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  1. Because, like i said... The normal driver makes it bug out. I changed it saying "This is an Elite Controller" and it fixed it.
  2. What i'm asking is HOW to change normal Xbox One controller driver to the elite driver. Thats it. Nothing to do with W7 - 8.1.
  3. Yes because i did it but it changed back due to an update.
  4. How do i change my Xbox one driver to and Xbox elite controller driver? I had a Bluetooth issue a bit ago but when i changed the driver to the Elite controller it fixed it but the driver reset and i cant remember how to get to that part. Mind if you lend a hand? PS~ Each time i look this up i just get left with "How to connect" my controller to the PC. That's why im asking you guys.
  5. Sorry, Acer Windows mixed reality model: AHC000
  6. Only 1 HDMI and my monitor is using it.
  7. I though i could do some pas through like in the "Mining Only" cards video LTT did. But oh well. Thank's for the reply~!
  8. What i'm asking today is if i can use the HDMI port on my motherboard for my VR. As in Use it as if it's my graphics cards. I have an MSI B450 TOMAHAWK and a MSI RX 5500XT 8GB. Any one know how to or if it's even possible? I seen stuff relevant to this in some older LTT videos but i want to make sure i do this 100% right.
  9. Like most of them said, you most likely killed it but if you do want to see if it was some how okay, re-seat the MOB BIO's battery to see if you still have a working system. Or just trip the BIO's pins if you know which ones. I am on the FX-8320 set to 1.3850V "STOCK" for most 8000-FX chips. Also if it does work, here's a video i recommend to get started with overclocking if you still even want to.
  10. I'll try that and it's an FX-8320 BLACK Edition
  11. I don't have it. Is the website "hwinfo.com
  12. Sadly it did not work. Locked up after 15 - 20 min of testing.
  13. Also sorry to keep sending you message notifications but does your or my timings look better? I want to know what looks better in a smarter persons perspective. EDITED Nvm, mine died with in like 20 min
  14. Sound's good~! I'll give it a try and really stress it~! Thank's again for the reply to. I'll try and be snappy but i'm going to test the RAM right so sorry if i don't mark your reply as "Mark As Solved" till tomorrow. 12 hours of stress test not counting the errors that happen in between...
  15. To this day after all the help my DDR3 RAM still won't work well. What i would like help with is getting my RAM stable at 1840MHz. Also just so every one knows, i have no experience with RAM timings nor understand a thing about them. I have my timing's set to 10 - 11 - 10 - 28 - 38 T1. I'm not sure if it'll work but i still would like some one to at least look at it if you could. My RAM is 4X4 Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 able to hit 1866 My MOB is a ASRocl 970A-G/3.1 overclocked with a ratio of 230X Does any one think they can help me? PS~ i know the pc is old but it still have a little left. After all, i can play RDR2 in 1080P with 40FPS average on high - medium settings. I'm also hopping to upgrade soon to a newer pc any ways but that book ain't open till the flue season is over~!
  16. Hello again. If some one could, would you mind telling me if my overclock is okay for hard gaming please. Like a 5-6 hour marathon of gaming. Also what i'm hopping to get out of this is knowing my CPU/ NB won't fry it's self. So if some one could, can you tell me if this is okay to play game's with? I want to make sure it does not overheat a lot or at all. The main setting i would like help with the the CPU-NB. I want to make sure i'm not pumping to much into it. All the things i dug up said it should be okay but i would rather some one on here tell me yes/no. --Parts-- CPU: AMD FX 8320 BLACK, MOB: ASRock 970A-G 3.1, PSU: EVGA 650 GOLD, Case: NZXT S340. Swopped out the old 410 due to it being to big and not as clean as i liked. --Overclock Settings-- CPU: 4.29GHz with 1.3850V and a CPU-NB overclock of 2420MHz with 1.3000V To me i see people saying "Stay at 1.2750V but don't go harder. With this board is it okay to keep it at this voltage? Ask questions if you need to. I'll be happy to provide more info if needed~ Thank's in advance. I will be going to be to let this sit over night but when i wake up. I will respond. EST time and it's 3:42AM so i'm hittin' the hay. Night and thank's again guy's~!
  17. I just have a quick question. What i would like to know is what's a good temp for an ASRock 970A--G/3.1 North-Bridge overclock to run at 100% of the time? I know i didn't add a lot of info so if you need more i will provide more. Or should a 220X11 OC be something i should even worry about? My NB is set to 2420MHz with 12750V. Thank's for your time~!
  18. I thought so but i thought i would ask because this place has more info than me.
  19. What i hope to get out of this is some info. I have two PCIE wifi cards and was wondering if i put both of them in, will it make a more stable connection? They are two different types. A TP-LINK N900 "MODEL: TL-WDN4800", and a " ASUS PCE-AC55BT B1 AC 1200. I use the Asus one.
  20. That's what i though but i want to make sure. Rather safe than sorry.
  21. Thank's for the reply! So over all it can make it more likely for a system to fail? I'll keep that in mind. I just didn't know if that number was in some way relevant to a controller that would degrade the system faster the higher the number. Messing with my overclock and wanted to make sure so i get exact numbers. An OCD overclock i guess? Any who, thank's once again~!
  22. Does it hurt any thing if i set the CPU frequency to high? I wan't a CPU Frequency of 240 so my CPU get's a NB speed of 2400MHz, and a CPU speed of 4.20GHz. Like i said, i just want to know if having 240 for the frequency on a 970 FX board would hurt it.