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  1. Jezuz christ this topic going full circle. I'm here on and off since autumn 2016 and people still changing hardware no words, I change my fuking apartment sold/trashed all my hardware cables etc. Got everything new including cables and this shit is still here , stop wasting your money if you got this you got this even on streaming services like stadia.
  2. I'm sorry dude but I sold my flat PC everything that can be sold , trashed all my cables , memory sticks and everything. On new flat everything was new phone laptop. After 3 days "bug" "virus" was noticeable , after 1 week it was in full power. You got a honeyomoon period right now.
  3. Hows the stadia guys? It's released in US if possible record with phone
  4. My problem started after installing ENB to Fallout 3 I'm in minority , got this bug since autumn 2016
  5. I try edge right now. Edit1 For me there is no improvements
  6. Agree 100% I tried to convince people that this issue is not PC only like a half a year ago but they didnt listen. EDIT1 Unfortunatelly stadia is not gonna be released in Poland , mayby in late 2020 (again I'm fucked) but I bet all the texture problems and shadow problems dissapear on stadia because graphic is gonna be rendered on google supercomputer . Aliasing will stay probably , just like on youtube videos and twitch streams. Just my assumptions need stadia tests
  7. Sorry didnt mean to offend you . If possible please test more games on xbox.
  8. Please dont deny the problem on consoles and other hardware. Look at your screenshots fron kingdoms come , this is snes level of textures. Devil may cry looks allright because its not open world , draw distance is shorter there. Open any open world game on xbox far cry or something like that , problem is visible in fps games with long vision and tell me is this look normal to you ? This is not PC only problen
  9. Told you man , got this shit everywhere including my phone.
  10. got new laptop i5 1050ti , problem is here day 1 . No honeymoon period .
  11. Thank you for tests harsh , if u switch to console the issue will be there too. Got this shit since autumn 2016
  12. Looking forward for your test Harsh , also stadia tests , mayby stadia is our chance.
  13. Can confirm that , I trashed my pc , monitor all the cables even USB sticks and I moved from my place. I only have new phone now , day 5 in new place bug was noticeable and after 2 weeks It was identical like in old place. I didnt bring anything from the old flat so yeah good luck fixing this graphical anomaly. Suffering since autumn 2016
  14. I already tried that with console . I took infected console to the clean friend apartment and the hardware was fucked even in the clean apartment . Once affected hardware is done even in a place without the problem Edit 1 I have this problem since early autumn 2016 I tried many things
  15. Hey Buck are you OK ? Can you make 2 videos 1 from gta and 1 from skyrim ?
  16. Please make me video from skyrim special edition or normal version if you dont have se. Set all settings to ultra without any form of AA Make video after tutorial cave outside show me shadows and trees / foliage . Thank you for tests
  17. Whatever guys believe what you want , I tested it and I know what is the graphical anomaly and what is not . I watched your gta 5 video Buck and I know that you have identical problem like mine but you denying it on other devices saying its normal . Its no point to argue with mod and person with 50 k posts , now I'm gonna wait for ryzen tests
  18. Sorry Buck but this is the same problem , I have it on tablet , laptop , PC , x 360 and even smartphone. One guy reported that it started for him on PS 4 while playing horizon zero dawn. I see the same crawling edges while playing card game on my tablet , same on steam version. Only difference is that this tablet is full HD on much smaller display so its a little better.
  19. Yeah I did that too , once hardware is infected its done even in clean apartment.
  20. Ok mayby this helps Problems started on Fx 8350 , cheap Asus AM3+ micro atx motherboard and Asus Strix r7 370 After changing gpu tu Sapphire Rx 480 same problems . After changing whole comp to i 3 6100 without gpu same problems . One day anty surge protection on my Asus motherboard reset my comp couple of times , I played Fallout 3 with ENB that time. Problems started showing only in Fallout 3 , after some time it spreads to all games and my old Toshiba laptop. Here is the best video example of the problem with adnotations for MEC , mayby he can link it in main post.
  21. Dont need to , my problem started on fx 8350
  22. Can confirm My last test with tablet confirmed this. Brand new tablet I got it with full battery , everything was fine on battery , after charging everything turned to shit . I only know 2 things It started on PC in my case and now everything is 'infected' after first connection with my electrical socket .