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  1. idmb

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    As for what video updates we’d like to see... I did my first hackintosh as a netbook in 2008 back when they were basically the only thing with SSDs. It works great and was very easy, but the updates were hell. What I think would be “best” would be infrequent updates on how your hackintosh is doing. The clean installs always work pretty well but even with this VM there’s no way you can go 2-3 years with automatic updates before something fails. Once a year video by a staff member who took the pc home and uses it casually?
  2. idmb

    The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress

    LOL the PCI oscilloscope... We use those all the time! Labview licenses are $50 one-time for home use or $500/year for the basic version for commercial use or like $5000 for the full version.
  3. idmb

    Cooling a PC with the kitchen sink!!

    That would actually be interesting, if city water comes in at 10C and you're running water to 100 units there's probably always at least 2L/min. If you cool 200W with that, that's 12000J/min. 12000 J / 2000g with a specific heat of ~4 joule/gram °C wouldn't even bring the water up to 12C. Nobody would care if their tap water was just that much warmer.
  4. Not really. Even if there's a profit, opportunity cost is still a thing.
  5. idmb

    Cooling a PC with the kitchen sink!!

    Buy a Polyscience 6000 series refrigerated chiller, at like $5000 you can get over 2kW of cooling power at 20C, up to 100PSI pressure and over 10 litres per minute, recirculated. Only con is they draw like 16A and heat your room up like crazy. But hey, saves the filtered water right?
  6. That was amazing! As a live attendee you guys did an amazing job on every single aspect. Except changing the remote batteries. RIP prompter.
  7. with no response as to whether only the "invited" people go to cocktail hour, or if ticket buyers get to go too
  8. Still no response on this @LinusTech @CPotter
  9. Alrighty well I guess I am ready to be overdressed. Do attendees get free coffee?
  10. Just bought tickets, funny typo though. The "Inlet Theatre" is written as "Intel Theatre." Also... When buying tickets it says "wear something formal" but your google form specifies "black tie." Formal is a bit more vague than black tie, so I have to figure this out. To what degree? Proper dress shoes & tuxedo coat, or dress sneakers & black sports coat, or either? Strictly standard white dress shirts underneath? For dresses, is anything that would have been a subtle prom dress good enough or do you want something specific?
  11. idmb

    March 1, 2019 - The WAN Show Document

    I really liked this one!
  12. idmb

    Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!

    They make multimeters much more than $1500!
  13. idmb

    LTX 2019 Suggestions!

    How about bringing a laser cutter and some acrylic, and letting people draw stuff and cut things out / etch things? Nearly 10 years ago I visited Instructables HQ and they helped me laser engrave my iPhone, that was awesome.
  14. idmb

    Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE - HOLY S#!T

    If you have any problems contacting someone at TRIUMF, there are a few grad students from there who are on the UBC subreddit quite frequently offering tours. They might be able to help. If you can get Gary Hinshaw from the CHIME team to talk, he's fantastic and very enthusiastic.
  15. idmb

    The ULTIMATE Powerhouse Sleeper PC

    Next level sleeper: putting a workstation into a mechanical computer. A calculator like the Hamann Manus R. Also can't wait for the iMac G3 sleeper that was mentioned at some point!