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    A Sentient Burrito
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    Phant0m1778 (GFYL)
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    Geralt of Rivia, Emhyr Var Emreis, and most other significant Witcher characters.
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    British Columbia, Canada
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    The Witcher series. Formerly other RPGs but now, just the Witcher series.
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    I am Henselt King of Kaedwen, heir to the Dynasty of the Unicorn, Lord of Ard Carraigh, Archduke of Ban Ard and vanquisher of Nilfgaard.
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    Going to my educational facility, enlightening peasants, participating in math contests.


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    Intel Core i7 4770k at 4.2ghz
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    Z87 Mpower Max
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    AVEXIR 2133MHZ DDR3 C9 8GB Mpower Yellow, Hynix unbranded 4GB
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    EVGA Geforce GTX 780 Classified with ACX cooler and Twin Frozr Gaming GTX 780 (SLI)
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    Corsair Obsidian 750d
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    ADATA XPG SX900 256gb SSD and Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDD also a small Hitachi 250Gb 2.5in HDD (currently used as a boot drive on a secondary PC), and a Segate Barracuda 1TB currently in service as a coaster.
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    EVGA Supernova NEX750G
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    ASUS VG248QE 3D vision 144HZ 1MS 1080P
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    Corsair H60, Dual Coolermaster 120mm LED fans, The fans included with my case and CPU heatsink.
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    Ducky Shine 3 TKL (White LED)
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    Logitech G602 (Traded Deathadder for)
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    AKG 172HD Headphones, Sony noise cancelling in ear (included with z2)
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    Windows 7 Professional proudly taekn from an old notebook

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  1. Depending on your camera and your use case it can be very useful, or it can slow you down and get in the way. It can do some janky raw video on the 5d ii, 5d iii, 7d i, and some rebel models, and it can greatly improve the gui for video and adds a few useful photo features. This question can be answered by reading about it on magiclantern.fm
  2. Double EDIT: The workaround for Convergent Design Prores & DNX media is the transfer utility from Convergent Design, not the clip merger. Transferring using the CD utility mergers the MOV's into one file.
  3. EDIT: Clip merger from convergent design is for when the solid state drives are put in RAID, for DNG recording. It does not allow for prores merging. The word from Convergent Design is that the NLE should import the clips as a sequence, from what I can tell.
  4. I hear Canon makes good cameras that have "canon colours". 7d is the current value king (used) in my opinion. Fuji is also known for good color rendition in photos. But with skill in raw editing you shouldn't have issues with any camera.
  5. Thanks for the tip on convergent design software. Turns out they have a utility to merge prores and DNX clips from the Odyssey 7q recorder https://www.convergent-design.com/software-utilities/category/6-software-utilities.html
  6. Yeah, I've seen the vid. The same method the video shows is and has always been working for me with R3D media and DNXHD, it's just not complying with the prores. My new theory is that it may be because I am running Windows working with Prores.
  7. Yeah, as in the screenshots, the names are already in a sequence, and I used the standard options for sequence importing.
  8. On a recent film project, the main camera used recorded to prores, but split the files into 4gb segments for the filesystem. Normally, this would not be an issue, but Premiere does not detect these files as a sequence, as it does with CDNG, Redcode, and other formats that record to multiple files. The files are from an Odyssey 7q and do use custom naming, so the names are "Productionname-camera-####". I suspect this may be causing the issue, but I have imported such files previously with no issue. I am aware that I can import the files and combine them in a timeline, but with the amount of media I am working with, and the inconvenience of not being able to seamlessly use an EDL to color the sequence in Resolve, that is not a feasible option. I know I can drop the clips into media encoder and transcode them into a single file, but the time involved and the second round of encoding are not ideal options either. Does anyone know how to get premiere to see these files as the sequence they are? -- Media browser does not identify them as prores/quicktime, and only lets the "folder" option be selected for media type.
  9. https://www.msi.com/faq/motherboard-2721 This MSI forum post says yes, will update post after testing.
  10. I came across some Kingston ECC DDR4 (https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA5SC5BD2545&cm_re=ecc_ddr4_64gb-_-20-242-283-_-Product is the same model) at a very good price, which is a rarity with RAM prices as they are now. I am wondering if it'll run in my X299 SLI-Plus with an i7-7820x. I understand the board and CPU don't support error correcting, but does that mean the RAM won't let the system boot, or that the ECC feature will just be disabled?
  11. The issue: A team of editors needs access to the same projects with the functionality of Premiere's shared projects (not team projects, that's over creative cloud) but to make that work needs network storage accessible from multiple locations. *This type of project works similarly to an Avid project, in that each editor has read access to all of it but only write access to the part they're actively working on, such that there aren't conflicting changes. The only thing that needs to be on the network are the projects, not the media - Premiere team projects are not an option; the licences for them are prohibitively expensive - Media will be stored locally on each editor's system as proxies, with the a main system having the full quality media when the project is finished and ready for export. I have enough hardware lying around to build servers if necessary, but the question is how would I best go about creating a server that is WAN accessible reliably (I have a reliable WAN connection), relatively low maintenance, and is able to integrate with Premiere (accessible as a volume on the connected machines, not through a browser client)? The only option I can think of is creating a VPN to simulate being on the same network, but that seems like a complicated solution, surely something simpler is out there.
  12. I consider SSDs an essential for pretty much any build. They make your PC noticeably faster in everything, such as responsiveness opening the start menu and other windows features, opening programs, and doing pretty much anything on your pc.
  13. A miner can buy locally too. Normally, people would sell/buy on craigslist (or your local equivalent) or ebay though, to answer your question.
  14. That doesn't make much sense. Why would someone buy your used 1070 for $700 when they could get a 1080 new for less?
  15. You'll wanna post on XDA developers if you want help with that kind of issue, they'd be better able to help you out than this forum. If I were to guess for your issue, it's that you have a bad stock firmware. What failed signature verification usually means is that the package is either corrupted or tampered with. Check Huawei's website for stock roms, maybe a developer page if they have one.