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  1. You're alone in that opinion.
  2. Well, the only machines with these keyboards run OSX, so gaming isn't a huge concern.
  3. It's not that nice. It's above adequate, but in today's world, that's a low bar. Would they if the hardware attached to it ran something other than OSX?
  4. 8086K Sweepstakes Winners?

    They're giving out 8086 of these things. The giveaway was exclusive to this forum's active members, turns out there is 8087 of us. Sucks for you. /s
  5. There really isn't practicality in cross play, outside of casual games between console and PC. You're likely going to just get what your friends get, if you don't care about exclusives. Only for the fact that the selection of One games is pretty shitty in comparison to the PS4. It's a move to make their library bigger and to be able to advertise it. Realistically, B/C is a niche for console gamers, especially when the support isn't for all games.
  6. Meh. Crossplay is one of those features everyone thinks they need, use twice, then abandon. It wasn't a big deal in the PS3/XB360 days, it isn't now.
  7. What advice would you give to someone younger than you?

    Not here. The best paid electricians and plumbers are the ones that learned everything in the field. Nope, by the time you get out of school, half of the knowledge could be outdated and be code illegal. Plus, my high school district started framing classes during my senior year. Not only what they taught was wrong, being at least 15 years out of date, but it was exclusively conventional classroom learning. While that'll work for math and science, I've spent the last 6 years of my career teaching new guys, and it does not work for framing.
  8. The CEO is not the only person dictating how a company acts. Realistically, not much will change.
  9. I did. It's a load of bullshit to assume that that is an automatic truth. A guilty regardless of evidense.
  10. What advice would you give to someone younger than you?

    Framing doesn't require schooling, at all. There are trade schools for electrical and plumbing, but one can become a licensed plumber with nothing but apprenticeship.
  11. Hypothetically, the employee gets preferential treatment. It's a load of BS, but what's done is done.
  12. What advice would you give to someone younger than you?

    Bad advice for those in the US. Construction jobs are plentiful and hard work is well compensated. Whereas most subjects lead to oversaturated markets, and the few that don't will only select the best of the best.