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  1. James is the best co-host since Luke. Sorry Luke but James has the potential to usurp your spot as best Linus sidekick.
  2. Yeah I watched it but don't think there was anything wrong with the video? I went to troll with an anti hyperloop comment but found the video had gone when I refreshed the page?
  3. Seeing as everyone else is commenting about this, I'll point it out too. The video's down!
  4. Okay now that I've found this is a duplicate, how do I delete?
  5. SOURCE : http://www.anandtech.com/show/11722/intel-reveals-ice-lake-core-architecture-10nm-plus
  6. I can see the wan show there, but no sign of the after party?
  7. Way to crowdsource your research
  8. For using a VPN what? 20 years in prison. Time to find another country to live in.
  9. Yep I listened to the entire thing. I don't really watch LTT because I want info on the products. I have a casual interest in tech, but I'm really entertained by Linus, Luke and the rest of the team. I got into this when they did the moving blogs. I love that Linus explains the business of being a Youtuber. I love that it's super polished. I love the humor. I think these guys are so much more than an amazon listing. I found all his criticisms to be things that are simply personal preference and disagree on a lot of points. But I don't wanna bag on him. Because he is entitled to his opinions and they entertain some people, so great they can watch that I'll watch and enjoy LTT.
  10. Wow sounds like that guy basically doesn't like popular things. I find LTT entertaining, I like that they're upping the production quality. If someone wants "grity" great go watch that.
  11. Yeah you are very correct. TIL. I'd assumed that given everything was shut and you hear stories of fines, the law was for more than retail. It's way more complex than I thought. It turns out each council has by laws governing trade on the Sunday. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11836322 Given we're such a small country that's madness. But then from from that link you sent there is this "Even though the shop can’t open, the Easter Sunday employer and employee rights and responsibilities still apply. Because she wants them to work on Easter Sunday, Joyce must notify the employees of their right to refuse to work at least four weeks (and no earlier than eight weeks) before Easter Sunday. She can’t compel the employees to work or treat them adversely if they refuse. If they want to refuse to work, the employees need to notify Joyce no later than 14 days after they get their notices from her." That's even weirder. So if you're a shop you can't trade and you're employees can refuse to work on non trading activities. You're right I don't know my countries employment law at all.
  12. From the link you provided. "There are three and a half days each year when almost all shops are required to be closed. Exceptions are shops which can open with conditions, have area exemptions or Easter Sunday local policies."
  13. Just the business gets the fine for getting staff to work that day. The workers don't get a fine. But yeah it's odd.