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  1. Check your cooler installation, I've got a 2600 and it's not heating up like that, I've got the cheapest Thermaltake tower cooler I could find at the local computer shop on it, nothing too fancy and it's running considerably cooler.
  2. Pretty much; yep. Lol. The only differences (apart from price) that I can tell on the hardware is a slightly tweaked audio system and onboard WiFi, that’s it. I guess there are just some aesthetic holes that can’t be filled with RGB, eBay sure helps there.
  3. Latest update, found a bargain ROG Strix X99, so a motherboard replacement was in order. Out with the X99A-II and in with the ROG Strix X99 Gaming. And the result (before the obligatory wipe down of dust) There's just something about time lapsing motherboard installations, I seem to get one every so often and was in a position to do so today (excuse the potato quality)
  4. I've really liked what I've seen from the CBT Nuggets videos, their usual CCNA Guy (Jeremy (Ciora?)) is a fantastic teacher, I learned quite a bit with his content. Other means of me learning was basically on the job. I did 2 traineeships (one as a school based apprentice whilst still at school, the other after I finished up and moved into the workforce). I'm by no means an expert, google is still my friend but I can sure hold my own in most scenarios and still learning. Best thing (in my mind) you can do, buy some old hardware and build something, I picked up a few routers and old 10/100 cisco switches for cheap, and what I've learned with them is great. If you can do it in a lab, you'll be well on the way to that first certification (perhaps even a foot in the door of somewhere to go further).
  5. Keeping one's hands still could be funny, but in the PC (and not the kind most of us are here for) world we live in, it'd probably turn into another #tampongate situation, next thing you know... I don't even want to think... May you all flail around madly, progress your queues and/or adjust without prejudice.
  6. I've had good results with SSHDs in the past, especially with slower hardware (old netbooks for example). I was running one in my desktop for a while (as my steam library, pointless, but it was there so I used it). If you aren't planning on upgrading, I'd consider the SSHD, if there is going to be budget later on, go the standard HDD and save some spare change for a SSD later on (or check the used market for one).
  7. So, setup issues identified, only one channel of audio working. Problem found to be: Solution: replace headphones and mixer. (Pro) Tip: always do your troubleshooting, and do it thoroughly so you don’t look like a moron.
  8. I’m ok with not necessarily beating everyone, but for the first person that launches Exploder, they can deal with their poor life choices. ?
  9. THIS! THIS IS THE KEY TO VICTORY! Page, embedded YT video and a million alert boxes that won't allow you to navigate away Evil... Pure evil...
  10. Setup a free WiFi hotspot with a captive portal that just redirects to a page that declares that the user attempting to browse on open WiFi is a 'tight arse' and see what happens.
  11. I was rocking the JASJAM for quite a while, then the coverage became an issue and ended up back on a Nokia (6120 Classic). First really smartphone I got was the iPhone 3GS when it launched in Australia. I kinda miss the slide out keyboard...
  12. Well, the system has been tidied (somewhat), picked up a new desk, few other toys and an el-cheapo monitor arm from eBay to give me a more clean setup, it's a bit tall.. however that will hopefully get me some more options down the line. The 3 systems I have in the photo are: Moonlight - Overkill pee-pee extension Specs below in original photos Upgraded to 4TB WD Red mass storage drive New system name is in order (originates from when I had the bright white LED setup, now seems out of place Showtime - Video capture/streaming rig CPU - i7-2600 MB - Gigabyte H61M-D2-B3 RAM - 8GB G-Skill RipJaws 1600 DDR3 Cooler - Thermaltake ContacSilent 12 Storage - 250GB Samsung Evo 850 + Seagate BarraCuda 1TB (Mass Storage) GPU - Gigabyte 750Ti PSU - Thermaltake Litepower 450W Capture - AverMedia Live Gamer HD Case - Thermaltake Versa H15 Vault - unRAID NAS & Docker Monster CPU - i5-6500 MB - Gigabyte H270 Gaming 3 RAM - 16GB Kingston 2133 DDR4 Cooler - CoolerMaster V8 GTS Storage - 4 x Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDD PSU - Corsair CS550M Case - Antec P100 From here, the planned upgrades are: Swap out RGB controller to something that can be controlled by my recently gifted Google Home Mini Obtain new speaker solution (the cut down X530 system I'm running is starting to sound tired) Obtain new headphones (bout time for an upgrade, I've had to resort to electrical tape for my current set to hold padding on) Obtain longer cables to fix cable management (just been using whatever I could find in my stocks of crap to get things wired up) New keyboard, such as K65 RGB (depending on mood and price at the time) Setup cache drives for Vault 10GBe networking on the horizon for both Vault and Moonlight (cause why the hell not)
  13. The migrations could be a fairly common thing for me, I'm a consistent tinkerer. I know I don't tend to have a great deal of action on my servers at any point in time so I'll have to see what the outcome is. Depending on what I end up running as the servers also will determine what I do of course, if I've got room for NICs, I'll run them separate.
  14. It’ll be a link for live migrations, not sure if I’ll just drop another NIC in or VLAN it off yet, shall see.
  15. So, this is the current state of play at my place. I've been holding off on spending some more $$$ on fixing up things as we're trying to buy a house (once this happens, ethernet for all!) Moving forward, the big plan is to actually fix the WiFi in the house (as I can take that with me), when I get the new WAPs (that will properly support VLANs and perhaps a captive portal setup), I'm intending on the layout being more... clean....
  16. Welcome to Autralia... Not bad when I'm paying for a 100/40 connection.
  17. I keep a 7” b&w CRT monitor handy just in case the need arises to troll someone at work by getting them a ‘new monitor’
  18. Thankfully it isn’t as bad as regular TV out here, that’s almost 10 minutes of adds every half hour block.
  19. Seems I’ve been getting some irregular behaviour on my iPhone when playing content from the FPC page. Every now and then I get some jumps back into the video at various intervals, sometimes once, sometimes half a dozen times. I’ve recorded a sample of the behaviour, but as not to throw any spoilers out, if they’re required I can provide. Unsure if it’s just me/my device, figured I’d put it out there in case others experience the same. All works perfectly on a desktop, just appears to be mobile devices. Happy to blame my iPhone, I hear a new one is coming out soon. ? Browser info: Your full user agent string is: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 11_0_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/604.1.38 (KHTML, like Gecko) FxiOS/9.2b6679 Mobile/15A432 Safari/604.1.38 Edit: yes, I have tried turning it off and on again, all out of ideas now. ?
  20. With the amount of Youtube I watch, I figured it was easier to sign up for Red, the only platform I have trouble with ads now are the videos I play on the XBox (but I don't use that very often). iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Penguin based platforms are all fine. I'm not entirely sure how RED impacts on the creator's revenue vs actually watching the ads. Although the baked in ads can get quite repetitive, I can appreciate that it takes an unreal amount of time and resources to get the production through as the LTT team do. If I have to work an extra 3 minutes a day to cover the cost of both a Red subscription and a Floatplane membership, so be it. To me, at this very point in time, I can justify it.
  21. I have always liked the Mac Mini, in a way. I like the fact that it was an entry into the Mac world for many, it was reasonable in price (for Apple at least) when compared to the Mac Pro (giant aluminium slab or trash can). I didn’t feel horrible about buying my first one until about 3 weeks after I got it (purchased mid 2010, last of the Core 2 Duo Mac Mini Servers), when they refreshed the hardware and I had the slow, old chip. The power:footprint of the device then was great compared to that of similarly sized Windows systems of the time. I look forward to the (slim) possibility of the Mac Mini to return to a reasonable value piece of hardware, Apple tax aside I’d probably get a new one, even if it was just to keep my Mac skills current. Battered and bruised, 7 years on and still kicking (I know it’s off in the photo, but it doesn’t stay that way very often)
  22. I enjoy watching the hosts occasionally suffer, the postage costs do suck (I lashed out last week and bought a couple of bags), but if it's a good snack (and laugh), I'm ok with it. Hindsight, I could have probably gotten a few more bags. Be thankful, not like Twitch would allow Linus to demo the One Wipe Charlies on camera (although I imagine there would be some part of the internet drooling over that idea).
  23. I'm looking at the other end of the spectrum, the mid and low range is excellent. If i'm not mistaken isn't the TR4 platform rather hard to cool?
  24. Yeah I gave it the name when I only had the white LEDs in the case, it was certainly blindingly bright in a dark room. It'll probably get a new name into the future, but we shall see, now that it has some colour. i
  25. Hopefully all goes well with the current desk, it’s got a 30mm slab of chipboard on top that’s heavy AF, plus it’s also got some metal bracing underneath that doubles as cable management. I’m hoping my next desk will be built, rather than bought. So I can make it as solid as I want, added bonus.