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  1. Did you guys updated your UEFI to agesa on the crosshair vi hero? Just wanted to know your guys experience in this platform... BTW I don't have the crosshair vi hero mobo but planning to buy it! Are the 3200 MHz ram working and what about the controversy against trident z RGB are the working at there rated speeds!? Just wanted to know your experience!
  2. Just this check out this... :'( https://www.google.co.in/amp/www.fonearena.com/blog/223775/oneplus-5-is-made-in-india-by-oppo.html/amp
  3. i think it would last a good 4 yrs as i only use my phone for social media, mails, sms, web browsing and youtube. i dont play games on my phone, it feels stupid....... (part of PCMASTERRACE!)
  4. i am buying an oneplus 5 (8 gb ram variant) and just wanted to know how long can a oneplus flagship last (1 , 2 year etc...) or any other flagship smartphone? plz share your experience here!
  5. and also the 7.1's dont have in-line volume adjuster! i will definitely go with the razer kraken pro v2!!! thanx
  6. hello, i am confused between the razer kraken pro v2 and the razer kraken 7.1 v2 as i am able to buy both at the same price. but the 7.1 has a usb connector and i want to use my headphones with my phone too. people say that the headsets with usb connectors tend to be better then the 3.5mm audio jack one on audio quality as it has the amp and dack inbuilt but i have a good mobo the asus crosshair vi which has the supremefx sound card, so will the 7.1's audio be better OR the kraken pro v2 with supremefx. i dont know that i will be needing the 7.1 surround sound or not are there any benefits? (I now what is 7.1 surround sound)
  7. Bro just buy the sapphire RX 570 much faster than an 1050ti and should not bottelneck that much. BTW you should think about a cpu change too. Rathod😋
  8. so should i uninstall the game and download it from uplay? but my internet is very slow.
  9. so, i bought a retail watch_dogs PC DVD ROM pack/unit about a year ago and installed it by the CD's provided. now i don't know how but when i fire up the game uplay tells that my few files for the game are missing. originally the game was 27-30 gb big but now in the add or remove section it shows only 14.7GB!!!! so now i am thinking to uninstall the game from my pc and download it again through the CD's and put in the CD KEY that came in that box and log in to my uplay account. but the question is will it WORK??!! i mean can i use the cd key again on the same pc and does the CD's still have the game stored in them or they are empty?! soooooo, i need some info about this situation and can i do this......
  10. Man this autocorrect always kills me... I am sorry in the title it's nonda not Monday!!
  11. Hey guys! I am totally confused between the zus and the OnePlus car charger as the OnePlus one seems to be faster as it outputs 3.5 amps and the zus outputs only 2.4 amps per USB port. I know that zus is much more smarter but in speed wise will there be any noticible difference? And some people say that the zus doesn't charge USB C devices faster as the normal micro USB ones. BTW I have an OnePlus 3T. So what should be the better decision?
  12. yup...
  13. already tried....