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  1. Zer0grav1ty

    New help buying new laptop for university!

    yeah yeah tell me all the secrets !
  2. Zer0grav1ty

    New help buying new laptop for university!

    how are these on thermals does it even matter which one i get in this price range ?
  3. I have around max 800$ to buy a new laptop I will be using the laptop almost exclusively for schoolwork and during my breaks i will use it to game I have done alot of research on laptops and it seems alot of them have problems with thermal throttling and i want to get the most for my money so id like to avoid this.... I play mostly E-sports although I do have a desktop pc thats watercooled with a gtx 1070 ti so I occasionally play things like battlefield and alot of rpgs. lastly id like atleast 3 to 4 hours of use will probably plug in while gaming heres what ive found so far please give me recommendations and suggestions first nitro 5 second msi gv62 third hp gaming thanks !
  4. I'm looking to buy either the z170 pro from asus or the z170 pro gaming from asus which is better for my first computer build aimed towards gaming my last post on another site got not replies so hopefully you guys can help