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  1. SacredChili

    Need CPU Install Help. Please.

    Yeah. So, my motherboard requires the 4+4 like you say above, but the additional 4 pin on the left in the first picture uploaded is also required as stated in the motherboard manual that i read. I actually plugged in the 4+4 in the right cpu connector and it fit this time. Not sure why but it snapped into place. the 8 pin is always the side that goes into the PSU correct?
  2. This is my first build im doing myself. i7 6850k EVGA 850w X99 A -II So I installed my cpu and am trying to hook it up to my PSU. I have two CPU connectors and the CPU requires two CPU connections to fulls power. The connections that they gave me don't match up with the CPU socket for power. I will upload pics. The 4 pin on the left hooks up fine, but the 8 pin sockets to not match correctly. Am I just blind and stupid, or is something wrong lol. Any help is really appreciated as I am stuck...
  3. SacredChili

    Need some advice on upgrade or new build!

    This is more than likely what I am planning to do. I currently have a 600w psu in my system and would buy a 1080 if going this route. Also I plan on getting a 1tb SSD for game storage. Do you think I should upgrade the PSU or would this been enough juice still?
  4. SacredChili

    Need some advice on upgrade or new build!

    Yeah, that's kinda of what I was thinking. I didn't really want to waste money if there was no need. I was just mainly concerned with potential bottle necking issues, but I might just try this first and if I have problems, just upgrade other things.
  5. So, I am basically not sure what I want/should do. Was thinking about building a new system but currently there is nothing wrong with my current system as it still runs smooth and mostly plays the games I want at high settings(I play at 1440p). IDK if I should build a new system altogether or just slap a 1080 in there. Specs: i7 3770 12gb RAM GTX 780 SSD etc. Like I said the system is still really fast and smooth but I mainly want to just be able to game and stuff and not have to upgrade the system for a while(4 years). The cpu, motherboard(its a stock HP motherboard from a build a long time ago), and RAM(Same with the RAM, its a no name brand RAM) are getting pretty old and I was just wondering what some of you would do if you were in my position, Thanks!
  6. SacredChili

    SD Card and 4k Question

    Hello I just purchased a S7 and am looking to buy a micro SD. But I want to make sure I can record and store 4k media on the card properly. I don't know that much about SD cards or how they work. Would this be suited for 4k recording? (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-evo-128gb-microsdhc-class-10-uhs-1-memory-card-red-white/4568502.p?id=1219769554957&skuId=4568502) or would something like this be better? (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-pro-128gb-microsdxc-class-10-memory-card-black-white/4713100.p?id=1219807037153&skuId=4713100) Thanks for the help!
  7. SacredChili

    Objective 2 Odac Ohm Question

    Hello I am looking at buying this Objective 2 Odac Combo. I am just wondering if this has enough power to fully drive 600 ohm headphones. Was looking at a pair that are rated at 600 ohms and want to make sure they can power them! Thank you!
  8. SacredChili

    Xbox one chat audio

    Wow, I just posted about this without seeing your post.. This really sucks... I have the same problem, running Rs 185's (I love them) and tried using a mod mic for chat and cant hear chat audio or talk to anyone...
  9. SacredChili

    Xbox Chat Problem Please Help!

    So I got the new Halo console. And I have wireless headphones(rs 185's) connected via toslink. I bought the antlion modmic to use as a mic for chat audio, but for some reason I can't hear voice chat and I cant talk either. The Xbox recognizes that I have a microphone plugged in but does take in sound. But the real strange thing is the regular shitty mic they give you with the xbox works fine. I have literally no idea whats wrong lol.... Any ideas?
  10. SacredChili

    Good cellphone provider?

    Cricket da best. So cheap and so good.
  11. SacredChili

    USB Type-C Coiled Cable for Phones?

    Not sure why it posted twice, thats weird... Mainly for my car, I love the way it looks tbh thats the only reason. For regular charging in the home I would use a straight haha
  12. SacredChili

    USB Type-C Coiled Cable for Phones?

    Anyone know where to get a USB Type-C coiled cable for the new smartphones coming out? Can't seem to find one.
  13. Has anyone found a good USB Type-C coiled cable yet? Are they just starting to manufacturer these or? Going to get a nexus 5x and want a coiled cable . Anyone know where to buy one?
  14. SacredChili

    Schitt Magni 2 Question

    Planning on buying the T1 Tesla soon. Just wondering if I should pick up the magni 2 or uber version. I want to make sure the magni 2 has enough to fully power these. Thanks for the input!
  15. SacredChili

    Samson Meteor & Xbox one

    Hello, I am wondering if I take a 3.5 mm aux cable from my xbox one controller to the back of my samson meteors' headphone output, would that work so that I can use my samson meteor with my xbox one?