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  1. Just got the card.Newbie to PCs build first and last one a few months ago,can't seem to fit the card in and was scared.Damn I gotta learn some stuff.
  2. Does the 3GB Gigabyte 1797mhz gtx 1060 fit a Zalman Z1 Neo case.
  3. Xephoneratiom I dont want to overclock so wouldnt different i5 model be better?
  4. Hey man,happy to see ya again.
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TazoMiko/saved/
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ Is this a good pc build which could smoothly run black ops 3,csgo rocket league,battlefield and doom at normal-high setting and can you tell me about how much fps will I be getting.Thanks.
  7. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/2bRvWX Is this a good gaming pc that could run Black ops 3 Rocket league and csgo on medium-high settings?
  8. Hey guys I went ahead and checked the list.I wanted to ask..Do I buy from that site or it just tells me what to buy.And second.How do I freaking build the pc??
  9. Oh and yeah I agree the game has become really terrible but since I've already bought it I wanted to try it out on pc.
  10. FloRolf.You've probably heard of the children who play 10-12 hours a day.Me?Not that guy.I get bored for when I play for more than 1 hour.And about my dad...I haven't even told him about hat yet.I cane up with the idea a few hours ago but he lets me play Bo3.After what I've said you probably thino I play that kind of games.No.The second 18+ Is the arkham knight which I have no idea why is 18+.Oh and I never asked you be my "parent".
  11. Ok but can you help me. What do I need to build one and can I get good one for 650$?
  12. Omg guys you're the best.I asked the same on youtube and they sent me here.I thought you would replie in a few hours but you did in a few minutes.Thanks <3
  13. Ok I'll try but still can you tell me if this can run the games that I told you I'm just 12 so I'll ask my dad to help me out