have for lunch that day.