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  1. i appreciate your help!! it was my own short shortsightedness of not just plugging ALL the LAN ports in the back in lol now i just have to run 2 more cables from my switch to the bottom of my rack
  2. figured it out everyone!!! I was NOT connecting the management port as well as the ISCI lan ports!! I figured the management was like the IDRAC where you really dont have to have it connected lol all good now!!!
  3. I have, it gives me an "SPRI login failed" message. Ive seen reference to there being a different password on firmware 6.x machines, but no where lists that password. and of course without having the password i dont think i can see what firmware it has to figure out which password i would need lol. I am not sure if DHCP is enabled on the MD3000I or if it was set to a static IP before i received it, which i why i want to factory reset it....which appears to be difficult without the password lol. I have DHCP enabled on my router, and when i plug the MD into my D-link switch i can see there is a connection, but no matter what i try i cant seem to find a way to get to the device. My network runs on 192.168.1.x and being a networking noob i cannot figure out for the life of me how to get over to the 192.168.128.x subnet to see if i can connect to the default IP without ruining all the settings i have for my current network. Again any and al help is super appreciated :)
  4. Hey all, I recently came across a hell of a deal on an MD3000I and MD1000..... I have dug and dug and dug to try and figure out how to change the IP on it as it is still set from the previous owner, and getting the info seem to be a no response situation. I do have the management port cable, and have tried a multitude of things suggested online and on the dell forums to try and get into the settings or factory reset, but when i follow the steps others have laid out they either don't work (like trying the break during boot) or the default password doesn't work "supportDell" when you get that far. i read somewhere about a different default password for the older firmware?? though i cant find any of said password.... if anyone has experience or can help at all id appreciate it!!
  5. yea, don't have windows server yet. VMware seams like a nice setup, so that might be what I try for now. I don't plan on putting too much data on it until I am pretty confident its what I am looking for anyways. Its a good place to start
  6. Thanks! I didn't realize there was "free" Hypervisor software out there! I was looking into maybe doing that since I want to do something more than one OS might allow, and the ease of expanding and allocating resources within my server down the road would make it easier from inside a hyper visor. Also in case something were to go wrong! But from what I saw it was out of my budget, so i stayed away from that. that might just be what i end up doing! Thanks to everyone else too, all good options to try
  7. Hello everyone! I have a general question as to what OS I should run on my server. I am currently looking at doing FreeNas server......ok I am actually in the process of trying to get it to install but am running into problems I think are associated with the slower internal USB ports on the server, I am trying to work those out still .....But I was wondering if that is the best option, or if there is another low cost option for me that will better suit my needs. would prefer cheap since this is a budget build. that being said I would like to stay under $100, as that would be my definition of a "Cheap" server OS lol. I have a pretty decent understanding of this stuff, command line and such, but would prefer at least some basic GUI for simplicity sake (or more for in case I need to walk my wife through doing something while I am away....god forbid it ever come to that ) What I am trying to accomplish: Game server -A Minecraft server, prefer to allocate 12-15GB of ram to this as that's what I currently have on my desktop "Server" and its more than enough for future expansion -Currently running Cube Coders AMP software for my server, would prefer to still use that to make the transition as seamless as possible -Also wanting to add an ARK server when they release the cross platform update....eventually *BTW, side note, I have a 300Mbps Down 30Mbps Up internet connection (and it usually outpaces that, getting 330/39 at my highest speed test run with 3295/29 being my average) with plans to get Fiber when it rolls into town, so i have plenty of speed and bandwidth to handle these, if not ill have to figure out how to get more Home NAS -A place for a central repository of all the computers in the house to store files and back up to nightly -Something I can easily(but securely) access from anywhere in the world Plex Media Server -I want to take all my Music and Movies (A couple hundred BluRays and CD's) and add them to a media server -as it fills up i will expand the drive count so adding drives to the pools easily would be a great feature! Because I am hosting game servers (even though they aer pretty much just for my friends) I would love something with decent security features. Very soon I plan to duplicate this build for a server at my parents house as a backup and if mine ever goes down that one could pick up where this one left off, if at all possible. System specs: Dell R410 1U Server -2 x Intel Xeon E5645 Hexa-Core 2.40GHz CPU Processors -32GB Ram (16 GB per CPU) -4 x WD Caviar Black SATA 1GB drives -Hot Swappable -again, going to be adding more when my Movie and music collection need the space -would prefer to run some sort of Raid 5 for redundancy -2 x 32GB USB 3.0 Flash drives -Currently working on a FreeNas build that's why I am using these for the OS, Open to getting a small SSD if needed for another operating system. -480 Watt power supply -currently working on getting the 500 Watt redundant supply -not that it makes too much of a difference but its also on a backup-UPS -ONBOARD SAS 6/IR Raid Controller ( dell part# HM030) -Dell iDRAC6 DRAC 6i Remote Access Board K869T I built my first desktop, in like oh 15+ years, last year and decided to dabble into building a server so I can actually use the desktop for my side business making decals for my car club instead of a home "Server" as its ended up being mostly used for. Again ANY help i could get from you guys is VASTLY appreciated and keep it civil, I don't want to start a flame war lol
  8. I might have to get the sata-usb connector and see if my laptop can recognize it. Iwill also try to see if switching it to a diffrent sata port helps, but being as i can see it in my Bios as on "sata port 2" I dont think its a port issue. Will try though. Also no noise from the drive's on boot other than the hardly audible hum a normal drive usually makes.
  9. Yes, my boot drive hadn't changed from the normal boot drive.
  10. OK so i recently built myself a computer, mostly for my side business of vinyl decals for a worldwide car group and some occasional gaming. On this PC i have 2 drives, a 180GB boot drive and a Western Digital 1TB. the 180GB holds my system files and program files. the WD 1TB holds all the documents and whatnot. I recently found an external hard drive that i used to use forever ago, a Western Digital 2TB drive, that i had lost the power plug for. I read online i could take the drive out and throw it into my new computer and retrieve the files from it (as i have no clue what i had on it i wanted to make sure there wasn't any memories id be wiping by formatting it right off the bat) This is when the problems started..... as soon as i plugged it in and booted the computer the main "Gigabyte Motherboards" loading screen just sat FOREVER, probably 5 minutes (usually its about 3 seconds) until finally i hard shut down the computer and disconnected the drive. i had gone to take care of my daughter which is why it lasted so long before i shut it down. then when i rebooted it took much longer than normal and when it finally booted my 1TB drive was gone from windows. I rebooted into Bios and can see that it is still listed in bios, no issues i could see in there, but when i get to windows it is no longer there. i have checked disk management too and still not showing up. Ive been researching options on trying to maybe recover the data on the drive as i believe it is a logical error not a physical error (no noises or other issues i can see from outside, the drive itself is only maybe 3 months old, though i know it doesn't save it from having an issue) Ive swapped STAT cables and power cables to the drive with no luck either. occasionally it will give me issues with booting too where it wants to repair my windows installation as well, but all the options are either requiring a format of the drive or don't help the issue. eventually it will let me boot to windows. scanned for malware and virus's...also no luck. Any one had this issue or could recommend something for me to try before i spend big bucks on something to recover the data, and any suggestions on data recovery software would be very helpful. i have done a lot of browsing on this site before posting this too but either it hasn't helped or isn't the exact issue i am having. Thanks in advance!