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    Totaly Not an AMD Fan Boy
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    Spokane, Washington
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    computers, cars, ponies, and cooking/food
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    pretty much always have been interested in computers, did my senior project about computers, helped my friend with his on alternative pc cooling (oil). fixing and building computers for a "living" now.
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    self employed


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    AMD FX9590
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    AMD 1600mhz ddr3
  • GPU
    asus dcuII r9 290 4gb
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    NZXT H440 red/black
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    Samsung 820 120gb
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    CoolerMaster V 1200 Platinum
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    ViewSonic VS13239
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    AMD FX liquid cooler
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    rosewill rgb80 blues.
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    func ms3 v2
  • Sound
    supreme fx
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    WINDOWS 10

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  1. mine never gets that far, it brings up a place to choose the storage media the file is on then it says "BIOS FILE DOES NOT EXIST press any key to reboot" or something to that effect. also I have the board packed up to be sent back to msi. all of the components work fine together in my strix b350-f AND his 750 watt psu has no trouble pushing the loaner FXX9590 8gb of ram and crosshair v formula z the vega while we wait.
  2. yeah, i just threw my board into the system and it seems stable only difference is the asus b350 board.
  3. so I also wanted to test the psu so I setup my old FX9590 and crosshair v formula z with 8gb of ram with the RXvega 56 and it worked fine under load which im assuming is way more stress than a ryzen 5 puts on the psu. and I also swapped my r7 1800x for his r5 2600 and it also crashes in the msi board. this I so confusing I hate it. it seems like the gpu works fine in my asus products but hates this msi board. so do I fault the gpu or the board when my asus 290 gpu's work fine in all the boards around. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. yep, it gives a different message if there is no media found. tried with the 3 most recent bios. the bios being the only file AND with the txt file how msi video says, neither works.
  5. yes. also tried on a 1gb and 16gb and 32gb flash drive.
  6. so its saying my bios file does not exist, even after formatting to fat32 instead of ntfs. also tried multiple bios versions.
  7. for anyone in the future having this problem it has to be a fat 32 format thumb drive not ntfs.
  8. trying, says bios file not located, its the only file on the selected drive, also noticed it says its a b450 gaming or something like that in part of the bios, but it definitely says "B450-A pro" by the pcie slot.
  9. ok, did ddu and it no longer instantly crashes on benchmarks/ stress test but it still crashes in game, and im ralking about crash like someone hit the restart button.
  10. bios is up to date, and no, forgot to try ddu, be right back.
  11. helping my friend troubleshoot his build, HIS BUILD (system A) ryzen 2600, msi b450 pro, corsair vengeance lpx ram 16gb, power color red dragon vega 56, ssamsung ssd, coolermaster liquid cooler. corsair cx 750m psu.this crashes when you do something gpu intensive or launch a synthetic stress test (occt) for gpu. or shoot the water in fo4 usuialy does it too. trouble shooting efforts: known good (system B) ryzen 1800x, asus strixxx b350-f , team group 3000mhz 16gb memory, asus r9 290, samsung ssd, corsair liquid cooler, cooler master v1200 platinum swapping ram from system b into a had no effect worse if anything moving gpu from top x16 slot to middle 8x slot on system a made it take longer to crash moving R9 290 from system B into system A seems to make ssystem A stable testing vega 56 from system A in system B proves stable. any ideas? see if the problem follows a cpu swap maybe>? we already sent the motherboard to msi once for this and it was better right after we got it back. but...
  12. okay so I just finally got the parts to upgrade from my FX9590 to a R7 1800x that I won, I have an asus b350-f gaming atx motherboard and 16gb 2x8 of team vulcan 3000mhz memory, asus r9 290, samsung 840 ssd, 2x1tb hdd's, nzxt hue+, corsair h100i gtx, and a cooler master V1200 platinum psu. so the problem I am having is after hours of up time and flawless work under stress the computer will sound like a relay clicking off and everything is off and sometimes requires the power cord be removed before powering back up, it has happened only once during gaming and several times during youtube or other low stress work, no blue screen, no crash report. tomorrow I think i will check my wiring for shorts. I updated to the latest bios also.
  13. he was actually worried about messing something up, I just told him that the value of the experience outweighed the value of the actual parts. he did fine though.