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  1. I found this on ifixit that shows you how to replace the CMOS battery. You really just need to unplug it and plug it back in. Its very extensive to get to. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Dell+Alienware+13+Coin-Cell+Battery+Replacement/103816 Also though I think this is the beep code guide for Alienware. If its right I would say your motherboard failed. https://www.dell.com/community/Alienware-General-Read-Only/Alienware-Beep-Codes-Table/td-p/5588971
  2. Sure thing let me know if any of that works.
  3. You should check the event viewer right after it happens. Look for anything marked critical and that occurred in the last hour. If you do it right after it happens it should be the first thing there. You can also go back and check the time when it last happened and see if there is anything there.
  4. Power SW = Ground and PWR, its the power button is all it is. The rest and ground on ones are for if you have a restart button on the case. It would be Labeled something like "Reset SW" on the wires. The rest of them go to their matching pairs. ex. PLED- goes to PLED- PLED+ goes to PLED+ and so forth.
  5. Try resetting the ram to its stock speed. I would also look at event viewer and see if its throwing any errors when it happens? Its definitely strange though.
  6. When doing the DDU did you specify which drivers you were wanting to get rid of? Also, you can try opening up the laptop and resetting the CMOS battery. Im not sure if that will work but you can try and see.
  7. Is the GPU or CPU overclocked? Also when this happens can you use device manger and check to see if the driver shows up? For example: After you unplug the PC and turn it on got to Device manager -> Dsiplay Adapters -> Right Click Properties and then Driver tab.
  8. Okay I would start by trying to get the lines out the screen. Have you tried making sure the connection from the display to the PC is fully plugged in on both sides? And also try moving the cable around and see if the lines move? As far as windows not booting its probably corrupt. I would try to use your installation media, boot from that and use the system restore/reset and see if that works. If all else fails reinstall windows.
  9. I would try to uninstall the drivers, maybe use DDU just to be sure, and do a clean install of the drivers one time. What are the specs of the PC?
  10. Well I am glad we got some improvement. Ill keep looking around and let you know if I can figure anything else out.
  11. Does this happen when playing games or doing something intensive? What kind of power supply do you have?
  12. How exactly did you reset the SSD? Did you delete windows files as well?
  13. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/slow-ssd-write-speeds-on-older-imac.2053041/ I found this article that looks similar to your situation it looks Like 1) he made sure trim was enable then... 2) He ran "fsck -fy" in terminal to force trim.
  14. Also it says that there's a problem with the restore point. And I got it to work in sage mode but when in normal boot mode it still doesn't.
  15. Also it says that there's a problem with the restore point.
  16. Okay so by "test" I mean I ran tools windows gives you like windows update trouble shooter and things like that. I looked at the event log and app readiness keeps being shown as a error that is repeated over and over again. Also I should note that when I boot into safe mode the admin account works fine. And when I try to reset, sorry I meant to type reset not rest, but when I try to reset/refresh from the windows system itself it starts but then tells me it couldn't do it. I'm also getting a service control error.
  17. So this is my first post. When I log into my administrator account the taskbar keeps flickering and no icons are shown the whole screen just flickers and you can't click anything on the taskbar. However, my little brother's account still works with no problems besides it takes forever to load up. All this happened after I left for work leaving the computer to update and when I came back this was happening. I've tried as much as I can think of. I checked windows update and ran a check there and it finds the same thing wrong over again but says that it fixes it. The computer won't even let me rest anything it stops in the middle are says it can't reset.... I have no idea what else to do I've ran test after test. If anyone can help I'm open to suggestions?