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  1. Yeah I’ve tried mate, looks like if I were to have nearly any other model other than the 700d I’d be fine as magic lantern would have the feature I need!
  2. Hi mate, I don’t want to have to keep on remembering to press a button every 20 minutes in order to keep my camera on, that was the point of this apologies for the confusion thanks for the link as well, but the advice there is incorrect as even with the auto power off disabled completely it still shuts down after 30 minutes of no buttons being pressed
  3. Hi all, does anyone here here use their canon 700d to live stream with?? I’ve got everything set up fine but I’m struggling to get the live view to stay on for longer than 30 minutes which is how I capture the video feed from the camera. Really need some advice on how to get this to work, I’ve tried magic lantern but for some reason their sticky halfshutter function isn’t available on the 700d which would have solved all my problems! ive also looked in to writing an LUA script for magic lantern that tells it to Half press the shutter every 20 minutes as this would keep the live view active, but I suck at coding and I can’t get it to work any help or suggestions would be great!
  4. Sorry guys, budget really is as cheap as possible, we're in the UK and he only wants to use it for low end gaming doubt he'll even use it to surf the web etc as he'll stick to doing that on his phone haha as long as it can run the sims without it stuttering then he'll be fine i have no knowledge on older tech though as I've only built my own pc which is skylake based, so don't know what performance is like for older chips etc. If he could do do it for £250 that would be great, and then whatever monitor you would recommend for probably less than £100 to go with it
  5. Hey guys, My mate wants to build a pc the can handle any iteration of "the sims" that he can throw at it Any recommendations? Would like to do it as cheap as possible, doesn't need to be high details, maybe just medium He will also need a monitor Thanks in advance !
  6. Has anyone got this on PC? The servers are finally up but I'd like some homies to play with more strategically
  7. Makes sense in my opinion, quite a lot of the time the Nintendo has fell behind because of its lack of 3rd party support, why do they lack the 3rd party games? Because their consoles aren't powerful to just handle a port of the game, they'd need to be dialled down. Only thing is, if it's only when plugged in to the dock that his has the power to run these games then you have to question whether it truly is a home console that's portable as you would only be able to play first party games on the go... quite to a lot of people still went and got the xbone and PS4 rather than a wii/wii u because of the graphical capabilities, they bring the switch in line with the other consoles for when it's docked and boom, you've killed 2 birds with 1 stone
  8. holy sh*t, how the hell did i not spot that on amazon for £491?! that's an incredible price!! If no one comes back with any other recommendations, that'll be going straight in my basket. :') cheers dude
  9. Hi All, I'm starting to get really p*ssed off with nvidia's shadowplay, by far one of the best "free" screen recorders in terms that it can record 4k at 60fps, but i'm just having so many problems the latest of which is something you can't tell is happening until the recording has finished. at the moment what appears to be happening is that it records in the resolution of my second screen, even though i have set the record res in the shadowplay setting separately to be the same as my primary monitor. this means that the recorded images come out all squashed and distorted and completely unusable, which is extremely annoying after an hour or so of recording as it's just wasted time and footage. does anyone know why this might be happening, or how i could permanently fix this/test it before i spunk an hours worth of time up the wall for nothing? i do test records, with the game and all my other apps open prior to starting the real record and sometimes they turn out fine, and then the real record messes up and i can't tell until i stop recording and review the footage. PLEASE, PLEASE JUST HELP MEEEEEEEEE
  10. Hi All, I'm having a little bit of trouble finding a "decent priced" ultra wide monitor without it being super ridiculous, all I'm looking for is something to improve my productivity when creating video content somewhere around the 34" mark preferably with a higher refresh rate than 60Hz, 75Hz would be ok and anything higher would be a bonus my price range would be anywhere under £650-£700 mark, please note it is in £'s not $'s and this would be the absolute top end i could afford so if you can save me some ££ that would be great any help to find something would be absolutely awesome, so thanks in advance!
  11. Because he's obviously seen the light
  12. Most games will support your controller now mate, or at least new ones will, you just need to plug it in to a USB port and let windows install the drivers in terms of ease of transition, really not that hard, will take you a week to learn the basic layout of a keyboard and have your fingers sitting in the right places and then if you don't like a particular layout for a game at least you can change it to whatever you want so it all falls under your one hand hope that helps
  13. Sometimes you just crap out with the silicone lottery mate, that's the way it goes is this the board with the preset overclocking functions? could be that it isn't delivering enough bolts for the clock speed it's trying to aim for, but doubtful if it's a prebuilt manufacturer overclock as they would have rigorously tested it on chips to make it as stable and as safe as possible
  14. I'm glad to see we're in the same boat brother, I'm desperate for that fibre connection just for the upload speeds
  15. Looking at these forums make me realise just how bad my internet is ? You're here moaning about this, but where I live in Birmingham, U.K. They haven't cables fibre and there's no 4G alternative so I'm stuck with 18Mbps DL and 0.7Mbps UL ?? and thats considered "good" by our providers!