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Jay Zypher

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About Jay Zypher

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  • Birthday 1997-04-12

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    Zeruel Zypher #4518
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    Zeruel Zypher
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    Kalamazoo, Mi, USA
  • Interests
    Building Computer's, Fixing, Fishing, Rollerblading, Forest Walk's/, Swimming, Gaming, Music, Food/Snacks, And Travel.
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    I was born April 12 1997. I have Blue eyes brown hair and i am 5,6.
    I love to game, build PC's and snack out. I love to travel as well but i have a few issues that make it harder but that does not stop me. I still Rollerblade over 15 Miles just for fun and love every second of it.
    My first PC build was inspired by Linus Tech Tip's and i gained all the basic info needed to do so.
    Thanks Linus and friend's for all the helpful info!


  • CPU
    AMD FX-8320 FX-Series 8 Core Black Edition Processor 4.07GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock 970A-G/3.1 Socket AM3+/ AMD 970/ DDR3/ Quad CrossFireX/ SATA3&USB3.1/ M.2/ A&GbE/ ATX Motherboard
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX FURY 4X4 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 - Red
  • GPU
    MSI GAMING Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 4GB CrossFire VR Ready FinFET DirectX 12 Graphics Card (RX 480 GAMING X 4G)
  • Case
    NZXT S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, Matte Black/Red (CA-S340W-B4)
  • Storage
    WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive
  • PSU
    EVGA 650 GQ, 80+ GOLD 650W, Semi Modular, EVGA ECO Mode
  • Cooling
    MSI CPU Cooler, Silver/Black (Core Frozr L)
  • Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM

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  1. That's what i though but i want to make sure. Rather safe than sorry.
  2. Thank's for the reply! So over all it can make it more likely for a system to fail? I'll keep that in mind. I just didn't know if that number was in some way relevant to a controller that would degrade the system faster the higher the number. Messing with my overclock and wanted to make sure so i get exact numbers. An OCD overclock i guess? Any who, thank's once again~!
  3. Does it hurt any thing if i set the CPU frequency to high? I wan't a CPU Frequency of 240 so my CPU get's a NB speed of 2400MHz, and a CPU speed of 4.20GHz. Like i said, i just want to know if having 240 for the frequency on a 970 FX board would hurt it.
  4. Indeed. So far the MOB is okay but still. I would rather have my MSI MOB. But when i first built this i had no guidance and it turned out okay. i think.
  5. I like FX to but the IPC is bad... But still runnin' Battlefield 5 at 1080P on MED - High good. Also never had this issue before. I had an Msi 970 GAMING MOB that didn't care what i did, till i bricked it with a BIO's up-date... This MOB won't boot till i only have 2 sticks of RAM then set the speeds to 1600MHz or lower. THEN i can boot with all 4 sticks. Possibly a faulty MOB? When ever i have my mouse, keyboard, and headset plugged in my USB controller just stops XD Not worried about this. Just using other ports~
  6. Trying out the timing's now. Over all, you gave me the know how on what i need to try to do and i thank you deeply for taking your time to help me. If all goes well I'll give you a yell. "If you want me to" Thank's again~!
  7. So yeah, i swapped CPU NB Voltage to just the NB Voltage and that flopped as soon as i tried to boot:L
  8. I do have CPU NB voltage and NB voltage. So i should have played with the NB voltage and not the CPU NB voltage? I thought it was the CPU NB voltage. Guess i'll swop the voltages. Unless i'm just tarding out. I'm sure i am at this point. Slept good but not enoughXD Also thanks for staying with this so far. Also it will boot fine and go any speed with only 2 sticks in.
  9. It's the RAM though. I just want it to stop blue screening my PC. Bringing up the overclock was a check up to make sure the settings were good with every one. I must have also not done a good job relaying that. The RAM even at 1600MHz crashes after like an hour of playing Battlefield 1-5. Sorry again if i didn't explain this well. That one's on me.
  10. Sorry. Didn't see the SPD thing for some reason.
  11. I have CPU-Z but due to issues windows nor CPU-Z shows the true ram speed. It just says 800MHz. Also RAM voltage is set to 1.600V.
  12. Okay, i have an older FX build that does not like my motherboard/ RAM combo and by the end of this i'm hopping to see if i can be stable. PS- I know FX is hot crap and Ryzen's out but i'm going to run this thing into the ground in super heated glory. Now back to the point~ I have a ASRock 970A-G/3.1 motherboard with an FX-8320 BLACK overclocked to 4.29GHz CPU, and the NB is overclocked to 2,420 with Kingston Hyperfury-X @1866MHz 4X4. The RAM speed is set to 1600 because it won't boot with any thing higher. Might there be a way for me to run this older pc with the RAM? Like it works but when i'm in an hour long game session it will most likely crash. Also just in case if you think my voltage is to low, here's what my NB/CPU voltage is set to "CPU:1385V, NB:1285V Any input? I just want the RAM to work right, or i think it's the RAM. Used Prime95 and intel burn test for over 8 hours to test how stable the OC was a week ago.
  13. I'm just sorry i couldn't help more. This FX build is my very first and it's been going we'll say "OK" ever since. Happy to help though. Even if i told you info you all ready knew.
  14. Sorry for the wait. Every thing i have seen like you and i have said, says 61C max on the core and 71C on the socket. If you are going to get that new rig like you said soon then i guess i don't see why AMD's old school CPU can't go out in a blaze of glory. But if you want the CPU for a few more years i would personally tone it down. If you want good clock speeds if it were me, i would stop at 4.5GHz. This opinion is from some one who's a little to scared to push the CPU they have "Which is FX" over what most people say. Also sorry no one ells has responded. I was hoping to debate with people and come out with a good answer to tell you. PS~ I still like my FX-8320. I have mine at 4.2GHz stable with a 2310MHz north bridge overclock stable with the CPU just at 1.375V and the NB at 1.250. I'm only bringing this up to see what you think. Some times things like this make my train of thought work better if i deviate slightly. If you have a good idea of what you want now to "For your CPU" then i hope i helped in some way.
  15. Long term use i don't like the temps but i'm going to wait a second to see if some one has something new to add. In the mean time i'll try to do some digging and post better results. The voltage your using is close to the max it'll allow so make sure you keep an eye out on that. If you are using a 970 chip-set, from what i have seen it's okay on some boards but 4.4GHz is the max SAFE speed for that chip-set. heat kills faster. The 970 is lower quality than the 990chip-set and cant handle it as well. FX CPU's can still punch its way out of a paper bag but they run hot and not very efficient. IPC is bad and in my computer room it can even heat it up. The FX CPU's that need the 990chip-set also so you know have speeds that start from 4.4GHz - 5.0GHz which is the FX-9000 series. So keep this in mind. Over all my input is your running hot and pushing it a tad to far. But like i said before, ill get more info for a better answer and in the mean time keep looking things up and make sure you take every ones input into consideration. Sorry if this is worded poorly. Ask more questions if need be.