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    i mean in speedtest.net i easily get 7 ping but in game i get below 50 ping.. what rate should i set. at the moment its on rate "786432"

    my internet speed is (download speed) 25 megabit per seconds. its mega"bit". what should be the best rate setting i should use? btw my ping is 60% of the time stable under 50 but sometimes it gets up to 120 when i see a enemy... plz help guys.
  3. yup you are right, but the reason i don't prefer the 1700 over 8700k because of the gaming performance. if i can get a better cpu for gaming and other single core related work flows for a few bucks more then why should i consider 1700? also when overclocked they have relatively similar multi core score too
  4. which one is better to buy keeping in productivity, gaming and streaming games performance in mind. also don't forget the overclocked performance and price........ for me, i am going for a 1440p @ 144 to 165hz monitor and a gtx 1080.
  5. razer kraken pro v2 vs kraken 7.1 v2

    Thank you for the info bro!
  6. Hi I am searching parts for my new PC to build but I live in India. Here components are very tough to find in websites like Amazon or eBay, If it's available then it's expensive as hell, like if you buy an gtx 1080 at 459 $ in is US it will cost me 570 to 600 $ in india!! then i founded that Newegg also delivers in india and it's cheaper then buying it here! But I am worried that will the RMA process will be applicable in India and if the warranty will work or not.. can any one plz help me. BTW I am buying the Asus crosshair VI from Newegg India..
  7. Did you guys updated your UEFI to agesa on the crosshair vi hero? Just wanted to know your guys experience in this platform... BTW I don't have the crosshair vi hero mobo but planning to buy it! Are the 3200 MHz ram working and what about the controversy against trident z RGB are the working at there rated speeds!? Just wanted to know your experience!
  8. Just this check out this... :'( https://www.google.co.in/amp/www.fonearena.com/blog/223775/oneplus-5-is-made-in-india-by-oppo.html/amp
  9. i think it would last a good 4 yrs as i only use my phone for social media, mails, sms, web browsing and youtube. i dont play games on my phone, it feels stupid....... (part of PCMASTERRACE!)
  10. i am buying an oneplus 5 (8 gb ram variant) and just wanted to know how long can a oneplus flagship last (1 , 2 year etc...) or any other flagship smartphone? plz share your experience here!
  11. razer kraken pro v2 vs kraken 7.1 v2

    and also the 7.1's dont have in-line volume adjuster! i will definitely go with the razer kraken pro v2!!! thanx
  12. razer kraken pro v2 vs kraken 7.1 v2

    hello, i am confused between the razer kraken pro v2 and the razer kraken 7.1 v2 as i am able to buy both at the same price. but the 7.1 has a usb connector and i want to use my headphones with my phone too. people say that the headsets with usb connectors tend to be better then the 3.5mm audio jack one on audio quality as it has the amp and dack inbuilt but i have a good mobo the asus crosshair vi which has the supremefx sound card, so will the 7.1's audio be better OR the kraken pro v2 with supremefx. i dont know that i will be needing the 7.1 surround sound or not are there any benefits? (I now what is 7.1 surround sound)
  13. Plz Help Me with Graphics Card

    Bro just buy the sapphire RX 570 much faster than an 1050ti and should not bottelneck that much. BTW you should think about a cpu change too. Rathod😋
  14. in a bit of a problem. need help!!

    so should i uninstall the game and download it from uplay? but my internet is very slow.