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  1. Yeah. So, my motherboard requires the 4+4 like you say above, but the additional 4 pin on the left in the first picture uploaded is also required as stated in the motherboard manual that i read. I actually plugged in the 4+4 in the right cpu connector and it fit this time. Not sure why but it snapped into place. the 8 pin is always the side that goes into the PSU correct?
  2. This is my first build im doing myself. i7 6850k EVGA 850w X99 A -II So I installed my cpu and am trying to hook it up to my PSU. I have two CPU connectors and the CPU requires two CPU connections to fulls power. The connections that they gave me don't match up with the CPU socket for power. I will upload pics. The 4 pin on the left hooks up fine, but the 8 pin sockets to not match correctly. Am I just blind and stupid, or is something wrong lol. Any help is really appreciated as I am stuck...
  3. This is more than likely what I am planning to do. I currently have a 600w psu in my system and would buy a 1080 if going this route. Also I plan on getting a 1tb SSD for game storage. Do you think I should upgrade the PSU or would this been enough juice still?
  4. Yeah, that's kinda of what I was thinking. I didn't really want to waste money if there was no need. I was just mainly concerned with potential bottle necking issues, but I might just try this first and if I have problems, just upgrade other things.
  5. So, I am basically not sure what I want/should do. Was thinking about building a new system but currently there is nothing wrong with my current system as it still runs smooth and mostly plays the games I want at high settings(I play at 1440p). IDK if I should build a new system altogether or just slap a 1080 in there. Specs: i7 3770 12gb RAM GTX 780 SSD etc. Like I said the system is still really fast and smooth but I mainly want to just be able to game and stuff and not have to upgrade the system for a while(4 years). The cpu, motherboard(its a stock HP motherboard from a build a long time ago), and RAM(Same with the RAM, its a no name brand RAM) are getting pretty old and I was just wondering what some of you would do if you were in my position, Thanks!
  6. Hello I just purchased a S7 and am looking to buy a micro SD. But I want to make sure I can record and store 4k media on the card properly. I don't know that much about SD cards or how they work. Would this be suited for 4k recording? (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-evo-128gb-microsdhc-class-10-uhs-1-memory-card-red-white/4568502.p?id=1219769554957&skuId=4568502) or would something like this be better? (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-pro-128gb-microsdxc-class-10-memory-card-black-white/4713100.p?id=1219807037153&skuId=4713100) Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello I am looking at buying this Objective 2 Odac Combo. I am just wondering if this has enough power to fully drive 600 ohm headphones. Was looking at a pair that are rated at 600 ohms and want to make sure they can power them! Thank you!
  8. Wow, I just posted about this without seeing your post.. This really sucks... I have the same problem, running Rs 185's (I love them) and tried using a mod mic for chat and cant hear chat audio or talk to anyone...
  9. So I got the new Halo console. And I have wireless headphones(rs 185's) connected via toslink. I bought the antlion modmic to use as a mic for chat audio, but for some reason I can't hear voice chat and I cant talk either. The Xbox recognizes that I have a microphone plugged in but does take in sound. But the real strange thing is the regular shitty mic they give you with the xbox works fine. I have literally no idea whats wrong lol.... Any ideas?
  10. Cricket da best. So cheap and so good.
  11. Not sure why it posted twice, thats weird... Mainly for my car, I love the way it looks tbh thats the only reason. For regular charging in the home I would use a straight haha
  12. Anyone know where to get a USB Type-C coiled cable for the new smartphones coming out? Can't seem to find one.
  13. Has anyone found a good USB Type-C coiled cable yet? Are they just starting to manufacturer these or? Going to get a nexus 5x and want a coiled cable . Anyone know where to buy one?
  14. Planning on buying the T1 Tesla soon. Just wondering if I should pick up the magni 2 or uber version. I want to make sure the magni 2 has enough to fully power these. Thanks for the input!
  15. Hello, I am wondering if I take a 3.5 mm aux cable from my xbox one controller to the back of my samson meteors' headphone output, would that work so that I can use my samson meteor with my xbox one?