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  1. Hey guys im trying to make a discord bot but have run into a problem. According to cmd the bolded line is causing the error. Thanks for the help import discord from discord.ext import commands Token = 'TOKEN' client = commands.Bot(command_prefix='#') @client.event async def on_ready(): print ("on") @client.event async def on_member_join(member): role = discord.utils.get(member.server.roles, name='new') await client.add_roles(member, role) @client.event async def on_message(message): if message.content.startswith('!accept'): await discord.utils.get(member.server.roles, name='trust') client.run(Token)
  2. i got muted because i didnt talk about linus in general chat
  3. Hi all, I am just wanting to find out if there is a program where you can design an electrical circuit and has a built in osciliscope. scope's are expensive and was hopeing I could avoid buying one to save myself a few hundred dollers. Thanks for the helpl.
  4. do you know of any burst coin faucets that work. most of them seem pretty sketchy.
  5. When you set it to that resolution i found on my monitor at least (BenQ GL2460) The screen goes out of proportion and goes blurry. Sorry I dont have no technical terminology for this. I recomend setting your resloution to 2840x2160 and reverting it after. No harm done if you try it for a couple of seconds.
  6. Hi all, I recently started to get into crypto minning. I want to start minning burst coin. Ive been having some difficulties to try and mine. When I try to set my reward recipient i recieve the message: "Rewardassignment did not succeed" The other issue im having is when Im trying to start my minner I select my pool and when I try to press start minning the minning process doesnt begin. Im using the latest version of Qbundle at the time. (2.0.0) Yes my wallet is fully synchornized and all the needed files have been downloaded. Thanks in advance
  7. Ye i tried entering a password but it says the password is invalid.
  8. When you open the laptop there are no pins that i can see to clear the CMOS. There is no CMOS battery that is visible. I have considered this option but I think this will be my last resort if I cant recover the password by other means.
  9. I have an old laptop that I wish to run ubuntu on. I attempted to access the bios but it required a password. I never entered a password and I checked all my documentation that came with the laptop to try and find a password for the bios but nothing appeared. Are there any programs which can help me get access to the bios or the bios password. The laptop is an acer aspire switch 10. Thanks for the help
  10. I tried your idea of setting up a static IP and set a DNS but that didn't work. After a minute of being in a game the computer disconnected from the network then the NIC turned off so I couldn't see any other networks around me. Once I left the game the internet came back on and is now working fine. Could this be a result of a faulty NIC or is this a software related issue?
  11. My PC is a desktop GPU: GTX 970 CPU: 6600k NIC: ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Dual-band Wireless-AC1300 PCI-E Adapter OS: Windows 10 Ye ping on average is 30 to 60ms on discord. Ye Australian internet is pretty shit. Its both single player and multiplayer games. I was playing binding of issac and the same issue occurred when I was playing a multiplayer game. When I was playing games I alt tabed into chrome to see if it was just an issue with the game but I couldn't reach any website. It said there was no internet connection. So far I tried disabling windows firewall and windows defender but that did nothing and I ran out of ideas on what to do to trouble shoot this.
  12. Hi all, My internet is quite good. I hop on discord no issues what so ever. I have an average of 60ms but when I load a game of any kind on steam regardless if it is single player or multiplayer my ping jumps up to a ridiculous amount like 100,000ms and above. As a result I cant play any multiplayer games as my internet dies on me. This issue only happens on one computer as I have played games on another computer and this issue did not occur. Has anyone had this issue before or know what is going on.
  13. Hi all, I recently got my computer back from repairs and since then my network card started to play up. I join my network but the moment i connect to it its a limited connection then drops out or i get a full connection but i cant acess the internet before it drops out. As my network card is pci i switched the card into different slots but that didnt do anything. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them and that didnt help. Has anyone ran into this issue before or have any suggestions as to what i can do in attempts to fix the issue.
  14. My temps are fine. I ran memtest and that didn't pick up anything. I tried switching ram slots and that did nothing. I unplugged the gpu in addition to reinstalling graphics drivers. I reinstalled windows and that did nothing. I will look into buying a power supply supply testing tool Thanks for your advice