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  1. Well it’s a laptop that i never opened so it shouldn’t be loose or anything and I can’t check for windows updates since I have no connection
  2. Well I did try tapping on and off airplane mode still nothing and I tried reinstalling drivers for my laptop and it doesn’t work still I might need to search for the drivers again and try and reinstall them. I currently installing Linux on to a usb drive and I’ll grab the drivers online again and see if it will work this time.
  3. Can someone help me... my computer has a wifi card in it and it was working and one day it stopped how can I fix it. And here are one pics that may help.
  4. Also people who don’t have the beta config won’t get iOS 11 till fall
  5. Well I think you are going to get the beta later this month because you have the public beta config (I’m part of the public beta but I was one of the people who downloaded the developer beta config for free)
  6. Well currently the beta of iOS 11 is for developers or people that got the file online when it was a big deal
  7. Are you part of the developer program with Apple? Also there is a config file you can download that is from a developer handing it out for free.
  8. Well i hope they do a few more bug fixes before the public beta comes out
  9. Well hopefully apple rolls out another beta very soon
  10. So I just upgraded to the newest beta of iOS 11 and I seem to be having some issues. But the main issue is that according to my phone it changed carriers from TFW to Verizon. I can make calls but I can not use my data since I downloaded it. What could I do to fix this? Things I did already : Restart the phone and took sim out
  11. So i was wanting to use some mods on my copy of SA but since i installed cleo4 its been crashing when it loads up the main game. What could i do to fix this?
  12. Ok. Thanks. I just was wondering because i dont remember it doing it last time (But i really wasnt paying attention)
  13. Im copying the original halo disk also the disk is in the same condition as last time i did it. Also i think your right because it failed to read over 500 sectors
  14. Im trying to copy my halo pc disk to my computer in the form of an iso with imgburn and it keeps having a problem around sector 800. What could be the cause of this? Note:I did make a copy of this disc before and deleted it by accident