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  1. These should be enough of reasons. But if it's possible, why not change region so you can continue same account?
  2. "Testing in Production", unfortunately kind of becoming bad trend IMO
  3. Are we seriously expecting PS5 to be that powerful? From sales point of view, they have no good reason not to make it. I guess this is more of PC gamer in me thinking/wishing, so I don't have to deal with multiple devices. And definitely this doesn't make sense at all from sales point as well.
  4. What about both way compatibility? I guess that would never happen Those who don't have 1080p+ screens, or don't care about new features can still keep using PS4 and play newer games In 2-3 years, PS5 Pro/Plus/Whatever would be out anyways
  5. Trine 1, 2, 3 Rocket League Racing games with split screen
  6. I went for PS4 Pro just for exclusives couple of months ago. Would have got good deal on PS4 Slim with 2-3 games included. I do care about graphics though.
  7. Was it XBox disc? Microsoft Store listing of the game mentions 'XBox Play Anywhere' capability, so if bought from there you should be fine playing on both Win10 and XBox That probably won't work for disc
  8. +1 for Sennheiser HD 598SR, exceeds your budget slightly I have HyperX Cloud and upgraded to HD 598SR last year, I can't go back to Cloud now unless I want to isolate noise around me and want to have long gaming session
  9. Flipkart listing does seem sketchy, too low price and new seller with kind of low rating I would say in general prefer buying games on Steam If not available on Steam, then try GOG, Origin, UPlay, Microsoft Store, Blizzard. This should cover all of the games. If buying from Amazon.In/Flipkart 3rd party sellers, do check seller ratings and review/comments. I have seen good deals in past, but ever since INR currency is introduced on Steam. Prices are always better their, especially during Steam sales Also keep eye on HumbleBundle bundles, sales and giveaways I would say avoid G2A, as regional pricing during sales beats G2A pricing from what I have seen recently
  10. 15~20 hours a week, from Friday evening to Sunday evening (work gets inbetween other days) Started Horizon Zero Dawn last weekend, and at rate I am playing will probably take next month as well. Rocket League, Forza Horizon 3 for short time gaming.
  11. Might be driver issue in my opinion, at least for PC For me XBox One Controller was just plug and play on Windows 10 when connected via USB (I didn't installed any drivers manually as far as I remember) For Windows 7, I had to download and install some drivers from internet Don't know about XBox
  12. yes, not gift cards as seen in US stores, but there are some sites which will provide code to add funds to your wallet
  13. Agreed on what most others are saying, go only if want to play PS4 exclusives I recently got one for same reason, not going to buy anything which is available on PC (unless PC version is not good)
  14. I have Cloud Core, and it can be used with PS4 as headset by plugging into DualShock's 3.5 audio jack I prefer using HD 598 over it though, it's lighter and more comfortable than Cloud Core Haven't used HS50, so don't know about that