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    Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.40 Ghz)
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    8 GB
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    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M + Intel HD Graphics 4000
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  1. Our currencies may divide us, but we are united by our passion for IT! Also, I landed on these: Samsung EVO 860 500GB SSD + Western Digital 2TB Blue HDD
  2. Could this be caused by dust landing on the GPU's ports or gold plates? Could it be MOBO problem? Or a SATA cable problem? Why do I ask this? Because re-arranging them sometimes stops the monitors from connecting. Wtf is going on
  3. Oh no... So this is my build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4DjDZf I recently formmated my PC and bought a new 2TB HDD and 500GB SSD. My PC was running fine, but after I installed the new HDD & SSD (where I had to take out the GPU and reinstall it) and after rearranging the SATA3 cables for all the drives, the PC lost its connection to my monitors. I uninstalled the new drives (and GPU so I could reach the SATA ports - then reinstalled it) but it didnt help. So I removed the GPU again and changed the HDMI cable from the GPU port to the MOBO port and it had connection again. I checked the power requirements, which is apparently around 460, but my PSU offers 650 so it couldnt have been due to power either. I spoke to my friend about this and he said that it would be risky to reboot with the GPU incase it was fried (and would damage other parts). What can I do in this situation? I've had the GPU for about 2 years and it has never given me a problem before, so I doubt that it was damaged, especially because it suddenly happened and I am afraid to test it in case it really does damage the other parts. Could this all have something to do with the installation of the new drives? I honestly don't know what is going on and I'm in panic. I can't sink another $700 for a new GPU Please if you have any troubleshooting methods or ways of getting the PC to boot with the GPU let me know
  4. There were some real issues with this, but it was solved. First thing was that I attempted to fix any corruption with the windows files which were found and fixed, but that didn't fix the problem. So I wanted to format, but now I kept getting an error. So I put windows onto a USB, booted from USB, formated the drive from the Windows on the USB and reinstalled it onto the drive through there too. Everything is now back online.
  5. I couldn't care less about RGB, especially for internal hardware that you cannot see lol I usually search in PCCG and buy off of MSY Could you suggest one?
  6. So recently I was browsing some SSDs and came across this Team T-Force Delta It is: 1 TB $199 AUD ($136 USD) Read/Write speed: 560/510 RGB if people are still into that lol https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48706/team-t-force-delta-max-argb-ssd-1tb Isn't this a great deal? Disclaimer, I don't know too much about SSDs. But that price for the amount of storage and write speed really got to me
  7. Added notes: The external hdd doesn't appear on diskpart.exe & Disk Management I can't find any solutions for this online either as all the f*king tutorials assume that it does appear there. Just a reminder that the external hdd still works on my laptop. Just not my PC. I am almost certain that its some sort of a driver issue, but Toshiba doesnt appear to offer any drivers (at least for my model) [https://storage.toshiba.com/consumer-hdd/support/product?model=HDTP210XK3AA] I really want to avoid formatting my PC, please help
  8. System restore points are all after the issue, so I can't do that either
  9. I have two existing HDDs: 1 SSD, and one HDD which I think are showing up in Disk Drives. However, the Toshiba doesnt seem to appear there, unless the libusbK thing is it
  10. Hello, my external/portable hard drive is no longer recognised by my PC. I have tried to move it around different USB slots but none of them work. I tested the hard drive on my laptop and it DOES work on it. So I think something went wrong with the external hard drive's drivers on my PC. Maybe it got corrupt. Is there any way I can update or fix my drivers (or the issue in general if my analysis is wrong)? Extra Info on External HDD: - Toshiba - P/N: HDTP210AK3AA - DTP210 - 1TB EDIT: Some context: I recently tried to install software for my PS4 controller (so it works on PC - it turns out that it doesnt need software for that, my bad for not trying it before ) but I believe that while it was installing the drivers, it somehow messed up my External HDDs ability to connect to my PC. It could also be a coincidence so I dont know
  11. Reinstalling Windows fixed everything.
  12. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if it does. Since it seems to be based on chance, it's not something I can immediately test The FPS is still locked. Would there be anything else I can try while waiting to see if it has improved? And by the way, are the CPU readings and info I posted at the top normal? I will also try to reinstall windows. Hopefully, I don't run into any troubles with the key for it.
  13. I spent 3 hours trying to get the first option of installation to work and after repeated failing, moved onto option 2 (installing via usb) which completed it in 5 mins :') Anyway, BIOS is now also up to date. Most recent was 2018 (I was on 2017). What else can I do now? EDIT: Thanks for your time, I really do appreciate it
  14. Yes. I checked for it online and it gave me a .CAP file. I Googled around a little but failed to find a proper response on how it is used Yes. Yes, everything is "excellent." I am not using the Microsoft account to log in Yes, it was very helpful. Note: Sorry for the late response, I had a family wedding (and preparations for it etc throughout the week) so I had completely forgotten about this thread
  15. No, I don't remember or still have the code for windows, and I would like to avoid a full reinstall of windows. Only for GPU I guess. The rest are the drivers that were installed 2-3 years ago. I assume that the drivers for them can be found on their relative websites, correct? SSD firmware? I haven't heard of such a thing. Is it like a driver for SSD? I'll check now.