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    i7 6850k@4.3Ghz
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    X99 E WS 3.1
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    Corsair Dominator 64GB DDR400 3466@3000Mhz
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    Strix 1080
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    6x 6TB HGST Ultrastar 7k6000
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    Seasonic Platinum 1200W --> PROLINK 2KVA/1800W Online UPS
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    Noctua D15s
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    Win 8.1 Pro

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  1. The Thinkpad P1 gen 2 with 4K OLED is on sale. 1600+ USD I dunno if it is a good buy.
  2. Would you buy an OLED laptop? I cant seem to find any reviews on the new Thinkpad P1 gen 2 4K OLED displays.
  3. h. what do tach mean? Will it still work on a 2 pin header on the UPS mobo?
  4. Oh. what do tach mean? Will it still work on a 2 pin header on the UPS mobo?
  5. Which one of these wires is the PWM wire? I will be installing this in a 2 pin connector in my UPS. Thank you
  6. Thank you. This is what the specs are. Any alternatives you would suggest or comments about the specs? it is on sale at 1400 USD.
  7. Nope not for gaming at all. Just some CAD works and photoshop.. mostly 2D graphics. And for movies also. How about comparing it to an Intel UHD 620 IGP?
  8. Ive been searching for quadro P520 which is on the thinkpad P53s but I cant find how it performs in 4K resolution. Would a quadro P520 with 2GB of vRAM handle resolutions like 4K?
  9. No intention for gaming. Only going to use CAD, photoshop. I have never used a 4k laptop. The P520 is new ang entry level. Was just wondering if it can handle 4k res on PSD, CAD, adobe premiere.
  10. I am getting the Thinkpad P53s, with UHD antiglare 500nits dolby vision display with the Quadro P520. Any opinion or experience on the Quadro P520 handling UHD res. I am just doing 2D graphics. Thank you
  11. z625, z906 and an old promedia 2.1. I tried all three of them and I think I need an external DAC. I tried a dedicated sound card (creative zxr) but I keep on hearing about external DACs.
  12. I listen music to my onboard audio connected to thx certified speakers and I am not really impressed with the quality. Any recommendations on an external DAC? The supremefx audio chip doesnt do for me...
  13. So you mean for the wired connection I can configure it also to limit bandwidth? I thought the qos is for the wireless only. Anyways I will try it. Thanks