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  1. Thanks for replying! Then I don't understand what the problem could be. I'm not trying to overclock, it's a non k in a mini itx case after all, I didn't even activate XMP. Today the system crashed in the same way while playing Rocket League. After reboot it skipped the Asus UEFI and showed me the Megatrends page saying something like "Overclocking failed" and allowed me to get in the UEFI. I've set everything to default again and computer started. I really don't know what it could be. I'm sure that temperatures are not a problem, sometimes the hottest core reaches 80+ degrees for a mere second but as soon as I see it I make sure the entire pc cools a little bit before playing again. I'll add another case fan as soon as I can, but again, temperatures should not be the problem. It really bugs me that "overclocking failed" page I see sometimes, and now I'm scared to fry my pc again, ruining some of the fan of having a new pc that I even built myself...
  2. Hey there everybody, I never been using a UPS but recently a 7 days old ram stick (vengeance 3000mhz) burned in my new pc. It was probably faulty from the beginning since I never had problem with power in my house for 20 years. By the way, I decided to buy a UPS, now, it's a 650 VA line interactive ups, 360 WATTS from the box, is it safe to say that my pc (see picture) is going to be safe with it (pcpartpicker says it's a 279 watt total)? In case it makes any difference, my psu is a SF 600 from Corsair (the whole pc is a m-itx) Thanks for helping me!
  3. Hey everybody, first sfx build project here. I'm trying to fit a little gaming/workstation in a node 202. I'm a sound designer/game designer and I'd like to have a 6700 (maybe k) in it to profit of hyperthreading when I'm doing editing and recording. Do you think that a noctua l9i will be enough to cool a 6700[non k]? (I'm pretty sure that it can't cool a 6700k even if it's not overclocked, tell me if I'm wrong, it would be awsome to have a 6700k ahah). There's not a video card because I already have a 970 (even if it's not blower style but I'm "cool" with it right now). I need a small form factor because I travel a lot and I'm not able to work properly on a normal laptop (and cool ones are way too expensive for my possibilities). Thanks for your help, I can't wait to see more on this forum. Enrico