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  1. I can't run CS:GO

    That worked thanks
  2. I can't run CS:GO

    How do I do this
  3. I can't run CS:GO

    I was running CS:GO at 120 fps, took a break, came back, now it only runs at 20 fps if I am lucky. I'm not sure what happened. My specs are AMD FX 8350 RX 480 8 gb ddr3 ram.
  4. Hey everyone, So I just broke my phone and I need a new device and I would like some suggestions. I don't actually need a phone per say as I just use messenger and hangouts on wifi. Basically I need a new media device (YouTube, Netflix, & some games) to use when I am on the loo although I would like it to be able to fit into a pocket. I was looking at the GPD pocket 2 and XD+ but I want to know if there is anything better out there. Edit: Most of these phones seem to be lower on hardware size. I would love something that can handle almost any game I can throw at it and has a long battery life (this is huge for me my old phone has 7-8 hours and would always die before the day was finished even with the brightness set to min) Edit 2: My old phone was an ELEphone p9000 so I would like something better (faster & longer battery life) than that.
  5. Small cpu cooler

    Still what would you suggest for a CPU cooler with a i5 8600
  6. Small cpu cooler

    I am using a i5-8600 no I will not overclock this is the case
  7. Small cpu cooler

    that's to large. my case is about 4"
  8. Small cpu cooler

    I need a small cpu cooler. I want the Noctua NH-12 but its about $200
  9. I need a good CPU for gaming. I will be playing in 1080p. I will also be using a 1060 maybe a 1070 if the price goes down. Everyone says I should get the I7-8700 or 8700k but do I really need that? Is there a cheaper option that wont significantly decrease my performance?
  10. I need a small psu

    That's what I am doing thanks
  11. I need a small psu

    I need a small 500wat minimum power suplly. i am putting my pc in this
  12. Check my build

    That's the plan and with my current build I can run 4K. I plan on screwing everything down with rubber feet to prevent shock damamge as well as protect from impact damage. And I am going to cut holes in the sides with a dremel tool
  13. Check my build

    So why an m.2?
  14. Check my build

    That's my case. And my first pc had an fx8350 and rx480 however I spent way to much on other parts so it ended up costing about $2000
  15. Check my build

    Yes I have a case. And I totally ruined my fist pic with bad decisions lol