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  1. In case many of you have forgotten, there's always been an inordinate amount of hype around new AMD GPUs because it's a nice David vs Goliath story, and people subconsciously like to root for the little guy in a fight which could bring huge benefits for us as consumers. They've delivered quite nicely on the CPU side but they haven't even been trading blows with NVIDIA in the highest-end cards as they used to until around 2014. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been sucked in by this hype numerous times in the past, but as the quote goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." They have been decently competitive in the mid-range section though.
  2. The article seems to be straying away from tech and into politics unfortunately But ultimately, the companies aren't going to be held accountable in any way for their statements, so they could still run "political" ads on their platform for their preferred candidates alone, The same way Twitter has mentioned in their terms of service that "Threats of violence" are not permitted, except for a certain group of blue checkmark people who can threaten to murder, lynch, dox you, threaten you in front of your house, murder your family, throw you into a wood chipper, etc with nary a suspension or ban in sight. Rules for thee but not for me. It's a similar situation with "hate speech".
  3. I initially wanted to achieve the setup described in (1), then I switched to (2). I have noticed that the router functions until a particular number of devices are connected, after which it loses internet connectivity completely until the router and modem have been rebooted. Some kind of configuration error or some sort of limitation of my router I'm afraid.
  4. When I change the LAN port configuration to bridge mode in the modem, the router refuses to work at all. When I changed it back to route mode, it work fine. Perhaps my router isn't compatible with the bridge mode.
  5. I turned off the wireless network from my modem and redid the same configurations after a factory reset of the modem and router and now it works perfectly fine. Very spooky But thanks for the help @SydneySideSteveSomewheres
  6. Hello everybody, I am finally posting here after a long hiatus. It's nice to see you all, and I hope you're all doing fine. I have internet connectivity in my house through FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) through a Nokia G-140W-C ONT ( Optical Network Termination ) device. The device works great for Ethernet connections, but the in built WiFi is terrible, so I configured my old TP Link WD8961ND modem/router combo to act as a router. I did the following configuration steps 1) Changed the IP address of my router to to bring it into the same subnet as my modem ( ) 2) Connected my modem and router via an Ethernet cable and set the port in the modem to route mode 3) Disabled DHCP in my router 4) Set the static IP address for my router in the DHCP table of my modem 5) Configured the WiFi network in my router to run on the same channel as my modem and have the same SSID/password/security settings Some relevant screenshots of my settings Modem settings Router settings I have also tried disabling the modem WiFi and only using the router for WiFi, but I only have intermittent success. When both the modem and router are booted up, I get internet access through the router for a few minutes, after which I lose internet access via the router. When I connect to the WiFi connection of either the modem or router, I am able to access the settings pages of both devices from both connections. The internet connection via ethernet and WiFi from the modem always works. Why does this occur ? Any clues regarding why this could be happening ? Should I just buy a new router ? Thanks in advance for any help regarding this matter.
  7. Woah, this thread is somehow still up ? Amazing......
  8. The game could still be pirated or downloaded on steam using a VPN, right ? What's the use of this moral policing then ?
  9. While technology may enable people to congregate easily and share unsavory thoughts, simply getting rid of these sites will result in them trying to find alternative means of discussion on the dark web or IRL. All this content is simply a symptom of the number of fucked up people in the world growing up in terrible living conditions, being surrounded by guardians with questionable mental fortitude and responsibility, and generally being treated like shit, but nobody is bothered to address these people directly. Humans have always been fundamentally fucked up, you'd know if you've ever seen a history book before. Technology has just brought the inner machinations of their minds to the public forefront. Do we want a big brother state and corporations to take care of all of us and keep us as obedient little lambs in a line ?
  10. So this is what a Nanny state looks like. And these people have the temerity to look down on others......
  11. Am I the only one who's going to point out the fact that there seems to be sharingan in his eyes ? Is that edited in or was that there originally in the movie ?
  12. I hope they know that there's something out there called a VPN. Most users of those sites are probably technically adept enough to get one. This is just an emotional knee jerk reaction which isn't going to serve any purpose whatsoever and sets a poor precedent. Australia seems to be going downhill in terms of responsibly handling technology. Ridiculous censorship, attempting to water down data security, a callous attitude towards privacy, truly a sad situation. If they want to deal with any such situations in the future, it would be by finding and apprehending suspects beforehand, better law enforcement response or higher proliferation of guns in the hands of the public.
  13. RIP formatting. I apologize for putting anybody through the experience of reading this.
  14. My modem settings are retarded, never mind.