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  1. I guess I should be focusing on a 1070 rather than a 580. Any thoughts on what you would consider a reasonable price for 1070s and how long you think it may take to get to that price?
  2. I just bought a 24 inch 1440p ips BenQ monitor, it is a 60hz monitor so I'm looking for a gpu that can sustain around 60-80fps on high (not ultra) graphics so that I have a bit of wiggle room above the 60fps cap. I have read that an 8gb 580 would be sufficient for most games, but I'm wondering what your experiences have been?
  3. I am considering buying this laptop, and wanted to know if anybody had any experience with this particular one. I need it for school work, and light gaming, as I realize the gpu isn't anything incredible. Here is a link to the laptop, it ends pretty soon so any thoughts will be helpful!
  4. I'm trying to set up a minecraft server that is semi-vanillia. Pvp, some land protection using Grief Prevention, essentials, other drops and a few other plugins and it's looking like essentials stops being supported on 1.8 and beyond. I'm using bukkit but is spigot better? I haven't been playing mc for about a year and the last time I set up a server was also about a year ago on 1.7. Is essentials, and the mods I want to use a complicated endeavor on 1.8 onward? Any advice or tips would be welcome, I'm running into a lot of problems with essentials that I think might be a result of running on 1.10.2, instead of an earlier version.