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  1. I have a 1070 and run my games on my 1440p monitor, but if I want to get a ryzen CPU I need to upgrade my CPU and my motherboard, whereas if I got a i7 I would only need a CPU. I am in high school so money is tight for me, and I can only really get summer jobs and I need it to be worth it. Would you say it's worth it to upgrade both? I wouldn't buy it until late summer around September.
  2. If I was streaming would it still be the best bet, I max out my I5 and can't stream battlefield because of it
  3. I currently have a i5 6500 and a z170 motherboard, I am planning on upgrading in a few months, would it be better to upgrade to a new i7 or would it be a better deal to get a ryzen motherboard and CPU. I only use this for gaming, and I would sell the old parts EDIT: I will be streaming as well EDIT 2: Not many people seem to notice, but this is between upgrading to a 7700k vs upgrading my MOBO and getting ryzen
  4. This wifi USB adapter has worked fine for me as long as I've had it,(a year five or take) until yesterday, in the middle of a game it randomly just stopped working. I think because I was in the middle of a game it wasn't installing anything like updates. I have tried restarting, and swapping USB ports but nothing changed. The wifi icon switched to a picture of a monitor, a cable and a little red x, and when I click it it only says network settings, so I assume that it is not being recognized anymore. Also the white led on the device is not lighting up.
  5. I have played fallout 4 and the dlcs multiple times and love it, I can honestly say it is one of my favorite games. Is it worth picking up a copy of one of the older games and playing it? Are they still good?
  6. I would like a life proof case because I like the waterproofing on it, but I know this is a weird question. Out of the Fré and the Nüüd, I would personally like the Nuud better, but I have heard the water proofing isn't As good. Now the weird part, I like to play music in the shower, and would the steam affect either of these cases at all? I had problems in the past with a non waterproof case.
  7. Im still leaning toward's an internal card, would this work? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAA7W5707035&cm_re=bluetooth_pci-_-9SIAA7W5707035-_-Product Is it only for laptops?
  8. I currently have a USB wifi card(netgear 1200 or something) which I am happy with, but it doesnt have bluetooth, and I would like to get an internal bluetooth card if possible that doesnt have wifi, because I feel like it would mess something up to have 2 wifi cards. I saw a lot of usb bluetooth cards, but I am running low on usb ports and like the idea of a internal card better.
  9. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I would stay away from the powerline, I tried these in my house, which is about 20 years old, and the speed was very slow compaired to what I have now with just a USB wifi card.
  10. Re use whatever you can out of the old one and use it to the new pc, you don't need it to be very powerful at all, but I might get 2 similarly sized hard drives and set one up to back up the other in case it fails, she probably won't know how to do that and will store pictures on it
  11. You could re-use the hard drive, and possibly the PSU, if you really wanted to, you could MAYBE get away with keeping the 4460,MOBO, and RAM(if you add another 8gb), but you would really want an I7, and at least a 1070 if not a 1080.
  12. This monitor https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAB714894154&cm_re=pixio_px277-_-9SIAB714894154-_-Product routinely goes on sale for $350 or £280, I know it is a bit above your price point, but I have this and it is one of the best 1440p monitors you can get for the money, it is also 144hz and has freesync to help if you have an AMD card.
  13. I personally have never used that, but the specs seem nice expecially g-sync. I would try to find a 27 inch one if you are getting 1440p, I have a Pixio PX277, and I love it even thought I have a 1070
  14. Try swapping the PSU's if its not to much trouble, the PSU might not be supplying enough power, or it could be a dud, at least you will know if its the new psu if you swap it. P.S. you don't need re install it in the case, just plug in the old one instead of the new one to test it.