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  1. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    One cannot transfer an OEM key without qualifying the key as a refurbish, nor can OEM keys be sold to individuals outside of certified third parties (Kinguin and every reseller on Kinguin aren't).
  2. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    Actually, it's one part of MS' EULA that would be held up in court, and MS cannot get into legal trouble disabling installs running fraudulent licences. And unless the reseller is selling OEM licence ranges set asside for undividual resale, or the OEM licence is a refurbish licence, it's fraudulent. Kinguin sales are seldom either of those. Kinguin is also responsible for dealing with fraudulent third parties, but they don't care. It's a grey market selling digital goods of shady sources.
  3. Using the current version, both my K70 Lux and 95 Plat are rock solid.
  4. Maybe git gud. Or download an older/newer version of CUE.
  5. LGBT community

    Have you seen some of my previous posts? I'd probably warrant NC-17.
  6. Razer Ouroboros and BlackWidow Chroma. Shittiest mice and keyboards out there.
  7. LGBT community

    Because this is a family friendly forum.
  8. LGBT community

    A dark yoshi. It even says it right under your profile picture.
  9. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    You shouldn't, because they aren't. No, they wouldn't. They aren't OEM keys created for consumer or commercial use.
  10. Biohacker's Opal hand implant cancelled, court fight looms

    That's a name that inspires confidence.
  11. LGBT community

    We're avians. No furries. Ain't that right @Energycore.
  12. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    Well UPS can just go fuck themselves. I'm going to get my just back ordered muzzle brake before the barrel I got with 2 day shipping, that I ordered a week ago.
  13. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Mecha anime, pretty good so far Mecha anime, hella good Favorite anime of all time Love Patema Inverted, I want to do a case mod themed around it Older Viz(?) anime about robot fighting competitions
  14. What do people use home servers for?

    Game servers let me play games with friends without bogging down my main machine or pay excessive prices. NAS/file servers allow me to access files on multiple machines and devices easily, and allow me more storage than some single systems can do alone. Same for Plex servers.