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  1. -Not that I know of. It was just a hard drive that had Windows on it. -I tried EaseUS and it did not show up. - I tried multiple different SATA ports.
  2. Yeah, I've tried multiple different cables.
  3. I plugged it in while it was off and turned it on. It didn't work.
  4. One of my hard drives is not showing up in Windows. I plugged it into a freshly built PC and it is not showing up at all. I've tried going into Disk Management, and it's not showing up. This hard drive has Windows installed in it (it's the old hard drive from the previous build), and I'm trying to format it so I can use it in another build. How can I get it to show up in Windows?
  5. Disabling every audio device but my headphones did the trick. Thanks for the help!
  6. I've tried all of those things and I think that it's a problem with my Origin games in general. I also have this issue with Madden 19, but I can get Madden 19 to play audio through a source that isn't my headphones. I tried playing audio through everything I have connected to my computer for Battlefield 4, and nothing works. I reinstalled my drivers and did just about everything that was suggested in the forum you linked me.
  7. Yeah, everything is working correctly. All of my drivers are up to date and everything looks to be working correctly.
  8. I was playing Battlefield 4 when I got a BSOD. After my computer restarts, I boot up BF4 only to find no sound. I didn't find a solution online after an hour of searching so I reinstalled it, and it worked. Since then, Battlefield has crashed twice, once from an unstable overclock (reinstalled it again), and once because something fell and hit the switch on my surge protector (IKYN). I don't feel like reinstalling the damn game, so does anyone have any idea as to why the sound won't work? All of my drivers are up-to-date, and the sound works for everything but BF4.
  9. I had the warranty through AT&T, and they ended up giving me a Note 8 for $100.
  10. I decided to factory reset my phone, and it seems that after doing some stuff, it's now stuck on a blank screen and notification light is a solid red. Is this normal, or is this a problem? Its been about an hour and fifteen minutes now, and nothing has happeend..
  11. Definitely. It's going to be even better if the ultrawide is FreeSync compatible.
  12. Not sure, it's some 145W Compaq one I pulled from a PC I had laying in my garage.
  13. I have a 4 pin fan connected to it that I'm trying to power with a power supply (dumb I know). I need it to stay on continuously, but it won't stay on for some reason.
  14. I'm able to turn a PSU on without a motherboard by using a copper wire to connect the green and black wires, but it turns off after a second. How do I keep it on continously?
  15. Most users that I know have zero problems with theirs. Your case is probably very, if not extremely rare among XPS users.
  16. I would get more RAM-probably around 16 gigabytes of total RAM will be enough- and I would definitely get more storage. It will be much cheaper to buy the RAM and the storage off of Amazon and install it yourself.
  17. Exactly which configuration is he looking at?
  18. I wouldn't get a gaming laptop for school. I think the best machine for you would be an XPS 15.
  19. Den of Thieves is a really good Heat clone. The action scenes are pretty amazing.
  20. You can get a refurbished Alienware 13 for a very reasonable price. It's worth a look. Also, about the lights; you can not have some parts lit up, like the trackpad, by just setting their color to display to black.
  21. Macbooks Airs are outdated garbage. The screens haven't been updated since they've been released, which has been a LONG TIME. They're impossible to fix yourself, they don't have the same aesthetic as the rest of the Macbooks, and they aren't useful for anything except typing out documents and such. Get an XPS.
  22. Would a Chromebook work? They're great for the price and come with really fast storage if you get a good one.