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  1. I hope they know that there's something out there called a VPN. Most users of those sites are probably technically adept enough to get one. This is just an emotional knee jerk reaction which isn't going to serve any purpose whatsoever and sets a poor precedent. Australia seems to be going downhill in terms of responsibly handling technology. Ridiculous censorship, attempting to water down data security, a callous attitude towards privacy, truly a sad situation. If they want to deal with any such situations in the future, it would be by finding and apprehending suspects beforehand, better law enforcement response or higher proliferation of guns in the hands of the public.
  2. Kumaresh

    Mods please delete

    RIP formatting. I apologize for putting anybody through the experience of reading this.
  3. Kumaresh

    Mods please delete

    My modem settings are retarded, never mind.
  4. Kumaresh

    Strange Windows 10 bootloader configuration

    Update : When I set the BIOS to UEFI mode only, I got the following error message. With only legacy boot enabled, I get the following message as expected. And with both enabled, it boots normally, and so far it seems to be booting reliably. I get a windows startup prompt which looks like the windows vista boot screen followed by the normal windows 10 login screen. https://goo.gl/images/i4qYPp This is the most unusual thing I've seen in a long time. What are your thoughts on this behaviour ?
  5. Kumaresh

    Strange Windows 10 bootloader configuration

    Sorry for the late reply, I happened to have some work today. I checked how the partitions looked in my system using both the GUI partitioning tool and Diskpart, and the results were as follows. I could confirm that an EFI partition existed, so I was hopeful that there was some form of EFI bootloader. Then I followed through with the diskpart commands. An X: partition showed up in windows explorer, but I couldn't open it. I got the following error message when I tried to grant myself permission to explore the partition. Since I wasn't sure of what was present in the drive, I decided to run a command prompt window using the advanced startup options and execute the bcdboot command listed by you. The command was executed successfully, so now I am checking how the system boots. I will update you on the situation shortly.
  6. Kumaresh

    Strange Windows 10 bootloader configuration

    When I installed the OS originally, the 500 MB partition was automatically created by the windows installer and marked as a system partition, presumably containing the bootloader. Then after using the mbr2gpt tool, the partition is now called an EFI partition. Can I perform the bcdboot commands using the command prompt from the advanced boot options or should I use the installation media repair options command prompt ? I apologise for the overbearing questions
  7. Kumaresh

    Strange Windows 10 bootloader configuration

    Yes, I checked, and I have a 500MB EFI partition. What other steps would I have to take to convert the MBR bootloader to a UEFI bootloader ?
  8. Hello everybody, I have a really peculiar case on hand. I have a system with the following specifications Motherboard : Intel DH61WW CPU : Intel core i7 3770 RAM : 8GB HDD : 500 GB The hard disk was originally formatted and had a copy of 32 bit Windows 10 installed from a previous computer, so it used MBR rather than GPT. I had some important data on that hard disk, so I simply formatted the previous OS partition and installed a copy of 64 bit Windows 10 using MBR again. Then I wanted to convert the hard disk to a GPT partition table, so I used the installation media to run the new mbr2gpt tool included with Windows, and I was able to successfully convert the hard disk to GPT. However, now I have to keep both Legacy as well as UEFI booting enabled in my BIOS for the system to boot. When I keep just legacy booting enabled, it doesn't recognize the hard disk as expected, but when I keep only UEFI booting enabled, it says the system was unable to start correctly and enters automatic repair. I thought the bootloader would be converted to a UEFI bootloader when the partition was converted to GPT. I even used the /allowFullOS flag as mentioned in the tool. Now I'm confused as to how the bootloader is configured in this system, since it now seems to have a 50/50 chance of booting. Every alternate boot, it gets stuck and stops booting. Is there any way to wipe out all existing bootloaders and set up a new EFI bootloader ? The old motherboard with the old BIOS may be contributing to this problem I believe. Any insight on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Kumaresh

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I have the same model right now, but with a later revision I believe. Has been quite useful, but it has some minor flaws.
  10. This isn't tech news in any capacity. This article is tabloid level nonsense, like WCCFTECH. Time to close er down @Crunchy Dragon
  11. Lizard people aren't bots, are they Anyway, the law seems very vague and poorly thought out, I wonder how things will play out moving forward.....
  12. Kumaresh

    FBI unlocked an iPhone X by forcing suspect to use Face ID

    Or if you really wanna hide information, take youe phone and have somebody break it with a hammer, especially if you have dirt to hide and the investigators have some valid means of obtaining it like a subpoena. And then hope they just presume you're innocent without interviewing you
  13. Works out to roughly 43$/month for a plan of 1Gbps symmetric speeds with a FUP of 3TB. And with further competition incoming, these prices are expected to fall. The ISP I'm using is great ; They emphasize fair prices, good service and things like symmetric speeds on all their connections. And they don't peddle this bullshit like "Upto 100Mbps" or "Upto 1Gbps", they promise that you will ACTUALLY get that much speed. If you get less than 80% of the listed speed, they'll refund your money. I've tried for my connection and it normally never drops below 85-90 Mbps under any circumstance. I only get lower speed if the server I'm downloading from is the limiting factor.
  14. I wonder, is my current internet plan reasonable by the standards of others ? The customer service and reliability is excellent at the very least. 100Mbps symmetric with a FUP limit of 300GB per month for around 12.5 USD/month. Much better than I had till very recently due to the expansion of Fibre networks in my state.