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    Intel Core I7 -6700K 4.0GHz
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    ASRock H110M-HDV LGA 1151
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    16 GB Crucial Ram (Dual Stick)
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    Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB
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    NZXT S340 White
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    SanDisk Ultra II 480GB Sata 3
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    EVGA 500W 80+
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    Benq XL2411P 144hz
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    Air Cooling
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I didn't say they were the best parts. I am saying there is not as much information on the 10700K as there is on the 9900K. I am getting the 9900K purely based on the access to information on the CPU. I do not care that I am getting a chip that is $150 more for like 5% less power. than then 10700K. Again I have the money to spend that extra $150. This is not a budget build and I do not have a budget so I am getting the parts that I want lmao
  2. So just go with the 3200Mhz CL16 over the 3600 CL18? I was already planning on it because the price is just such a huge difference for a 400Mhz difference with a higher latency aswell lmao
  3. I really get it. Like you want me to save my money get the better CPU etc. I am already set on these parts and I am not going AMD. The post was about ram Latency speeds mattering on an Intel based system with a 9900k, and a Asus Strix Z390-E board. I have had a job throughout all of Covid and for the past year. Pay little rent and save a lot of my money. I have the money to burn on the exact parts that I want lmao.
  4. The 10700K has a much higher TDP 30W's more than the 9900K along with I have already gotten the Board, so I would have to return the board to get an LGA 1200 Socket board. I definitly thought about the 10700K but there's just more info out on the 9900K and I was already kinda set on it. Along with I am an Intel die hard so I wouldn't get an AMD CPU if we're being 100% honest. So like will the ram CL speeds matter much on an intel based system?
  5. Ram will be used with an Intel Core I9-9900K and an Asus Strix Z390-E motherboard. So the question is. CL18 3600 MHz Ram 32GB's 8GBx4 Config or CL16 3200MHz 32GB's 8GBx4 Config. Will I really notice the difference in performance dropping down my speed 400 to utilize that CL16 or should I just stick with the 3600. I know this is a much bigger debate on AMD based systems and I think it matters a bit less on Intel platforms but none the less wanted to ask.
  6. Sweet, I assumed so. Thanks for the back and fourth was helpful in deciding!
  7. I'm also not apposed to just upgrading to a like 850W or something along those lines if it will really be a bottle neck. I will just have to push this back another week is all.
  8. I'd just be getting an NZXT Kraken so no need to worry about an Aluminum pad. I do only have a 650W PSU, I'm like pretty sure that's gonna be fine for everything in there. I have a 1070 for my GPU. I don't think my PSU would be getting maxed out with all of these would it?
  9. Do you think the 360 would be needed if I'm just planning to let it sit at Standard Clock Speeds no Overclocking? Not trying to like say it's a bad idea or anything btw. Just curious.
  10. Firstly let's just get this out of the way. Price really isn't going to be to much of an issue. I'm lucky enough to have had a full time job throughout all of this Covid stuff so I was able to continue saving for this PC upgrade. (Quick Note: I want to stay Intel. I know AMD this AMD that. I am most comfortable using Intel and massively prefer it) CPU wise I am currently running a 6700k which honestly, I have zero problems with but I have the money and this CPU won't stay like this forever so while I have the money comfortably I want to upgrade it and not have to worry about it for awhile. I was thinking either an I9-9900K or an I7-9700K, from what I can tell both are quite good. I understand tech quite well so nerd out in the comments as much as you want when explaining. I'm leaning more to the 9900K because of it's 16 Threads which would be a benefit when streaming or doing Multi-Threaded things because I don't only use my PC for gaming, but I don't know how much of an impact it would really make having those 8 less threads on the 9700K. Motherboard seems like a pretty easy answer honestly, I was just going to go with the Asus ROG Strix Z390-E "Gaming" ( Hate when they put that in products now). I thought about just going with the prime, but I have the money to get those kinda creature comfort luxury's that you get when upgrading to this one so I figured it was a easy choice. Ram is where I am completely and utterly dumb at. So this is where I really want to be given the most kinda guidance I guess you could say. What speed RAM should I really be looking at getting for this type of setup. I don't need like the highest clock ram I can get obviously but I want like the step below it you know. So I was really just gonna go with like 3200Mhz 32GB (I do partial Video production so constantly ram Previewing stuff is easy with all the extra ram I can give it) Also if anyone was wondering about CPU cooling. I'm getting a brand new 280 AIO Rad. So no lack of cooling available for that CPU.
  11. I wasn't exactly sure where this belonged but I assumed Displays as a Dock deals with displays more than anything really. So if a mod wants to move it to a more relevant thread like 100% be my guest. With that being said, my mom was setting up her new dock today, went to plug it in and it won't power her work laptop and act as a dock at the same time. It only does Dock things and no charging. It's a Dell WD15, which uses a USB-C output so in theory is should charge her laptop, seeing as the normal to charge it in the first place is a Lenovo USB-C charging cable lmao. We assume the power brick we having charging the dock just isn't carrying enough power to power both the dock and the laptop at the same time, this being because the normal charger is already a 65W charger and the power brick plugged into the dock is 65W as well. So yeah. Okay with all the back story behind now. We've given up on trying to get it to charge via USB-C and will just plug it in normally. But can we get for example a USB-C Female port to a Normal USB port Adapter, and then plug the USB-C cable into said Adapter and plug it into one of the USB ports on the Laptop and still get all the functionality of the Dock, aka a HDMI and Mini Display Port signal into the computer and access to Ethernet and USB ports on the Dock. Really my main question is will this adapter still allow the signals from the HDMI and Mini DVI to be used or will it drop this in the adapter and only give us the plugged in USB devices and none of the Display devices. ( This is the adapter we are looking at for reference https://www.amazon.com/Electop-Updated-Adapter-Converter-Charging/dp/B07Q81GD5G/ref=pd_ybh_a_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9STXPQ2A4XJM5QMK7F21 )
  12. Bop

    Quick GPU question

    1 of my monitors is still HDMI, and the rift is also HDMI. This is more of a ease of access thing. Currently if I want to play, I have to unplug a cable, plug in another, make sure the cable doesn't fall, and then go from there. Of course I could just plug the HDMI of the monitor into the 1060, but it's whatever. Either way it's a 6GB card, and I've never maxed it out while playing VR, I play Beatsaber, VRChat, and like Pokerstars. So I really don't play anything like triple A in VR lmao
  13. Hi so I today just got a GTX 1070 8GB card for Christmas, and I was using a 1060 6GB prior to this. So my question is, can I run both these cards at the same time without like fucking up anything? To be clear, I'm using the 1070 for gaming and to run all my monitors, and the 1060 is going to be used for the soul purpose of running my Oculus Rift. I have a big enough power supply and have ordered a few more fans for my PC because I needed them, but besides that. It's working right now as I write this. I just want to know if I say go to play on my Rift is it suddenly just going to perform awful and not work well. Or should It work perfectly and I would only see a slight decrease in power because it's not in the main PCI-E slot of the board. Thanks for any replies and I can further explain anything if you guys need it. Merry Christmas!
  14. Hey I'm pretty sure this would be a problem, but I'm not gonna act like I'm the most knowledgeable person that's ever been on this type of stuff. So I figured I'd throw up a quick forum post and see what others had to say. My question is will running 2 graphics cards (1070 for my 144hz 1080P Benq, and my old 1060 GB for my other 2 monitors both also at 1080P) bottleneck performance/cause issues. I want my main display to not be bottle necked at all, and I want the GPU running my games to not be processing 2 other monitors that have Chrome/Discord/etc. running as well taking up some of that Video Memory. So my question is really, is this something I can do? Can I use a 1070 8gb card as my main GPU for games, and have a 1060 also in there 2 strictly run my other 2 monitors to keep as much slack off of my main 1070 as possible. Thanks for reading and thank you to and replies that may come, and if you would like any clarification as to what I mean above feel free to ask.